Mark Meets With Morons

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The Facebook story refuses to die.

We posted a story last week about conservatives who were outraged over the way Facebook controls their news feed. It was alleged that Facebook’s algorithm didn’t determine what stories would be trending, it was a group of Ivy League leftists pumping up what they wanted to be hot topics. They are the ones who made it seem like Black Lives Matter was this organic, visceral movement, instead of a bunch of George Soros-funded professional protesters. They are the ones who tried to convince everyone in the Facebook universe that Caitlyn Jenner a hot chick.

So these liberal Ivy Leaguers would pump in the newsfeed what they wanted out there and they would suppress conservative stories or anything that put liberals in a bad light. That’s what got conservatives upset, even though it’s known that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been an avowed lefty for some time. The outrage has been so immense that Zuckerberg called for a meeting with leading conservatives to discuss this issue and put their minds to rest that there is no liberal bias or shenanigans going on at Facebook.

These conservative leaders consist of Glenn Beck, Dana Perino, Arthur Brooks, Zac Moffatt and…wait for it… S.E. Cupp. Yes, S.E. Cupp will be attending this historic gathering. You know how the Mafia has a meeting with the heads of the five families? This isn’t that. This is a meeting of the five conservative retards. Five conservative retards are meeting with Mark Zuckerberg.


From Glenn Beck’s Facebook:

I was contacted by Mark Zuckerberg’s office this morning about going out to see him in Menlo Park Wednesday.

They have had the same problem that many in media and Silicon Valley face: suppression of conservative voices and ideas.

Many voices and posts were deleted or insured to never trend according to a report. Ted Cruz, CPAC, The Blaze and I were specifically named.

Mark wanted to meet with 8 or ten of us to explain what happened and assure us that it won’t happen again.

How does a company who allowed voices to be heard in Iran and Egypt which sparked revolution silence voices of anyone here?

I am trying to rearrange my schedule to see if I can make it. It would be interesting to look him in the eye as he explains and a win for all voices if we can come to a place of real trust with this powerful tool.

Face book is, to me, a tool not unlike radio, tv or even the telephone. It is as wide as broadcast but as personal as the telephone. We can connect with one another the world over unlike anything man has ever seen before.

Let me just throw this out there to my conservative retard friends. Do you realize that Facebook is a business? They were a private company before they went public. Facebook is not a newspaper. That was never Zuckerberg’s goal. His goal was to score with hot chicks. He was a jilted dweeb who stole an idea from two twin brothers at his college and accidentally invented something that made him a billionaire.


Mark Zuckerberg didn’t create this business to foster international peace or solve world hunger. He created it so people can stalk their ex-girlfriends and boyfriends and play life-wasting games like Candy Crush. Glenn Beck and the other conservative retards complain about government overreach  and here they want Facebook to be told what they can or cannot put on their website.

Back to the moron:

These are exciting times for personal freedom, pursuits and identity.

If it is to be as ubiquitous as Alexander Graham Bell’s invention, it must remain as unbiased as the telephone, otherwise it too will fracture or fall apart over time due to competitors who will carve out their own place without agenda.

Facebook truly is the only communal experience we now have in some ways. We need to see what “the other side” is talking about.

No, we don’t.

Why don’t they say this about network TV? Why isn’t S.E. Cupp outraged over the channel she works for being a liberal mouthpiece? Why don’t they start with CNN?

We read different news, shop different places, even eat different brands of food.

This isn’t the America I remember or want. Do you?

Let’s trust people enough to listen to each other and decide without traffic cops or a new “Hays Code”.

Again, CNN, NBC, CBS, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, New York Times. The list goes on and on of media outlets on liberal lockdown. There is no “other side.”


While they are a private business and I support their right to run it any way they desire without government interference, it would be wonderful if a tool like face book INDEPENDENTLY CHOSE to hold up Freedom of speech and freedom of association as a corporate principle.

It doesn’t count if they are doing it because of boycotts or pressure groups. In fact, if he had the balls to tell me that he was courting me due to pressure groups I would disagree with his business plan but join him in the fight to make his own decisions with his company against the pressure groups.

I will stand for any man’s right to be truly free and run his business the way he sees fit.

Enough of beating people in submission. That is not who we are.

Unless you are a Donald Trump supporter. All they do on Beck’s show is beat the crap out of Trump supporters.


It will make lasting difference if he actually wants a place where all ideas are treated equally, even those he, or ‘they’, may disagree with.

That is bravery and real freedom.

I fear if they don’t, the big government establishment progressives will, at some point, make Facebook a “utility” and destroy it for everyone.

It already is a utility, you retard.

I am going Wednesday. I hope to join business icon and a woman with a spine of steel — Carly Fiorina

Sorry Glenn Beck, but you are a retard and so are all the losers going to this meeting.

End of story.

Trump 2016


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