Mark Levin: Establishment Shill

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I’ve never seen so many Republicans go after people in their own party as hard as they have gone after each other. This is unprecedented.

There are internet super sleuths and political operatives that normally target Democrats. But when Donald Trump burst on the scene, a lot of these people backed Trump and created investigations on Republicans, whether it was Marco Rubio’s involvement with gay porn or Ted Cruz’s infidelity claims. Rubio’s people actually shopped the Cruz story around before the National Enquirer published it. These stories were dug up by Republican super sleuths.

There are also stories about conservative talk radio hosts like Mark Levin. Levin has been around for years and has always fashioned himself as a pure constitutional conservative. A straight shooter who tells it like it is from a strict constitutionalist’s perspective. It wasn’t until Trump came along that he was exposed for the phony he is. Mark Levin was revealed to be a fraud. Not by Democrats, but by Republican investigators. People who would normally be going after Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.

Why have these investigators turned on Mark Levin? Because Levin bashes Trump, day in and day out. For years, Republicans have wanted a superstar. Somebody like Reagan or Obama who would excite their base. Somebody who wasn’t Bob Dole or John McCain. When Sarah Palin emerged as McCain’s VP pick, there was tremendous excitement, especially after her epic convention speech. When she debuted with the glasses and the dress and the whole sexy folksy vibe, there was a collective orgasm that flowed throughout the GOP. A few ill-conceived interviews and an election loss soon soured what was thought to be potential superstar candidate.

Republicans have been searching for that “it” candidate for years, and they finally got it and have no idea how to handle it. They don’t understand that in order for a candidate to stand out, they have to be a little different, to go against the 30-year-old  model of a Reagan conservative. Old conservatives like Mark Levin use Ronald Reagan as a template for the perfect candidate, but what Reagan did in 1980 can’t be replicated in 2016. You have to evolve, and the people who run the Republican Party don’t seem to grasp this.


Republicans don’t know how to handle a candidate that bucks the system, who says that what worked before doesn’t work now, and calls out former heavyweights like Karl Rove and trashes Fox News. They don’t know what to do, so they have people like Mark Levin and Hugh Hewitt go on the air and bash him. Dennis Prager, Glenn Beck, Michael Medved, wannabe conservative radio superstars like Charlie Sykes from Wisconsin. The list goes on and on of right wing talk radio hosts who bash Trump day after day. They’re bashing him, and many of the people who are listening are Trump supporters.

You’ve never had Republican talk radio so against a fellow Republican. Especially somebody who is winning, who is the presidential front runner. Never have you had conservative hosts so organized in their opposition to a front runner who has “it.” They must know that the establishment has it all worked out to where Trump never gets the nomination. What would happen if Trump actually got the nomination? Would all of these conservative radio hosts be fighting the Republican nominee? Imagine how insane that would be.

So they must know that Trump is never going to be the nominee and they shouldn’t be worried about turning off his supporters. If they are rallying against a popular candidate, are their listeners going to be turned off? Will it affect their ratings? Will advertisers flee? If they are making money from the anti-Trump forces, then perhaps they don’t worry so much. If they are getting paid to deliver an anti-Trump message, and that money balances out any advertising money they might lose, then it’s all good.

Under normal circumstances, people like Mark Levin and Glenn Beck wouldn’t have been exposed as being shills for the establishment, but now you have millions of frustrated Trump supporters and investigators who usually go after Democrats digging up dirt. Super sleuths have uncovered that not only does Mark Levin have a family member who works in Ted Cruz’s Senate office, but an anti-Trump super PAC called the Senate Conservatives Fund has purchased close to a half million dollars of Mark Levin’s books in exchange for favorable candidacy political opinion.

What a clever way to funnel money for favor. Instead of directly paying Levin, they simply purchase massive quantities of what he is selling. Now everything looks legit. They’re not cutting him a check to advertise, they’re buying $400,000 worth of books. Do you know how many books that is? A lot. That is a huge take. If an anti-Trump, pro-establishment group is buying this many books from a popular conservative radio host, what do you suppose that host is going to say on his show? He is going to say what he’s told to say.

There are others besides Levin who are being paid to go after Trump. Ben Shapiro, whose website The Daily Wire is being funded by a pair of Texas billionaire brothers named Levi and Farris Wilks. The Wilks brothers also fund the Ted Cruz super PAC “Keep the Promise.” So Ben Shapiro, who goes after Trump at every opportunity, who quit writing for Breitbart over their handling of the  Michelle Fields/Corey Lewandowski incident, is in the bag for pro-Cruz billionaires.

Speaking of Michelle Fields, when you have one of the biggest Trump haters out there saying that what happened wasn’t anywhere near an assault, that’s when you know she is full of crap. I am of course talking about Bill Maher, who was involved in a lawsuit with Trump for calling him the spawn of an orangutan. Bill Maher despises Trump, but even he couldn’t get behind the Michelle Fields scam that Ben Shapiro promoted.


There have been revelations of Glenn Beck being funded by pro-Ted Cruz super PACs. Same thing with Erick Erickson. These things would never have been revealed before, but the pro-Trump super sleuths are working overtime to expose these paid shills for what they are. None of this stuff is new. It’s been going on for years. Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Erick Erickson, Ben Shapiro, all of these people have been around for years. Now they are getting exposed. Nobody has ever shined a light on these cockroaches before. For years, we have listened to these people tell us what to think. We all thought they were doing it because of their staunch conservative principles, when it fact they were doing it because they are getting paid millions of dollars.

Remember the 80s and the rise of televangelists like Jim Bakker and Jimmy Swaggart? They made millions of dollars and created media empires preaching righteousness to gullible sheep who would send them money. Behind closed doors, they were having sex with hookers and laundering money and gambling and doing all of the things they said God was against. Those people were exposed and have faded out and now you have the Mark Levins and the Glenn Becks and the Ben Shapiros who have taken over the role of fleecing the gullible masses.

Everything came to a head last week. Politico reported that Mark Levin had joined the #NeverTrump movement, but they left out the reason why. It’s funny, because Levin had gone on record before as being vehemently anti-#NeverTrump, because he knows that Ted Cruz would need Trump’s supporters to back him if Cruz emerged as the nominee. Levin was trying to do damage control so as not to lose potential Trump voters in the general election.

Now Mark Levin is #NeverTrump. Why the change of heart? Because he got hit with all the revelations of him being in the bag for the establishment, so he’s attempting a diversion. He tried to explain the 400K in book sales as it being a common practice for super PACS to purchase large quantities of books to sell at their conventions. Levin said he donated all the profits to charity. He did everything he could to try to put the hypocrisy genie back in the bottle.

I don’t want to put down the Mark Levin audience, because I would like them to listen to me, but he is taking them all for suckers, for idiots. To downplay the impact of a super PAC paying him to influence his listeners is playing them for rubes.

Levin then switched gears and went after Roger Stone, accusing him of dirty Nixonian tricks and took issue with the National Enquirer story alleging Ted’s multiple affairs, as well as the Michelle Fields incident. Levin said all of these things have pushed him to the edge and he is now a #NeverTrump guy.  He said if Roger Stone and the Trump people keep this up, he will urge his millions of listeners not to vote for Trump.

Mark Levin’s change of heart has nothing to do with Roger Stone or any of the other issues. It has to do with being exposed for the fraud and phony that he is. All of these establishment shills got exposed by people who used to be in their corner.

Long live the super sleuths.

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