Lyin’ Ted and the Colorado Fix

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Let’s talk about Colorado and the Great Fix.

If you listen to Ted Cruz, he talks as if people have voted. Cruz doesn’t just exaggerate, he straight up lies. Lyin’ Ted lies in a very lawyerly way. When you hear Obama or Bill or Hillary Clinton speak, they lie like lawyers, because they are lawyers. A lawyer knows how to say something that is a blatant falsehood by shielding it with legalese and BS. They know how to marshal their words without admitting to anything.

When we question the process that Colorado used to determine the winner of their state’s delegates, we’re made to feel stupid by thinking that primaries and caucus are about people voting, instead of 30 party members in a hotel room in Denver smoking cigars and drinking cheap brandy. We were never exposed to all the behind the scenes trickery in politics until Donald Trump and social media came along.

Colorado’s caucus got squashed. They were supposed to have an election, but it was cancelled in August of last year. They killed it. They changed the rules. They did this because of Trump. This is a fact. They won’t say it, but that’s why they did it. The GOP executive committee changed the caucus to a convention-style process specifically to stop Donald Trump. They took the vote away from the citizens of Colorado because they didn’t want them to elect Trump. They decided not to take a chance that those wacky Coloradans who voted for legal weed would pick The Donald.


They switched from an election to a convention where delegates assemble in a room and the establishment decides who those delegates are going to go to. The thousands of people in Colorado did not vote. You could say Trump’s people knew about the process and weren’t prepared to deal with it, but it doesn’t change the fact that the process is rigged. It doesn’t change the fact that the system is set up by the establishment to guarantee that the winner will be somebody that the party leaders approve of, not who the people approve of or want. The winner is being chosen in a backroom by the establishment saying who they want.

Lyin’ Ted was at a town hall in California and said Trump was whining. He cries when he loses. The people have spoken and they rejected him. He cries and he whines. He doesn’t like Democracy. Lyin’ Ted is trying to convince the people of California that Colorado had a primary election just like they do. They don’t know what the process is in Colorado. They think it’s like California. They listen to Ted and think that Trump is a sore loser and maybe he really doesn’t like Democracy.


This is what Ted said, hoping that the listeners were low information voters:

“Now you may have noticed that when Donald loses he yells and screams and stamps his foot, he curses and yells to anyone nearby. Look we know in the state of California, wine is best served with cheese.”

“And Donald has this very odd thing, so Colorado, he’s been on TV all day long, saying Colorado was terrible they stole the election. Donald, 65,000 people voted in the state of Colorado, they just didn’t vote for you, they voted for our campaign. To put it more simply Donald — it ain’t stealing when the voters vote against you. It is the voters reclaiming this country and reclaiming sanity.”

The “voting” process to which Cruz referred involved the selection of state delegates, starting at the precinct level. Last year, the state party chose to cancel the traditional voting process for the 2016 election — the only state party to do so. They did this as they saw the rise of Trump in a effort to stop him.

In 2012, approximately 66,000 Coloradans voted in the Republican caucuses, according to the New York Times. In 2008, approximately 70,000 Republican voters turned out for the primary caucuses. None of these people voted in 2016.

Again, you could say that Trump the outsider got out-organized by Ted the insider. I’m with you 100%.   That’s why Trump went out and hired veteran GOP consultant and lobbyist Paul Manafort. This guy is part of the old guard from the Lee Atwater days. Manafort is one of the few who has had experience with nomination fights, from the Reagan/Ford battle in 1976 all the way to 1996.


Manafort went on Meet The Press and told sleepy-eyed Chuck Todd that the Cruz campaign was using “Gestapo tactics” in the hunt for delegates. Pundits and Cruzbots everywhere were predictably outraged at the comparison. Yet, no one had a problem a month earlier when Donald Trump was compared to Hitler and Mussolini. Just like no one had a problem when Hillary Clinton and New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio engaged in a little racial humor. If Donald Trump had made a joke about being on “CP time” it would have been breaking news. “Oh my God, Donald Trump just made a reference to colored people time!” There would have been calls for him to get out of the race. Instead, you had President Obama defending Hillary and Mayor DeBlasio’s “joke.”

The Colorado fix was in. Disorganized outsider Trump lost the delegate count to an insider. Plain and simple. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t change the fact that the people did not vote. When Ted Cruz says 65,000 people voted for him in Colorado, he is lying. Lyin’ Ted is lying. The people did not vote.

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