Loyal Lefty Lester Saves The Day

So Monday night was the big debate. How did it go?

Pretty much everything I predicted would happen did happen. The ratings were just four points under Super Bowl 50, which was the highest-rated show this year. So that is close to the 100 million figure that I said it would be. The final figures haven’t been released yet, but the bottom line is a lot of people watched the debate. In fact, it is being estimated that this was the most-watched presidential debate ever.

The liberal media is trying to spin it the best way they can for Hillary, but the overall consensus is that Trump won. Every poll except for CNN (no surprise there) showed Donald Trump to be victorious. It’s obvious that the trend and enthusiasm is pulling towards Trump.

Despite stories from liberal newspapers like The New York Times and The Washington Post trying to spin it otherwise, the momentum is just not there for Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump is producing the excitement and Trump is why people tuned into watch the debate Monday night.

Desperation by Democrats has gotten to the point of where they are just coming right out and saying that they know Hillary Clinton is a bad candidate, but she is the nominee they’ve got to work with. They sound just like the Never Trump losers did, and some of them still do.

So the modus operandi by the left is to just bash Donald Trump however they can, whether it’s true or not. They won’t say what will make Hilary Clinton a great president, because she has a long record of failure that is plain for all to see, they just bash Trump. They all say yes, Hillary Clinton is bad, but Donald Trump is worse. Hillary is the drizzling sh-ts, but Trump is Satan incarnate.

It’s funny, because both sides are going through the same thing. There are Republicans out there who say, “Man, if we just had Marco Rubio right now, he would be destroying Hillary Clinton in the polls.” Democrats say, “God, if we only had Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden, we would have this locked up already. Grrrr…”

But after last night’s debate performance, I think the GOP Trump naysayers are now few and far between. Trump dominated the first half hour, just annihilated Crooked Hillary, er I mean, Secretary Clinton. Then shill moderator Lester Holt brought up the birther issue (that Hillary’s people started) and things got a little more heated. More on that later.

In the run up to the debate, Democrats and Never Trumpers bemoaned the notion that as long as Trump didn’t step on his junk, he would be seen as the winner. Democrats resigned themselves to Hillary being seen as the failure she is before the debate even started. They’ve complained that the presidential election process has been dumbed down, that Trump is judged on a curve, and as long as he looks somewhat presidential, he will come out on top in the debate. Which he did.


Do you know who started the dumbing down of the presidency? Bill Clinton. He’s the one who went on Arsenio playing the saxophone and he’s also who made life in the White House into one big reality TV show with the Monica Lewinsky affair. Now you have both Obama and Hillary doing silly Funny or Die fake interviews with Zach Galifinakis, Obama doing slow jams on Jimmy Fallon and hanging out with Jay-Z and Beyonce.

It was hilarious watching liberals try to play down Don King’s enthusiastic endorsement of Trump last week. “Oh yeah, being endorsed by a convicted murderer. Big deal. Plus, Don King said the N-Word!” The left seems to forget that Jay-Z doesn’t exactly have a spotless criminal record. Wasn’t he indicted for stabbing a guy? Didn’t he sling rock and shoot his older brother in the shoulder for stealing his jewelry when he was younger? Jay-Z is definitely no saint, yet our president spends weekend vacations with him and his anti-cop wife.


So the left has created this dumbed-down perception of the presidency and Trump being graded on a curve. Obama’s entire presidency had been graded on a curve by libs. There’s the public Obama, the private Obama, and the presidential Obama. Just like when they say Donald Trump is a reality star joke, and when he’s presidential, it’s all another act.

When Donald Trump becomes president and does the State of the Union address, he will do the same thing that Obama, Bill Clinton, the Bushes, etc. have all done. Trump will read a prepared speech off of a teleprompter and when he says something Republicans like, they will stand up and applaud and Democrats will sit there with a scowl on their faces. When he says something that is universally agreed upon, Democrats will begrudgingly join the GOP in an ovation. It’s the same old crap. It’s all an act.

This notion that people like author Max Brooks said on the Bill Maher show last week that Hillary’s slipping poll numbers aren’t her fault because the media gives Donald Trump a pass and all of this free publicity is ludicrous. Why? Because all the liberal media does is slam him. All the free publicity in the world isn’t helpful if all of it is negative. Remember Chipotle? A couple of months ago, they gots tons of free publicity, because people were getting sick from eating their burritos. I doubt the CEO and shareholders of Chipotle appreciated all the mentions on the news and the free press about the latest salmonella outbreak from their taco bowls.

So yeah, Donald Trump is on TV a lot, because A. He makes himself available, whereas Hillary Clinton won’t even hold a press conference that isn’t shill-filled, and B. Trump garners ratings. People want to hear what he has to say. Despite what the media tries to portray him as, Americans like Donald Trump. That’s why Hillary’s poll numbers are slipping, Max Brooks.


Everybody in the media wants to blame everybody else for Hillary Clinton’s failures except Hillary herself. Max Brooks says Trump is where he is because the press hasn’t done their constitutional duty to report the news and has given him all of this free press. Free press? Trump holds a press conference and CNN convenes a panel afterwards and all of them say what a scumbag he is. Free press for Trump is why Hillary is losing? Gimme a break. Hillary has had as much positive free press at her disposal as anyone could hope for, but she doesn’t take full advantage of it, and people just don’t trust her or like her. That’s Trump’s fault?

Advertising is supposed to help sell your product, like when Carl’s Jr. does an ad with a sexy girl eating a cheeseburger with mayo dripping down her face. How does having a front page headline in The Washington Post calling Donald Trump a scumbag help sell his candidacy and hurt Hillary? It makes absolutely no sense, but liberals aren’t exactly known for their sound, unemotional logic.

So what constitutional duty has the press not fulfilled, Max Brooks? They’ve reported the news, and the news they’ve reported is that Donald Trump is bad for the country. So how is it their fault that Hillary’s poll numbers are going down? How is it Trump’s fault that voters like the guy? Voters are going for Trump, despite negative media coverage from movies to late night TV, from newspapers to liberal blogs like Huffington Post and Buzzfeed. The media does nothing but praise Hillary Clinton and slam Donald Trump 24/7, yet liberal hipster douchebag morons like Max Brooks say the press isn’t doing their constitutional duty. Voters dig The Donald and they hate Hacking Hillary. It’s just that simple.


It’s just another example of liberals trying to point the finger of blame at others for the shortcomings of Democrats, from Chicago and the crime in a city run by a Democratic mayor to all the problems in the country run by a Democratic president for the past seven and a half years, and having those first three years with Democrats controlling every aspect of government. But it’s not their fault. It’s not Hillary Clinton’s fault. It’s Donald Trump’s fault.

Even the media that is supposed to be friendly towards the right have made it difficult for Donald Trump, yet he’s still rising in poll after poll. Radio host Mark Levin has just gotten aboard the Trump Train, when for months all he did was say what a great guy Ted Cruz was and what a piece of crap Trump was. There are still hosts and pundits on the right who despise Donald Trump, like Charlie Sykes, Glenn Beck and Meghan McCain. The National Review, a conservative publication, still writes negative things about him.

So how is all this great free media helping Donald Trump? Some please tell me.

Enough about that. That’s just the way it will be as long as the left controls the message. As long as libs control what you read, see or hear, nobody will call out idiots like Max Brooks. Let’s talk about the debate last night.

If you tuned into CNN, MSNBC or any of the liberal networks, if you read any of the lefty blogs, Donald Trump lost and he lost bad. Everything we said would be said was said and everything that we said would happen happened. Yet, other than CNN, every poll that has come out had Trump winning. There’s even a top trending hashtag on Twitter today #TrumpWins.


Lester Holt did what he was supposed to do, which was hold Trump’s feet to the fire and softball Hillary. For the first 40 minutes or so, Hillary was getting absolutely clobbered. Even the shills on CNN and MSNBC admitted it. But then loyal lefty Lester brought up birtherism, something that millions of deplorable Trump supporters don’t give a crap about, and the faces on CNN and MSNBC began to light up.

The minute the debate was over, people like former Clinton staffer George Stephanopoulos proudly proclaimed that Hillary Clinton had won the debate hands down. Despite getting completely obliterated during the first half of the debate, things began to shift when Lester Holt played the birtherism card, which then shifted to talking about race and stop and frisk and Hillary being able to say that Trump hated everybody, he started the Iraq War and that he called a fat Miss Universe contestant sitting in the audience fat.

Hillary didn’t cause the shift, Lester Holt did. The shift didn’t happen because Hillary suddenly found her bearings and got the upper hand, Lester helped her out. All Hillary had was her notes she kept looking down at and the earpiece she was getting information from her frantic staff backstage. For 40 minutes, all Hillary Clinton could do is smile and try not to look flustered while Trump was blasting her with fact after fact. Loyal Lester came to her rescue and Dems breathed a big sigh of relief.

Left: Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump speaks during the presidential debate at Hofstra University on Sept. 26, 2016, in Hempstead, New York. Right: Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton speaks during the debate.

Now Trump wouldn’t be able to get to the FBI investigations. Now they could divert attention away from her email server questions. Now her failing health wouldn’t be brought up. Now they could talk about things nobody except leftist zombies give two poops about. It went from trade, a subject Hillary had absolutely no answer for, to Lester saving the day with, “Let’s talk about birtherism.”  It halted Trump’s momentum and kept him from beating Hillary to a bloody pulp, which he was handily doing and would have done had the debate lasted longer than it did.

Kudos to Lester Holt and the Democrats. Lester will not be crucified like Matt Lauer was for daring to ask Queen Hillary real pertinent questions about her judgement and qualifications to be president. Lester and the lefties did what they were supposed to do. I actually don’t fault them for this. Democrats are simply doing what Republicans should have started doing 10 years ago, and that is controlling the media.

Whether Donald Trump or Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz had emerged as the nominee, Democrats would have used the same gotcha tactics with them as they did with Trump and the birtherism shift. Remember, Ted Cruz walked arm in arm on stage with a pastor who had just just called for the death of homosexuals. Democrats would have beaten him to death with it.

Loyal Lester shifted from birtherism to Trump’s tax returns, two subjects that not a single Trump supporter or swing voter cares about and allowed Democrats to feel like Hillary had crushed Donald Trump and made them feel like they had put Trump on the defensive. Hillary Clinton did not do this. She was on the defensive for the first half of the debate, then Lester Holt came to the rescue.


Nothing that was said last night made anyone get off the Trump Train. If you were a Trump supporter, you were satisfied. If you were a Hillary supporter, you were relieved when Lester did what he did. But what about the effect on the voters that matter? The 4 or 5 million who actually decide an election? According to every poll that came out after the debate with the exception of CNN, Donald Trump won them over.

Lester Holt threw a life preserver to a drowning Hillary Clinton and allowed her to give her well-rehearsed robotic answers on everything from birtherism to taxes to sexism and allowed her to quote everything written in liberal rags like The New York Times and The Washington Post about Donald Trump from the past 30 years and things he said on Celebrity Apprentice and Howard Stern. She rattled off things that most people had forgotten about 5 minutes after they happened. It was funny, Trump even mentioned how remarkable her memory was from 30 years ago, but she couldn’t remember over 39 subjects that the FBI questioned her about during her recent tenure as Secretary of State.

Lester Holt was Mighty Mouse for the Democrats last night. He came and saved the day. No questions about the Clinton Foundation were raised and Holt didn’t do a follow up to Hillary on Trump’s assertion that Sidney Blumenthal had in fact started the birtherism issue. It was smooth sailing for Hillary after Lester Holt fished her flailing carcass out of the water.

But it was all predictable. We called it all before the debate even started. Lester Holt did his job and Hillary lives to hack another day. We’ll see what happens October 9th. I have a feeling that this debate was just a rope-a-dope, and Donald Trump will deliver the knockout blow in a couple of weeks.

We’ll see if I’m right in October, just like I was right this time.

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