Libs Lash Lauer For Hillary Hit

Matt Lauer had a really rough day on Thursday.

The media has turned on one of their own. They’ve turned on Matt Lauer as a lesson to other journalists and moderators not to do the same thing, which is to question Hillary Clinton about her private email server. That is no man’s land. This is a subject you’re not supposed to bring up. In the Democrat-controlled media, you are supposed to praise Hillary and demonize Donald Trump. According to every liberal pundit and columnist, Matt Lauer did not follow the rules. He went off script and the left is fit to be tied.

At the NBC Commander-In-Chief town hall meeting Wednesday night, Trump and Clinton appeared separately. Lauer asked each candidate questions. Questions about Russia, Libya, the war in Iraq. The usual stuff. The liberal media is outraged because they claim Lauer was tough on Hillary and soft on Trump. They claim he constantly interrupted Clinton and let Trump tell lies.

Let’s examine that assertion, shall we?

Liberals claim Lauer let Trump slide when he asked him about his support for the war in Iraq and Trump said he was totally against it. They say Donald Trump was in fact for the war, and Lauer didn’t challenge him. He didn’t say Trump was lying about Iraq. The left says that Donald Trump supported  the Iraq War, but they are somewhat reluctant to give the source of this information. They just say that Donald Trump said in a 2002 interview that he was in favor of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq.

Who was the interviewer when Trump made this statement almost 15 years ago? Howard Stern.

Quick history lesson for all if you Hillary-supporting millennials out there. Before Howard Stern became a judge on America’s Got Talent and the awesome person with the beautiful wife and the highly-rated satellite radio show that most celebrities desperately want to be appear on to promote whoever they are doing, Howard Stern was considered the lowest form of life on the planet. He was a sexist, he was a bigot. He was a tasteless joke that nobody wanted to know and no Hollywood star of any significance would even consider appearing on his show. Hell, even former porn stars like Traci Lords refused to be on the Howard Stern show. Howard Stern was reviled for being lowered from the ceiling at an MTV Awards show dressed as a superhero character he created called Fartman. MTV couldn’t even find a celebrity who would agree to introduce him. I think Luke Perry finally agreed to do it. When Metallica won the award that Howard and Luke were presenting and Stern made a funny comment while standing behind them as they were accepting their trophy, Lars Ulrich told him to shut the hell up. Before Howard Stern became the beloved entertainer that he is today, he was considered human garbage.


Howard Stern is the person who interviewed Trump when he supposedly unequivocally claimed he supported the Iraq War. Stern was asking Trump what it was like to be a billionaire, what it was like to sleep with a beautiful model like Melania. Different women that Trump had been with over the years. His opinion on certain celebrities and their boobs. In between this highly intellectual conversation, Stern said something like, “So what do you think about this Iraq War thing? Do you think we should go in there and kick Saddam’s ass or what?” Trump replied, “Ummm…. yeah, I guess so.” Then they went back to talking about boobs.

That is what the left claims is Donald Trump supporting the Iraq War. They don’t mention that Trump went on Stern’s show shortly after the war started and said that it was probably a mistake to go in, that it would most likely destabilize the region, but he appreciated the men and women who were over there fighting. Liberals always leave out that part.

Try this. The next time your wife, girlfriend, husband or whoever says, “Honey, do you love me?” say “Ummm… yeah, I guess so.” What do think is going to happen?

Donald Trump saying to Howard Stern, “Ummm… yeah, I guess so” while they talk about boobs is not supporting the Iraq War. Do you know what is? Being a United States senator. Being involved in high-level intel briefings about the invasion and talking to people like John McCain and Lindsey Graham and respected generals and making a decision that invading Iraq and toppling Saddam was absolutely necessary and then voting for the Iraq War. That’s supporting the Iraq War. That’s what Hillary Clinton did.

Obama crucified Hillary during the 2008 campaign for her support of the war, but nobody on the left ever wants to talk about that. They just wanted Matt Lauer to stand up and scream “Liar!” when Trump claimed he was against invading Iraq. But Lauer didn’t do that. He let Donald Trump sit there and tell a lie and get away with it. That’s why liberals are upset at Matt Lauer. That’s why even NBC executives are calling Matt Lauer’s performance a failure. An unmitigated disaster.


But that’s not what outraged liberals the most. What made the left lose their minds is when Lauer asked questions about her private email server. Matt Lauer asked these questions on NBC during primetime, not on a cable news network. Millions of people were watching when Hillary Clinton acted confused and flustered. Lauer did what nobody in the media is supposed to do, which is make Hilary Clinton look bad, something that he really didn’t do. Lauer let Hillary claim that no American lives were lost in Libya when Gaddafi was taken out. He didn’t mention the American lives lost in Benghazi, which was the result of her and the Obama administration’s decision to overthrow the Libyan government and allow ISIS terrorists to take over the country.

Lauer also let Hillary slide when she claimed that no American troops will be on the ground in Iraq when she is president. He didn’t mention that there are already troops on the ground. About 5,000 of them. Lauer didn’t mention the Clinton Foundation and the millions of dollars countries like Saudi Arabia has given them. Matt Lauer could’ve nailed Hillary on a plethora of different failures during her tenure as Secretary of State, but he didn’t.

Matt Lauer didn’t go easy on Trump, either. He brought up Vladimir Putin. Lauer asked Trump what he thought about Putin calling him “a brilliant man.” He asked how could he accept praise from a man who is a former KGB agent who has imprisoned reporters and murdered his opponents. Has everybody forgotten that just last week it was announced that American commercial airlines are now flying to Cuba? Has everybody forgotten when our president sat at a baseball game with Raul Castro after the terrorist attack in Brussels? When did Cuba become this bastion of freedom and democracy? Cuba has never imprisoned reporters or had enemies killed? When did Cuba become America?

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Ronald Reagan’s greatest foreign policy achievement was ending the Cold War and forming an alliance with Russia. Ending decades of tension between the former Soviet Union and the United States. Before Obama, we wanted to have Russia as an ally. Hillary said she wanted a Russian reset.  But now, we’ve returned to Russia being an “evil empire.” We’re back to the Russia of the 80s, when Ivan Drago and Rocky fought an epic battle in the Soviet Union because Drago killed his buddy Apollo.

Matt Lauer lambasted Trump because Putin thinks highly of him, but Obama watching a baseball game with a Communist dictator after a terrorist attack is no big deal. The United States is intricately involved with Saudi Arabia, who was involved in the 9/11 attacks. Hillary Clinton takes money from them. But Donald Trump’s a bad guy because Putin compliments him? Saudi Arabia has homosexuals put to death and people imprisoned or killed for speaking against the government. They will chop someone’s head off for leaving Islam. But because Donald Trump wants a Russian reset that Hillary failed to achieve, Matt Lauer and the left thinks he’s wrong to want to develop a friendly relationship with Putin. Eating peanuts and popcorn at a baseball game in Cuba isn’t cozying up to a dictator? While this is going on, there are hundreds of people in Cuban prisons for speaking out against the Castros.

Before Obama, it was important to have a strong relationship with Russia. At least they have something to bring to the table. What does Cuba have? Cigars?

The only reason the left is upset at Matt Lauer is he brought up Hillary’s email server and didn’t bring up Donald Trump’s Howard Stern appearance 15 years ago. Lauer also brought up Trump saying that he had a plan for fighting iSIS, but didn’t want to talk about it. Trump said he would discuss his plan with generals once he was in office. Lauer stated that Trump had said generals in the military had been “reduced to rubble,” so how could he say that he would discuss his ISIS plan with these same generals? Trump replied than the generals and the military had been reduced to rubble under Obama’s incompetent leadership, and he would do a better job.

Liberals should be thanking Matt Lauer. Because of the manufactured outrage over Lauer supposedly going easy on Trump and being tough on Clinton, people like Anderson Cooper, Lester Holt and all the other moderators for the upcoming debates are now put on notice that they should ask Hillary Clinton softball questions and hammer Donald Trump. Or else. So that is what is going to happen. Believe me.

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