Liberals Love Cop Killers

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It happened again. Another Obama/Black Lives Matter-inspired police shooting.

Anytime there is an act of violence against anything the left finds important, like say abortion, the media is quick to say that anti-abortion rhetoric caused the attack. Remember Robert Dear, the guy who shot up the Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs? He called himself “a warrior for the babies.” 

Everyone on the left said that anti-abortion rhetoric coming from the right caused Robert Dear to do what he did. I watched Rachel Maddow dedicate an entire show to the history of abortion clinic shootings and bombings by individuals who were inspired by the hot rhetoric of the right. She went down the list, from Eric Rudolph to Paul Hill to Scott Roeder, who killed late term abortion provider George Tiller. She brought up instances where different Republican leaders had labeled abortion doctors ‘murderers.’

So the left is real quick to condemn anti-abortion rhetoric and its link to attacks on clinics and doctors. When Donald Trump talks about illegal immigrants or Muslims and people protest by burning American flags and throwing rocks at cops and eggs at Trump supporters, the left says Trump’s rhetoric caused it to happen. They comb through Trump’s Twitter feed and find replies and retweets from anti-Semitic and/or white nationalist groups and say they are the ones who make up Trump’s support. This is who listens to Trump and responds to his rhetoric.


But you could do the same thing with Black Lives Matter followers and find many of them supporting the killing of police officers and how much they appreciate the Dallas shooter and the shooter in this past weekend’s killing of three officers in Baton Rouge. If the media did to Black Lives Matter and Obama what they do to Trump and his supporters, they would find followers being inspired by violent rhetoric by a much larger margin than Trump supporters. But they don’t.

The social experiment that Obama has been conducting for the past seven and a half years is officially blowing up in his face. Changing the definition of police brutality to racism. It fact, changing the definition of everything to racism. How do you shut down an argument? By crying racism. Any policy initiative? Calling it racist.

The left has been really good at blaming the right for everything, but the Baton Rouge and Dallas shootings are different. They can’t figure out a way to turn it onto Republicans. They’ve described abortion clinic attacks as Armageddon brought on by the right, but now you have police officers being killed. The people who are committing the murders are saying they are doing it because they hate white people and cops and they love Black Lives Matter. Gavin Long, the Baton Rouge shooter, did YouTube videos where he talks about the protests. He says forget about protests, they don’t work. You have to rise up. You have to act. And that’s exactly why he did.


When someone says they are committing an act of violence because they hate cops and white people, the left will say there isn’t enough evidence to say they were inspired by Black Lives Matter rhetoric. But whenever there is a shooting by police, they will immediately say the shooting was unjustified and was caused by racism. Obama will run to a podium to condemn the police and dog-whistle Black Lives Matter supporters to get out and do something. Everything they do is justified and supported by the liberal media.

But if a cop killer mentions Black Lives Matter in a YouTube video? There isn’t enough evidence to conclude he was influenced by them. Gavin Long was just an angry disturbed man. It’s like when Omar Mateen killed 49 people in Orlando. It wasn’t because of Islamic extremism, even though he specifically expressed support for ISIS while he was doing it. Omar Mateen killed because he was a repressed homosexual.

It’s obvious the all-cops-are-racists narrative put out by Black Lives Matter and Obama affected Gavin Long. This rhetoric affected this individual, the same style rhetoric the left says causes abortion clinics to be shot up. Long was from Kansas City and drove all the way to the place where there has been rioting going on because Alton Sterling was killed. And the left says they don’t know what motivated this person to kill cops? Gavin Long made countless YouTube videos talking about what he was seeing in the media and how much he hated police, but the left doesn’t know what inspired him to kill. Amazing.


When the shooting started, the left even tried to spin it as a robbery gone wrong. They do this so the low information casual news watcher will see it and accept it as the reason for the shooting and move on. I watched Chris Cuomo on CNN roll his eyes when the information about the YouTube videos came out, saying they had nothing to do with it, that Gavin Long was just a sick man. It’s obvious that Long was whipped up into a frenzy by the rhetoric that you and Wolf Blitzer have been spewing, Chris.

Black Lives Matter terrorists go on TV and nobody challenges them. They’re free to say whatever they want. There’s no pushback. Even as they are denouncing the violence against police, they are trying to justify it somehow, and the media never questions them.

When the Bundy clan took over the wildlife refuge, liberal commentators like Chris Hayes said, “Imagine if this were black people. Police would be storming in with guns blazing.” Really, Chris Hayes? Right now, there are thousands of black people trashing police stations and businesses, assaulting police and vandalizing cop cars and nobody’s doing a thing.

If you had a thousand pro-lifers shutting down freeways, they would be stopped. It would be over in five minutes. There is no way that pro-lifers throwing rocks and smashing police cars would be tolerated. Black Lives Matter protesters get a pass. Nobody gives pro-lifers a pass.

All police are racist murderers and Black Lives Matter protesters are peaceful. That’s the narrative put out by the left. But if the real information ever got out, the narrative would start to change. The narrative would change if the casual news watcher knew about tweets put out by Zack Ford, an editor for the liberal website Think Progress, who said “Given how police haven’t been held accountable for murdering black people, it’s no surprise some are taking justice into their own hands.” 


Justice? Cops being ambushed by sniper fire is justice? That’s astonishing. Zack Ford is justifying the murder of police, and nobody in the media calls him out.

Here’s some more celebrations by Black Lives Matter supporters on Twitter after the Baton Rouge killing:

Feels Good To See Niggas Knocking These Pigs Off. – DJ Niyo Davinci @FSNIYO

Three more pigs killed in baton rouge. – larry rush @rushljr

Loling at the fact that they shot the Baton Rouge police. That is the only police department that I know deserved it aside from dpd  – mister literal @SachtlebenReal

[ three dead pigs…who cares? ] @uproardivision

That’s just a few. There are many more tweets celebrating the ambush and murder of police officers by Black Lives Matter supporters. Now imagine if these were Trump supporters cheering Planned Parenthood killer Robert Dear. What do you think the reaction from the liberal media would be?

This is where our country is. The only reason the left allows it to happen is to shore up the black vote. But if you play with fire, you eventually get burned. Obama constantly stokes the fire of racial division. How many more police officers have to be ambushed and killed before people wake up and grab a firehose?

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