Liberal Politics And ‘The Purge’

How many of you watched The Purge Wednesday night?

If you went to the news channels or your Twitter or Facebook feeds you saw it. Everybody saw a different version, depending on what news network they were watching or whose Twitter or Facebook feed they were reading. But the plot was basically the same.

For those of you who don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, The Purge was a movie from 2013. It depicted a dystopian future where for one night a week each year, every crime was legal, and no emergency services were available. You could whack out anybody you wanted to and get away with it. Rob, rape, pillage and plunder. 12 hours of murder and mayhem, then it was back to being strictly controlled by the corrupt government. A lot of people are killed on that night, so it was sort of a form of population control. Hence the title The Purge.


That’s what Wednesday night in Charlotte was like. A whole bunch of violent criminals were able to do whatever they wanted, no one stopped them, and it was all encouraged and the thugs were egged on by our corrupt government and its controlled media.

Democrats flirt with a domestic terrorist organization known as Black Lives Matter. They toy with them, because civil unrest works for Dems politically. Hillary Clinton could give two sh-ts for African Americans. The people who were jumping on police cars, punching news reporters while they were live on the air and breaking and burning stuff? Hillary considers them “super predators.” She watches in delight from wherever she is, surrounded by her security detail, laughing while knowing that all the people who are so enraged by the ways things are that they shut cities down are all gullible enough to  still vote for her. Why wouldn’t they? The liberal media applauds their lawless actions, and Hillary panders to them and says she will make everything all better. So vote for me, suckers.

Let me ask my African American brothers and sisters something. If things have gotten this bad and you’ve had a young, bright, hip black dude as president for almost eight years, what makes you think a dying 70-year-old white woman will make your lives better?

Your only other option is voting for Donald Trump. (Or staying home and risk insulting your hero Obama) You say, “Oh no, we can’t do that. He’s a racist!” No, he’s not. I know that’s what you’ve been led to believe by the media. You’ve all seen the footage of the 75-year-old Trump supporter giving a forearm shiver to the black protester as he’s being led out of the Trump rally while giving the finger to everybody in the audience. The media played it over and over and over. That moment set the narrative that you’ve all bought into, that Donald Trump is a racist and all of his supporters are violent bigots who hate everybody who isn’t white like them. But why wouldn’t you buy into that false notion? That’s what you have been fed by the media, which is controlled by Democrats. It’s very easy to fall for the BS when that is all you see and hear for 24 hours each and every day.


But here’s a little information that has been right under your noses this whole time you’ve been hypnotized by the liberal BS machine. For the past seven and a half years, your country has been under the control of Democrats. The cities with the most problems with violence, police brutality and “systematic oppression” all have Democratic mayors, from New York to Baltimore to Los Angeles to Chicago and yes, to Charlotte, North Carolina.

Democrats create division. It’s the only way they can win elections. But they also know that they have to control what people are seeing and hearing, because when anyone watched what really went on Wednesday night, they didn’t see “peaceful” protesters. They saw a group of violent thugs. Any empathy or sympathy or whatever you want to call it for the problems that African Americans face was lost that night. But only if you saw what the media desperately tried to avoid letting you see.

What the media tried to keep you from watching was reporters being beaten up, news cameramen almost being lit on fire and black people getting into brawls and killing each other.

That’s why we haven’t seen a purge in a while. When this happened in Milwaukee a few weeks ago, the media didn’t cover it. They wanted to suppress those images, because remember, Donald Trump’s whole thing is law and order.

Charlotte has a black police chief, a police department that is known for its diversity and a mayor who is not only a Democrat, she’s a woman named Jennifer Roberts. Charlotte, North Carolina has everything a liberal could want, and here’s the city looking like The Purge. We can’t have that. It destroys the narrative.

So when everything was going on in Milwaukee, burning gas stations and whatnot, the media stayed away. They didn’t cover it. It was ignored. They wanted everybody to cover their eyes and ears and chant “la la la” and think nothing was going on. The media pretended everything was hunky-dory in Wisconsin, other than non-violent marchers exercising their rights as free Americans to peacefully assemble and protest.

Even before Milwaukee, the liberal media has been tampering down their coverage, because it doesn’t help their cause when the public sees a CVS being set ablaze in Baltimore or cops being shot in Dallas. But they had no choice Wednesday night. There was too much going on and people were finding out about in on social media. It was The Purge. The only thing they could do is say that only a few agitators were creating problems. It was mostly a peaceful protest, dammit. The most shocking footage of what actually went on wasn’t seen on CNN, MSNBC or the network news. They knew that if everyday Americans saw this footage, they would be appalled.

It’s so amusing watching the irony of the media trying to portray Trump and his supporters as Nazis and KKK members. They point to a little green frog named Pepe as proof of this racism, as well as the aforementioned forearm shiver by the old dude to the black guy at a Trump rally. Donald Trump has millions of supporters who have made him the Republican nominee, but because people like Olivia Nuzzi of The Daily Beast or Hadas Gold of Politico are able to go to a Trump rally and find maybe ten people wearing Confederate flag hats or T-shirts, they are able to take those images and convince everybody that millions and millions of Americans reside in what Hillary Clinton described as a “basket of deplorables.”

But then you watch five hours of Charlotte, North Carolina plummeting into what is depicted in The Purge, and it screws everything up for the left. You see hundreds of people throwing bottles, beating people up, breaking into stores and grabbing cash registers and everyone descending on it and grabbing the cash like a pride of lions fighting over a hyena’s carcass. Here you have a city controlled by a Democrat in a country run by a black Democrat president and a media that is friendly to the left, and utter chaos is going on. Americans are watching The Purge, and liberals are pissing their panties. They don’t know what to do. Their BS machine is broken and may not be able to be repaired.

They keep trying to fix it, though. God bless em. It’s only a few agitators at an otherwise peaceful protest. That’s the narrative they are trying to hammer home, and it’s not working this time. “Damn you, iPhones. Damn you, Twitter and Facebook. Thought you guys were on our side. Urrgghh….” 

No matter how much they try to deny it, Democrats have gotten us to where we are today. I get why they want to point the finger of blame at Donald Trump, but the reality is that he’s only been running for president for a year. For eight months he was a joke. His candidacy was a late night TV punchline. But now that Trump is officially the Republican nominee and even Ted Cruz has come out and endorsed him, Dems are scared. They know they will actually have to run on Hillary’s record, and she doesn’t exactly have a spotless past. So I get why they try to deflect attention away from what’s going on in Charlotte and around the world. I really do.

But it’s not going to work. Black people have been duped into voting for Democrats for years and years. They get beaten down and taken for granted, then when they complain, Democrats say, “It’s not us. It’s Republicans. It’s Donald Trump.”

“But he’s not in charge. You are…”

“Not us. Trump. Look, he won’t release his tax returns…”

“What does that have do with anything?”

“It’s not us. Now give us your money and see you on November 8th. You’re with her, right?”

“I, uhh… guess…but…”

“But nothing. Trump is a racist. See you on Election Day!”

Then Democrats laugh their asses off at all of you poor black suckers. Sad!

Obama says he will take it as a personal insult if African Americans don’t turn out and vote for Hillary. You know what’s insulting? Going from the first black president to an old sick white lady. You do know that Hillary Clinton will not make it through her first term? Forget about reelection, I say she will not even last four years if she is elected. She will either resign from scandal, step down for health reasons or die. You will then have President Tim Kaine. Mister Roger on steroids.

How about Cory Booker? He’s a nice looking cat, speaks well. He’s clean. (Why does this sound familiar?) Why didn’t Dems go with him? Why did they go with an old sick white lady? Hillary can’t even campaign for more than a couple days before taking a rest, she’s gagging and coughing, she loses consciousness, walks around with pneumonia, spreading it around to her staff and supporters. She passes out “frequently.” This is coming from her own husband. You know, the guy who’s still going around dicking bimbos.

President Hillary Clinton will die in office and then you will have Bill the bimbo dicker as your president again. Yes, Tim Kaine will officially hold the title, but former President Bill Clinton will be running things behind the scenes. You know, like evil Frank Langella did in the move Dave with nice fake president Kevin Kline. Nice Guy Kevin eventually outsmarted Evil Frank, but I don’t think dweeby Tim Kaine can outfox Slick Willie.


Bill Clinton will bitchslap President Kaine and send Kaine to go fetch him another bimbo to dick. When he’s done with that, he will sit at his desk in the Oval Office and draft another crime bill to send more black folks to prison while smoking a vagina-flavored cigar.

That is my prediction, ladies and gentlemen. I hope my prediction doesn’t come true. If Americans, especially African Americans, don’t want my prediction to come true, then do the smart thing. Like Ted Cruz said, vote your conscience and let’s Make America Great Again.

Trump 2016


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