Karma Killed Alton Sterling

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What a great country Barack Hussein Obama has transformed the U.S. into. A place where a five times deported illegal alien can roam free and shoot a girl in the back as she’s walking on a pier with her dad. There were no protests for Kate Steinle’s death. A bill to prevent it from happening again was defeated by Democrats in Congress.

But when police shoot and kill a convicted child molester who was resisting arrest and had pulled an illegal gun on a homeless man, there are protests. The media creates the narrative that he was just an innocent man selling CDs in front of a store and was gunned down by racist police officers simply because he was black.

Then the President of the United States goes on national TV while he is in Poland and says cops are systematically racist. He cites a bunch of statistics and says it is a problem that needs to be fixed. Obama basically blows the biggest dog whistle that can be blown. Eight hours later at a Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas, a team of snipers positioned around the march gun down 10 police officers and a civilian. Five officers are killed.

Obama, along with CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, WashingtonPost, New York Times, Huffington Post, The Daily Beast, Facebook and the rest of the liberal media have blood on their hands. They’ve created this environment where it is acceptable to murder cops because they are all racists who go around looking for innocent black people to kill.

When a Muslim slaughters 50 people in a nightclub, we are told not to demonize all Muslims, but if a cop acts unprofessional or is involved in a shooting that the liberal media decides is unjustified, it’s perfectly fine to blame all cops. What did those five dead cops in Dallas have to do with the shootings in Louisiana or Minnesota? Why was there a protest in Dallas in the first place? Were there any protests at mosques after the Orlando shooting? If there were, I sure didn’t hear about them.


We’ll have more to say about the Dallas shooting on today’s show, but right now I want to discuss a certain child molesting career criminal named Alton Sterling.

When OJ Simpson was sentenced to 33 years for being in a hotel room with men who threatened a couple of thieves with guns, there were those who thought the sentence was a little harsh. But since he was acquitted for two murders that most thought he had committed, many thought OJ had it coming. Karma had caught up with The Juice.

Karma can happen to anyone, whether you’re white or black, rich or poor. But nothing you’ve done in your life can warrant being killed for it, right?

Alton Sterling was killed by cops. It was captured on video from multiple angles. We were told by the media that he was doing nothing but selling CDs in front of a store. But that’s not the case. Police were called to the scene of a person matching the description of Sterling threatening a homeless man with a gun who had asked for change. That’s what the call was. The homeless man called 911 to report it. The police didn’t just roll up to the store and decide to mess with Sterling because he was black. They were answering a call about a man with a gun.


When Alton Sterling was confronted, he didn’t comply with the officer’s demands. So he was taken to the ground. He continued to resist. One of the officers shouts that he had a gun. You see one of the officers pull his weapon. During the course of the struggle, Sterling is shot. You see one of the officers pull a gun out of Sterling’s pocket.

Whether the gun was in his pocket or in his hand really doesn’t matter. He was struggling with the police. His hands were flailing. His hands could have very easily reached into his pocket and fired the weapon.

The notion that Alton Sterling was just an innocent family man who was selling CDs to put food on the table is BS. Sterling was a convicted felon who should not have had a gun in his possession. When he was confronted by the officers, he knew he was going back to prison, so he fought them. Sterling had an extensive arrest record, including a conviction for having sex with a minor in 2000. Alton Sterling was a registered sex offender for having impregnated a 14-year-old girl.


Alton Sterling was a chomo. That’s what a child molester is called in prison. In prison, being a chomo is punishable by death. Denny Hastert is in prison. I hope somebody bashes his brains in. That’s why pedophiles are put in solitary confinement, because other prisoners want to bash their brains in. When their brains are bashed in, guards look the other way.

Just like karma caught up with OJ Simpson, karma caught up with Alton Sterling. Payback is a bitch.

If you aren’t involved with domestic battery, carrying illegal weapons, selling drugs, having sex with kids or any of the numerous crimes that Alton Sterling was involved in, chances are you won’t encounter the police. If you comply when you do encounter them, chance are bad things won’t happen. It doesn’t matter if you are black or white. If a white man carrying an illegal weapon had acted the way Sterling did when the cops arrested him, he would be just as dead.

Alton Sterling was not the innocent family man that the media is portraying him as. He was a career criminal. He was a child rapist. He had an illegal gun in his possession. He pointed that gun at a homeless man who asked for change. When confronted by police, he fought them and was killed in the struggle.

You know what I say? Good riddance. That’s what happens when you have sex with kids. That’s what happens when you spend your entire life committing crimes. Eventually, the karma police will catch up with you.

Payback is a bitch.

Just ask OJ


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