John Podesta Exposes Media Bias

Let me tell you what a banana republic is.

A banana republic is not Donald Trump threatening to appoint a special prosecutor to go after Hillary Clinton when he becomes president and put her in jail. Do you know what a banana republic is? It’s a country where one party controls the media and everything the public is exposed to in order to keep that party in power.

So Donald Trump is not going to create a banana republic, Dana Perino. America is already a banana republic, and the network you work for enables the party that makes it a banana republic.

The media is controlled by Democrats. It’s not fringe right-wing Alex Jones chemtrails conspiracy talk anymore. This is coming from the Democrat donkey’s mouths, thanks to some newly-leaked emails from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, courtesy of the wonderful Wikileaks website.

It wasn’t always like this. CNN wasn’t always a liberal shill network. CNN used to be Bernie Shaw and John Arnett reporting live from Baghdad. Remember, Dan Rather got his ass fired from CBS News for exposing his left-leaning tendencies when he reported a false story about former President Bush. Les Moonves knew that you couldn’t expose how the media favors one party over another, otherwise you become a Communist country. A banana republic.

But that’s all over now. It’s all unapologetic liberal propaganda. According to the left, the women who were sexually assaulted and abused by Bill and Hillary Clinton are tramps. Instead of straight reporting by Bernie Shaw on Reagan’s attempted assassination, you have Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon getting drunk and grabbing boobies, with Kathy Griffin traipsing around Times Square half naked. Somehow I can’t picture Tom Brokaw doing something like this. “The Berlin Wall is finally coming down. What an historic moment. Time to get drunk and grab some titty!”


Yet Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon are at the top of CNN’s news food chain. They are actually considered serious journalists. Anderson Cooper moderates presidential debates and both he and Don Lemon express outrage and disgust that Donald Trump could say such horrible things about women eleven years ago on a bus. You have Jake “Hack” Tapper saying he has never met any men who engage in the type of egregious locker room banter that got Trump is such hot water right before a debate, right after damaging emails are released on Hillary Clinton by Wikileaks.

Let’s discuss some of those emails, shall we? We’ll let CNN and the rest of the liberal media focus on Donald Trump’s dirty talk.

Remember the Republican primary debate hosted by CNBC’s John Harwood? Remember the outrage from Republicans over the obvious bias and attack questions like calling Trump’s campaign a cartoon? GOP chief Reince Priebus isn’t completely innocent, because he knew he was letting his candidates walk into a liberal lion’s den and he let it happen. Republicans like Reince know that people like John Harwood and networks like CNBC aren’t going to give Republicans a fair shake, yet they allow it to happen again and again, like a crazy person expecting a different result.

Republicans like Reince Preibus are also why a Republican administration hasn’t been in the White House for eight years. Hell, the GOP got lucky that Al Gore was such a pussy that he conceded the election to George Bush in 2000. They were lucky that Karl Rove made sure Bush got reelected by bringing out the swift boaters. There is no way in hell someone like Donald Trump would have let someone else occupy the White House when he got more votes. Trump would have fought to the bitter end, just like Ted Cruz did when he created havoc at the GOP convention. I’m certainly no Ted Cruz fan, but I admired his testicular fortitude for doing that. Al Gore just said, “OK, George. Even though I won, here’s the keys to the White House. I’m going to go away now and grow a beard. Maybe make a movie about the environment, I dunno.”

So Republicans got lucky in 2000. If Al Gore wasn’t such a pussy, the last GOP prez would have been GW’s dad. If they don’t smarten up and back Donald Trump, they won’t ever win back the White House. If they don’t start setting the narrative and stop letting the left walk all over them, the party is doomed. Forever.

Back to John Harwood. The leaked emails show that Harwood was in cahoots with John Podesta. Harwood is bragging to Podesta about how he went after Trump. He was caught redhanded bragging about helping bring down a Republican presidential candidate. John Harwood was the moderator of a Republican debate. He’s CNBC’s chief Washington correspondent, and here he is going back and forth with Podesta. Podesta emails: Congrats – pretty strong. To which Harwood replies: Yup. Feeling good.

Remember, John Harwood is the same guy who told Donald Trump at the CNBC debate, and I quote:

“Let’s be honest. Is this a comic book version of a Presidential campaign?”; “I talked to economic advisors who have served presidents of both parties. They said that you have as much chance of cutting taxes that much without increasing the deficit as you would of flying away from that podium by flapping your arms around.”

GOP 2016 Debate

There are several other exchanges between Podesta and Harwood discussing upcoming interviews with Hillary on the economy that Harwood claims will be the kind of “textured and informative discussion that she wants.”

Liberals say, “Well, how is this any different than what Sean Hannity does with Trump?” Let me explain this again. Sean Hannity is not a journalist, nor does he claim to be. He is a political entertainer who is unapologetically conservative, just as Rachel Maddow of MSNBC does not claim to be anything other than a mouthpiece for the left.

John Harwood on the other hand, wants to be considered a journalist who reports the facts without bias. These leaked emails show he is anything but that. That is the difference between John Harwood and Sean Hannity, my delusional liberal friends.

This is why I always give MSNBC a pass for biased reporting. They don’t try to hide the fact that they are in the bag for Democrats. There is never any doubt which side of the fence someone like Chris Hayes is. Hayes doesn’t try to pretend he is anything other than what he is – a liberal hipster douchebag.

But John Harwood doesn’t, and this is important, especially when he is the moderator of a Republican debate, where he is not supposed to favor one party over another or one candidate over another. Anderson Cooper also doesn’t admit who he is – a liberal gay douchebag. Cooper pretends to be a straight news guy who calls it down the middle. So does Don Lemon. That’s the problem I have with people like them who call themselves journalists. I loathe hypocrisy, and that’s what John Harwood, Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon represent, along with many others in the mainstream media, including Chris Cuomo and George Stephanopoulos. They promote liberal propaganda. If they came out and admitted their obvious bias, like Sean Hannity, Chris Hayes and Rachel Maddow do, then I wouldn’t have an issue with them. But they don’t, so I call them out.

That’s what I love about this campaign season. Donald Trump has exposed all of the frauds for what they are. What we on the right have always known they were. It’s amusing as hell watching them try to squirm out of it when their hypocrisy is exposed, whether by Trump or by Wikileaks.

John Harwood tells Podesta: Be careful of Ben Carson. Carson could give you real trouble in the general. Here’s a supposedly straight newsman giving campaign tips to Hillary’s campaign chief. John Harwood is a fraud, and these emails prove it.

Then you have former DNC chief Donna Brazile. She works for CNN, but these emails show that she’s still technically part of the Democratic Party. She’s giving Hillary and her crew advance information on upcoming debates. Questions that will be asked so Hillary can be prepared for them. This is something that we’ve always known has gone on, but the left always says, “That’s just right-wing conspiracy talk. You can’t prove anything.” This is different. These emails are proof. That’s why the left is trying so hard to ignore them and focus on Donald Trump’s dirty talk and dredging up stories and allegations from 30 or 40 years ago. Using “anonymous sources” to try to dig up anything they can to bury Trump, because they know that these emails bury Hillary Clinton and her crew.

Donna Brazile tells Hillary’s communications director Jennifer Palmieri the exact wording of questions that will be asked before a town hall debate with Bernie Sanders. So why is it right-wing conspiracy talk to suggest that Hillary was given questions in advance of her first debate with Trump? It’s obvious her answers were rehearsed. That’s why she was like a short-circuiting robot during the first part of the debate before Lester Holt bailed her out. That’s why she got hammered at the second debate, because Trump had anticipated everything that the left would try to nail him with, and he responded brilliantly with counterattacks, starting with the pre-debate press conference with Bill Clinton’s sexual assault accusers.

You can’t say that Donna Brazile tipping the Clinton team off was just a one-time occurrence. It’s funny, because the left tries to say Donald Trump’s language and alleged sexual indiscretions shows a pattern of this type of behavior. If you apply that standard to Trump, then you also have to apply it to Hillary and her team, because these emails show a pattern. A pattern of behavior that we’ve suspected all along and is now out there for everyone to read for themselves.


What is the left’s desperate response to this? “These emails were hacked by the Russians. The Russkis are trying to influence an American election. Dust off the bomb shelters and warm up the missiles, because this might be World War III!” Donna Brazile says “Putin is trying to get Donald Trump elected. These are private emails and should not have been leaked. This is wrong.” Funny, but I don’t see the left being too upset that Donald Trump’s tax returns were leaked to the New York Times. His private documents were released to the public without his permission. What the New York Times did was against the law. Dems ignore that fact, and then try to blame a Russian conspiracy for them getting their dirty hands caught in the political cookie jar.

Hypocrisy runs through the veins of liberals like a disease. The double standard they apply is almost beyond comprehension. These emails shouldn’t be talked about because they were illegally hacked, but the New York Times illegally publishing Trump’s tax returns is OK. How do they extrapolate this in their delusional minds?

The left has no problem with someone offering a $5 million dollar bounty for Celebrity Apprentice tapes, but say the world is ending because Putin wants Trump to be president. Let’s just say for a minute that is true. It doesn’t excuse Donna Brazile from leaking information to Hillary Clinton in advance of a debate with Bernie Sanders. It doesn’t qualify John Harwood to be an unbiased moderator at a Republican debate when emails to John Podesta show otherwise.

We all get it. Putin bad. Hacks illegal. Both are wrong, but if you are going to say it is wrong in one situation, they you have to say it is wrong in the other.

Whether it was the Russians or some fat guy in Ohio sitting in his basement digging up these emails while looking for Jennifer Lawrence nudie pics, it doesn’t diminish the fact that the emails prove inconclusively that John Harwood and Donna Brazile are both in the tank for Democrats.

Get it? Got it? Good.

Now the best revelation of these emails show that the “scientific” poll that NBC conducted after the debate that shows Hillary Clinton up eleven points is complete BS. How? Because the people who conducted the poll were paid by Priorities USA, a pro-Hillary super PAC. The polling company was paid almost a quarter of a million dollars to skew the results of this poll by only sampling a majority of Democrats.

Like I’ve said before. Polls are designed to influence low information voters who only get their news from outlets like CNN and NBC. They are designed to give undecided voters the false perception that Hillary Clinton is cleaning Donald Trump’s clock, so they either vote for Hillary because everyone else seems to be doing it, or they stay home.

Polls are BS. They don’t represent the pulse of the nation or what candidate is actually ahead. That’s what these emails prove and that’s why it’s important to do your own research and to listen to people who actually know what’s going on. Like me. Like Like and all of the other sites that the mainstream media dismisses as right-wing conspiracy talk.

The only conspiracy going on is what Democrats are trying to do to misinformed voters. These emails prove it beyond the shadow of a doubt.

The worst casualty of this whole affair? Hillary Clinton broke up Blink-182. These emails show Tom DeLonge went UFO hunting with John Podesta. Hillary Clinton helped turn a pretty good band and its former lead guitarist into a joke.


Trump 2016


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