It’s Cool To Hate Cops

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What’s going with Nick Cannon? Last time I saw him he was protesting with domestic terrorist group Black Lives Matter at the RNC convention. And yes, BLM is a terror group. Any organization that has protesters inciting violence and death against police officers is a hate group, no different than ISIS or the Ku Klux Klan.

Can you imagine if a mainstream Hollywood actor like Bradley Cooper was caught marching in a Tea Party protest? Screaming about Obamacare and abortion and gay marriage with an assault rifle strapped to his back? He would be run out of Hollywood. If you are a conservative in show business, you keep your mouth shut or you don’t work.

People will say, “But Rob, there are conservatives in Hollywood.” Name one that is a headliner. James Woods? Bruce Willis? Jon Voight? When’s the last time you’ve seen their names at the top of the marquee? What movie has Stephen Baldwin done that has gotten any recognition since The Usual Suspects? Look at all the grief Scott Baio and Anthony Sabato, Jr. took for speaking at the RNC.

If you are a working entertainer in Hollywood, you are not a Republican. You might be a closet Republican, but you keep your political views to yourself and don’t share them with the media. Granted, Nick Cannon is not necessarily an A-lister, but he’s on America’s Got Talent, which is a pretty popular TV show. The guy is a primetime television star, and here he is marching with a militant anti-cop group. He’s wearing some kind of tribal head dress and a leather jacket. He looks like a Black Panther. He looks like he’s ready to shoot people.


You know, the cop shooter in Baton Rouge was part of the New Black Panthers. Now here’s Nick Cannon marching with Black Lives Matter, a group that chants “What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want it? Now!” and “Pigs in a blanket, fry em like bacon!” 

What an amazing time in our country. Coming out as a Republican is like coming out as gay 50 years ago. Now it’s cool to be gay, but 50 years ago it was a career killer. That’s why nobody knew Rock Hudson was queer until he was falling down with AIDS and covered in hamburger lesions. Anyone that comes out of the conservative closet now is someone whose entertainment career is either waning or over. You can’t come out when you’re young, you have to wait until the roles have all dried up. When there are no more acting roles or hit records left, that’s when you can step up and say, “I just wanted to tell everyone I’m a Republican and I’m voting for Donald Trump.” Until then, you keep your mouth shut.


I’ve said it before. Black Lives Matter is a sham. It’s a scam to sow divisiveness, raise funds and get Democrats reelected. The number one way to shut down an argument is to accuse a person of racism. Anytime anyone questions anything about BLM or ‘the movement,’ they’re called a racist and their opinion is immediately invalidated. Don Lemon will cut off their mic. “This interview is over, bigot.”

In fact, if you question any part of the liberal agenda, you’re labeled a bully, a xenophobe, a homophobe, a fat shamer. It wasn’t like this before Obama took office. The media didn’t talk about Nick Cannon protesting with Black Lives Matter, but if people really knew what went on that organization, their support for them would drop in a second. If CNN played footage on a constant loop of protesters throwing rocks at cops and chanting for their deaths, breaking windows and scrawling ‘murderers’ on the front door of a police station,  Nick Cannon wouldn’t be on America’s Got Talent anymore.

America's Got Talent - Season 9

But Nick’s job is safe. The media is instead focused on trying to label Donald Trump as John Wilkes Booth. Heaping scorn on him for pointing out how Obama’s actions in Iraq and Syria created ISIS and he became its defacto founder. Nick Cannon the radical anti-police militant is cool, while anyone in Hollywood who supports Trump is demonized and ostracized.

That’s showbiz, folks.

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