It’s A Great Time To Be Illegal

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What a culture Obama has created.

I find it amusing and disturbing that we live in a country where illegals can come right out and say, “I’m illegal. I’ve gotten free money to go to school, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Screw you!”

I’ve said it before. We’re either going to have immigration laws or we’re not. We’re either going to have a checks and balances system at the border or we’re not. It’s funny, both the left and the right picks and chooses which state laws are going to be enforced. Both sides champion state’s rights when it suits their agenda.

Liberals do it a lot more than Republicans. Republicans look silly on the legalization issue. They’re quick to point out that federal laws prohibiting marijuana supersede any state’s voter mandated legalization. Democrats are all over the place when it comes to state’s rights. On gay marriage or toilet equality, they condemn states that defy federal law, but when it comes to illegal immigration and sanctuary cities, they thumb their noses and give a big middle finger to the government.

There was a time when illegal immigrants kept a low profile. After all, they were here illegally. They lived in fear that they would be deported if they called too much attention to themselves. They actually stayed under the radar. But Obama has created this culture to where the law isn’t respected. Not only can federal law be ignored, you can break it openly and brag about it, because you know there will be no consequences.

Not one, but two illegal immigrants proudly flouted their undocumented status recently. That’s the preferred term to refer to illegals – “undocumented.” Softening a word makes it less threatening. They’re not “illegal,”  they’re “undocumented.” When Hillary Clinton talks about Donald Trump rounding up 11 million undocumented people from basements and attics and putting them on boxcars, she’s equating Trump with Hitler and undocumented immigrants with Jews.

When you do this, the people who are against Trump work it out in their warped twisted minds that they are stopping Adolf Hitler and preventing the Holocaust. Would you kill baby Hitler? Of course you would. Donald Trump is Hitler, so he must be stopped by any means necessary. That’s why these violent protests get a big stamp of approval from Democrats.

Now you have people flaunting their illegal status on Twitter. A girl named Mayte Lara posted a picture of herself wearing her graduation cap and holding flowers while smiling at the camera. The post reads: “Valedictorian, 4.5GPA, full tuition paid for at UT, 13 cords/medals, nice legs, oh, and I’m undocumented.” This was followed by a few emojis including the Mexican flag.


This is great. It’s the same mentality of people going to Trump rallies and thinking, “We’re going to go and break stuff and light things on fire, disrupt traffic and punch people, and there’s nothing anyone will do about it. We’re protesting! The Democrats say we’re stopping Hitler, so we can do whatever we want! WHEEEEE!!!”

Mayte Lara isn’t a citizen of our country, yet she’s able to get a free ride to college, funded by taxpayer dollars. Then she goes on Twitter and laughs about it. “Haha! You Americans are soooo stupid!”

Think about all the parents who have busted their asses to send their kids to college. Think about the millions who are saddled with student debt that they will be paying off until they’re 60 years old. There are people who have been paying into the system and working for years and years without a raise, then you have Mayte Lara showing off her legs and saying, “Hey suckers!  I’m getting an education that doesn’t cost me a dime! And I’m illegal!”

CNN isn’t focusing on this, because their audience consists of a lot of blue collar Democrats who have been working for years and waiting for campaign promises to be fulfilled. These steelworkers and autoworkers and manufacturers faithfully pay their union dues and they stand in line and pull that lever for a Democrat. CNN isn’t going to talk about it, because this is the type of thing that sets people off. Someone that works every day in order to make ends meet and pay their taxes and send their children to school isn’t going to take kindly to someone who takes advantage of the system and then brags about it. So CNN doesn’t talk about it and everybody keeps pulling that lever for Democrats.

Mayte Lara isn’t the only one doing it. Bucking the system and getting a free ride has become a trend.  A North Texas high school valedictorian who is going to Yale announced during her commencement speech that she was here illegally. McKinney Boyd High School valedictorian Larissa Martinez declared: “I am one of the 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the shadows of the United States.” Martinez is going to Yale on a fully funded scholarship. She hopes to go to med school.


Isn’t that nice? Another illegal gets a free ride to Yale while an autoworker busts his hump all day to be able to send his kids to community college. I’m telling you, it’s better to be an illegal than it is to be an American these days. Americans are saddled with student loans and have to live with their parents after they graduate because they can’t find a job. They can’t find a job because other illegals have taken them. Then they go to a political rally and get the crap beaten out of them by more illegals, and the media and the rest of the liberal world applauds their beating.

What a fine country Obama and Hillary have created. Aren’t you glad this is what you have to look forward to for the next four years? Because the way the Republican Party is treating Trump means he’s not going to win. Let’s face it, with all the games that the GOP is pulling, he’s not going to win.

There will be more illegals posting their graduation pictures and taunting stupid Americans. This is going to be a trend, because they know that Obama and Hillary and the liberal media don’t care. This is a voting bloc. This is who keeps Democrats in power. They care more about 11 million lawbreaking scavengers than they do the 200 million people who were born here.

A scholarship for Mayte Lara or Larissa Martinez is one less scholarship available for an American student. Anything an illegal has in one less thing for Americans. This is an indisputable fact. But Democrats don’t care, because illegals keep them in office.

This isn’t xenophobia. If you want to come here, do it legally. Go through the process that millions of others have gone through. “I want to do it legally, but do you know how long it takes?” Yeah? Well, I wanted to see Star Wars when it first came out. There were lines wrapped around the block at the theater near my house, so guess what? I waited a week to see Star Wars. When the first Playstation came out, I waited all night in line with 300 other yahoos in freezing weather so I could get one. If you want something that is desired by a lot of people, you have to wait in line. This is how it works in America.

If I wait in line for seven hours for a Playstation and I decide it’s too long, I can’t just run to the front of the line and steal it. That’s not how we operate. Some people operate like that and they go to jail. If you’re at Disneyland or Magic Mountain and you want to get on the new Batman ride and the sign indicates a three hour wait, you can’t jump the line and hop on. They will throw you out of the park.

How is it that illegals don’t have to abide by the same rules that Americans do? Because Obama has created a culture where it’s possible for someone to break the law and brag about it on Twitter. Boast in a graduation speech that they beat the system and are headed to Yale. Electing Hillary Clinton means four more years of the same.


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