Is Trump Playing Media Again?

Let’s talk about Trump’s taxes. Why not? Everyone else is.

The New York Times published an article the other day detailing how they illegally obtained Trump’s tax paperwork. According to writer Susanne Craig, somebody delivered a envelope that contained  three pages of tax documents from 1995. Just some random person walked up and placed it in Craig’s mailbox. Her and the staff reviewed the returns and published them.

Now I know everybody hates Trump. I get it. But I ask my liberal friends and Never Trumpers to put that aside for a moment. Doesn’t it concern any of you that what the New York Times did was not legal? Or does the hatred for Trump nullify the illegality of what the Times did? A lot of legal scholars are lefties, so I’m hoping some of you can help me out here. Because I’m just some dumb, racist, xenophobic, hate frog-worshipping deplorable Trump supporter. Right, libs? Maybe you could edjumacate me.

I remember how upset Nancy Pelosi was over the press using hacked emails. Democrats also complained that the audio where Hillary Clinton called Bernie Sanders’ supporters a bunch of basement-dwelling losers was from a hacked source. That’s why a lot of news organization aren’t focusing on these stories. Because the hacked information was illegally obtained. Right? C’mon, you smart lefties went to college. Why was it OK for the New York Times to publish private federal documents that were “found” in someone’s mailbox, but it’s not OK to report on hacked audio or emails?

Forget for a moment that Donald Trump is running for president. I can’t imagine too many people would want their private information publicly disclosed without their permission. Right? There have been reporters who have gone to jail because they refused to reveal their sources. How can printing something you did not have permission to print and sell copies of it be legal?

I have a few more questions. Do you really think that Trump’s tax returns to just given to the New York Times by a concerned citizen? Isn’t it a strange coincidence that the article was written just after the weekend where an audio is released where Hillary is calling Bernie voters losers? An audio, which by the way, has barely been mentioned by Hack Tapper and the Clinton News Network. Remember how Mitt Romney’s 47% comment was played on a continuous loop on CNN back in 2012? They did a whole segment on Mitt’s boo-boo recently and barely mentioned the Hillary/Bernie tape. And Hack and the CNN crew has the nerve to say they’re not biased? N-word please.


On Friday, the barely-mentioned Hillary audio is released. The story starts to gain a little traction on social media, despite being ignored by the networks. Sunday morning, I am awakened by the news email alerts on my phone. “Trump Bombshell! New York Times Reveals Tax Returns!” I’m thinking this has gotta be big. A bombshell, they say. Do the tax returns reveal Trump doing business with the Gambino crime family? Swearing a blood oath with La Cosa Nostra? Was Trump secretly paying millions of dollars to ISIS? What is the bombshell? Is this it for The Donald? Has the blustery billionaire finally been busted?

So I get dressed and I go to my computer and look for the bombshell. I’m looking and I’m looking. Where’s the Mafia? Where’s ISIS? What is the bombshell? I’m not seeing a bombshell. I kinda feel cheated.

There is no way in hell that an envelope containing Donald Trump’s tax returns just happened to show up at the New York Times a day after a damning audio is leaked on Hillary Clinton. This did not happen out of the blue. If the Hillary clip was played on a continuous loop like the Romney audio was, it would destroy her. If CNN, MSNBC and the rest were controlled by conservatives, Trump would be up 35 points right now.

Hillary Clinton is so bad a Democratic presidential candidate that even the liberal media can’t hide it anymore. They’re just coming right out and saying that they know Hillary is the worst person in the world, but Donald Trump is the worst in the universe. They don’t even try to tout her non-accomplishments anymore or say what they know she won’t do for the country. They just say Hillary sucks, but she’s all we’ve got. At least she’s not Trump. It could be worse.

So the media has given up trying to make excuses for Hillary. All they say is she’s not Trump. You know how some on the right cringe whenever Trump makes a statement that makes them look bad? The left does the same thing with Hillary, and they’ve had to do a lot of cringing lately.

The left has given up trying to pretend Hillary is who will solve all the problems in the country regarding crime, race and the economy, because a better Democrat has been charge for the past seven and a half years. If Awesome Obama can’t fix what’s wrong, how can Hacking Hillary? If Obama couldn’t get wages up in seven and a half years, then how can Hillary? If Obama the African American president can’t stop police officers from systematically executing unarmed black people, then how can an old white lady? So the left and the media gave up.

Now here comes this audio of Hillary slamming Bernie supporters that she desperately needs to win to keep the White House for the Dems, and a day later these tax documents mysteriously appear at the New York Times. Coincidence? I think not. The New York Times has had Trump’s 1995 tax returns for a while, at least a week to two. They hung onto them in case Hillary needed a lifeline, like the birtherism lifeline Lester Holt threw her when Hillary was floundering in the debate against Trump.


Another Trump bombshell turns out to be a dud. After this election, I don’t think the words “bombshell” or “racism” will ever be taken seriously again. These words have been so overused, they have been rendered meaningless. When a Trump tax bombshell turns out to reveal nothing more than a person trying to pay as little tax as possible, just like every single American does, and an offensive Halloween costume or a cartoon frog is deemed racist, people will hear those terms used and they will say, “Yeah, whatever.”  The left has completely destroyed the impact of those words.

I have a theory I want to float out there. For the past several weeks, the media has been focused on Trump’s tax returns. It’s what the left has used to divert attention from the latest Hillary screw-up or bad poll, bad health or whatever. Take your pick. It culminated into one of the lifelines Lester threw at Hillary at the debate regarding Donald Trump’s taxes. Trump said he would release his returns against his lawyer’s advice if Hillary released her deleted emails and the transcripts of her Goldman Sachs speeches.

What if the Trump team had something to do with the Times getting the information? What if they released his 1995 taxes as a preview to when he will eventually release his taxes that turn out to be as big a non-bombshell as his 1995 returns? What the New York Times did was illegal. Why hasn’t the Trump organization taken any action against them?

The envelope was stamped with a label from the Trump organization and everybody has kind of shrugged that off, and I don’t know why. The New York Times did something that was clearly illegal for which they could be sued. Why hasn’t Donald Trump threatened to sue them? It’s not like he is not familiar with lawsuits and how to file them.

None of the Trump team are going after the Times. Doesn’t that give any of you a little pause? It’s like when Trump had the rally in Chicago and cancelled it when the George Soros-funded protesters threatened to disrupt the event. Trump got on all the news channels and said he was calling the rally off because he was concerned for the safety of everyone, including the protesters. Liberals did a victory dance and Black Lives Matter thugs beat up a few Trump supporters who were leaving the rally in their cars in celebration of their trouncing of Trump. Now why would Donald Trump schedule a rally right in the middle of Liberal Land Chicago? Perhaps because he never intended for it to go down in the first place? Because it gave him an opportunity to rise above the anger and show the protesters for what they actually were? The incident didn’t hurt Trump. He won the Illinois primary. Trump won. Liberals lost. Donald Trump emerged as the law and order winner, and liberals became the lawless losers.


So is this New York Times tax revelation another brilliant Donald Trump double-swerve? But you say, “Rob, but doesn’t this help bury the Hillary/Bernie story?” Perhaps to a degree, but the media was going to bury it regardless. They weren’t going to play it around the clock like they did the Mitt Romney 47% tape. Team Trump knows that the tax question will come up once again at the town hall debate next week. Anderson Cooper is 100% going to bring it up.

If the New York Times isn’t being sued for breaking the law, does that mean that the Trump people themselves gave them permission by actually supplying the Times with the documents?

Think about the next debate. What if Trump says to Hillary that he will release his returns against advice of legal counsel if she releases her emails and the Goldman Sachs transcripts? While Hillary dodges and bobs and weaves, Trump releases a couple of returns after the debate. By then, the American people will have been so flooded with the “blockbuster” revelations that Trump took a $916 million dollar loss in 1995 and essentially avoided paying taxes for 15 years that they just won’t care about his returns anymore. Voters have already been told again and again that Donald Trump avoided paying taxes, just like they all do. Now they’re asking, “What about Hillary’s emails? What about her Goldman Sachs speeches?”

Maybe none of this will go down. But maybe I’m right, just like I was right about Chicago. I think I might be right about this tax situation. Every day that goes by without a threat of legal action against the New York Times makes my theory a little more plausible. More could be revealed at the VP debate. If Donald Trump makes the challenge to Hillary Clinton again at the town hall debate on Sunday, come Monday a lot of people may be saying, “Rob Zicari. You were right.”

I guess we’ll see.

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