Is Terrorism The New Normal?

I don’t know what’s more shocking. The bombs that went off over the weekend or the left acting like it’s no big deal.

It’s like we’re being conditioned to accept this as the new norm. I know a lot of you millennials are too young to remember, but there were periods in Israel where this kind of thing happened on almost a daily basis. Bombs going off in discos, Palestinians blowing themselves up at a restaurant or shopping center. Day after day, you would hear the latest horror story from Tel Aviv or wherever a lot of Jewish people were gathered.

It became a routine occurrence. There was a sense of resignation and acceptance. It became almost normal.

Terrorism in America is the new norm. That’s where we are the today. Liberals say, “Well, at least it wasn’t a gun.” Disgusting hipster douchebag lefty Chris Hayes actually tweeted “We’re also very very lucky that the attackers tried to use explosives rather than guns.” Only a little pressure cooker bomb, no big whoop. Imagine it were a gun. Oooh… I gonna need to go rest in my safe space for a minute.

OK, I’m back.

What happened at the mall in Minnesota where nine people were slashed with a knife before the attacker was shot by an off-duty cop pales in comparison to what happened in New York City. Flawless pollster Nate Silver tweeted: “There’s really not a lot to see/hear. Just saying: scale of this seems modest on the scene, not major-international-incident type of thing.”

It’s the new norm. That’s what liberals are saying. “These things are gonna happen. Whaddya gonna do? Ehh… Let’s talk about Donald Trump’s taxes.”  Every once on a while, these incidents are going to happen. Nothing to see here. Move along.

It’s fascinating to watch CNN and MSNBC try to create this environment. When all of this started happening this weekend, do you know who was there to cover it first? Twitter and Fox News. Yeah, Fox News, the left’s whipping boy. “They’re not real news. They’re just Republican shills. They’re Faux News.” Somehow CNN and MSNBC are bastions of unbiased information, but Fox News is only interested in making excuses for the right.  They’re shills, but CNN and MSNBC aren’t in the bag for Dems. “Nope. We straight. Ya feel me?”

While bombs were going off in Chelsea, NY and New Jersey, CNN and MSNBC was focused on Obama screaming and yelling at his peeps. Obama said that if black people didn’t go out and vote for Hillary Clinton, he would take it as a personal insult. CNN and MSNBC refused to cut away to the mayhem going on in the East because Obama was telling black people to get out and vote for Hillary. Not because she has a great record or would be a great president, but because it would insult him if they didn’t. The stones on this guy.


Over 20 people injured, a manhunt going on in New York City, and CNN and MSNBC are zeroed in on Obama giving black folks a beatdown. Fox News was there, covering it live. CNN and MSNBC purposely did what they did. They weren’t asleep at the wheel. They consciously made a decision to ignore New York and concentrate on what our Great Leader was saying.

Talk about totalitarianism. You wanna play the Donald Trump is Hitler game? Revoking press credentials and making reporters stand in line equates to being a Nazi, but major news organizations ignoring a terrorist attack because it doesn’t benefit a political candidate sounds pretty Hitler-esque to me. Cutting away from Obama would make what went on this weekend seem important, and we can’t have that. “We must protect the Reich. Pay no attention to what’s going on up there in Auschwitz, comrades. What’s a little Jewish discomfort in Poland have to do with the Fatherland? Listen to our Fuehrer…”

There was something like ten bombs found around New York and New Jersey. Add that to what happened in Minnesota. The liberal media didn’t cover it, because then it would be important. Then it would make what Donald Trump has been saying not seem so crazy after all.

Take Trump out of the picture. Let me talk to the few reasonable liberals out there. Doesn’t it freak you out that the media would downplay a terror attack on our homeland to try to make you feel safer than you are? All to benefit Hillary Clinton? There is so much we can say. Like about how Jake Tapper is covering this. Hack Tapper. That’s gonna be his new moniker on The Rob Zicari Show. Hack Tapper.

The liberal media was upset that Trump talked about a bomb going off in New York before they reported it. Really? First off, he’s a presidential candidate. Secondly, he’s a New Yorker, and he’s probably tapped into the police, which is reasonable considering they endorsed him. A bomb went off. It’s real simple. It’s amazing that Twitter has become more reliable than CNN in delivering the news. More reliable than CBS, NBC or ABC. It’s amazing and disturbing.

An explosive device went off in a major metropolitan city. Hack Tapper didn’t need an intelligence briefing to know enough to report on it. What did Donald Trump say that was wrong? That we had to get serious about terrorism? Or that he said it too soon? Trump knew what happened in NYC. I knew what happened when it did, and I’m just some jerkoff living in Glendale with a podcast. What should Trump have waited for? For the media to try to convince people that what they were seeing in New York on their iPhones wasn’t really happening?


Welcome to the liberal alternative universe. Welcome to the new norm.

If the media could have covered up what happened this weekend, they would have. Not to be morbid, but when these things happen, it only benefits Donald Trump. Trump has been the only one out there saying that we aren’t safe. All of the things that Obama and Hillary say about how we can protect ourselves isn’t working. When you hear Hillary give a slow, somber speech about what we should be doing has presumably been done for the past seven and a half years, and it hasn’t been effective. When she talks about needing to be able to gather more intelligence to prevent terrorism, haven’t we been doing that?

Now if we need to get more intel, how are we supposed to do that? We have to assume that we’re doing everything in our power to prevent these attacks, right? Why does Hack Tapper and rest of the CNN crew not ask Hillary these questions? If Hillary Clinton says we need to get better intelligence, then how do we get it? Facebook? Twitter? The left says we can’t do that. We can’t infringe on the privacy rights on someone who might have terrorist leanings, can we? What is supposed to be done with Silicon Valley, Hillary? If everything Donald Trump says to do is wrong, then how do you do it?

The left has no answers. Like I said in the beginning, liberals say this is how it is, and we have to get used to these things happening. Because we can’t do any type of surveillance on Muslims or Somalis or people who travel to terror hotspots like Afghanistan and Pakistan. We can’t do that. That’s profiling. That’s xenophobia. If we do that, it’s wrong. It’s being Islamophobic. It’s un-American.

So what is it, according to Hillary Clinton, that Americans can do to stop these types of incidents? “Well, in a free society, you’re never going to able to stop this from going on.” That’s the left’s answer. Nothing. In order to live in a truly free society, there’s nothing you can do. It’s part of life. Get used to it. That’s liberal logic.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton gives remarks on the explosion in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood onboard her campaign plane at Westchester County Airport, in White Plains, N.Y., Saturday, Sept. 17, 2016. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Well, I don’t want to get used to it. OK? I don’t want to go to my favorite restaurant and worry about some terrorist a—hole wearing a suicide vest blowing me up while I’m sitting there eating dinner with my girlfriend, who is pregnant with my first born son. OK?

Ahmad Khan Rahami is from Somalia. He and his family emigrated here and opened a fried chicken business in New Jersey. Rahami is just like all those people who came over to Ellis Island to escape whatever hellhole they were from. Our nation was founded by immigrants. Without immigrants, we would not have a country. Right, liberals? Ahmad Khan Rahami is just like my grandparents, who came here from Sicily and had a son who raised a child named Robert Zicari. Without immigration, I wouldn’t have been born in America. Right, lefties?

Liberals want to erase the past. They want to ban the Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem because they’re racist. Everything in American history is tainted by some kind of racism, so we must forget the past. Wipe the slate clean and start over. Right? But the past as it pertains to Ahmad Khan Rahami and immigration? Nope. Things that were done 100 years ago have to still be done today, otherwise we’re not a free nation. But the American flag is racist. Gotta burn it. We gotta get rid of certain words because they might offend someone. Those words don’t represent who we are today and must be forgotten about and never spoken again.

This isn’t 1920. Things change. “Oh no, we can’t do anything about immigration! That’s not who we are! That’s un-American!” But burning the flag or taking a knee during the National Anthem is not? If you stand for the Star Spangled Banner or pledge allegiance to your country, you are a racist. This is the left. This is what has been created during the reign of Barack Hussein Obama.

Rahami’s chicken business was open 24 hours. Neighbors complained about noise and disturbances. I mean really, who needs fried chicken at 4 o’clock in the morning? So police were called and said, “C’mon guys. You can’t stay open 24 hours. Your neighbors are complaining. They need to get to sleep so they can go to work.”

Go guess what happened? Rahami and his family sued the city. The problem wasn’t their noisy clientele at four in the morning, it was their neighbor’s racism. Their neighbors were racist and Islamophobic. They were the problem, not their noisy early morning chicken eaters.

I love the liberal douchebags in our audience who say, “How can you tell somebody how to run their own business?” Hey morons, they’re called city ordinances. Every town in America has them. In Las Vegas, you can smoke indoors and order a beer at five in the morning. In Los Angeles, you cannot. In fact, in some cities you can’t even smoke outside within the city limits. You can’t smoke in your own house.  Some cities don’t have strip clubs or head shops or even liquor stores. City ordinances. Look em up, idiots. A city is allowed to set limits on how businesses operate and when they are allowed to be open. It doesn’t matter if it is a strip club or a bar or a fried chicken business. Sometimes I am amazed at how unbelievably ignorant those on the left are. I truly am.


A city is allowed to regulate hours of operation. That’s why Rahami’s stupid lawsuit was dismissed. Not because of Islamophobia or racism, but because their business created a disturbance. That’s how the left is able to shut down any argument, by crying racism or Islamophobia or fat shaming or bullying or homophobia. All you have to do is add phobia to any subject and it immediately shuts down the conversation.

Right out of the gate, there was a red flag on this chicken place. If anyone tried to do any kind of followup or investigations, they were accused of harassment . Had they been able to investigate properly, they would have found that Rahami had recently traveled to Afghanistan, a known terrorist hotspot. Anyone who travels to a terrorist country should be watched when they get back. I don’t know what else to tell you.

What happened in Minnesota 100% could have been stopped. Dahir A. Adan, who stabbed nine people before being killed by an off-duty cop, could have been stopped. His attack could have been prevented. How? By not resettling over a thousand Somali refugees in St. Cloud, Minnesota. That’s how.

Why did we have to resettle over a thousand Somali refugees in America? What is the reason? Like I said, this isn’t 1920 anymore. It’s not the Industrial Revolution. We don’t need thousands of immigrants to come here to work in factories and erect skyscrapers to help build America. It’s already built. How does immigrating over a thousand Somali refugees benefit the United States?


I’ll tell you how. It relieves liberal guilt. Other than making a bunch of lefties feel all warm and fuzzy inside, immigrating Somalians or Syrians does not help this country one bit. It only absolves liberals of their regret for being born with lighter skin. It gets rid of the bad feelings over their “white privilege.” How did placing over a thousand Somali refugees in St. Cloud, Minnesota help America? Those nine people did not have to be stabbed by Dahir A. Adan. There’s no rhyme or reason for it. Adan shouted “Allahu Akbar!” while he gutted those people. ISIS said he was a soldier for them.

Adan worked as a security guard. Doesn’t anyone find it odd that a couple of recently deceased terrorists worked in security? Orlando shooter Omar Mateen was a security guard. How were they given security clearances, and what does it say about our vetting process for immigrants?

Listen, I understand that there are just some people out there who are bad. Like North Carolina church shooter Dylann Roof and Colorado theater shooter James Holmes. I get that these people are monsters. But they were born here. There’s nothing you can do about an American who goes off the deep end and kills people. Those things are unavoidable. Should we have looked at Dylann Roof’s Facebook page and investigated him a little bit? Yes, I 100% agree with that.

I don’t care if you’re white, black, brown, yellow, green or purple. If you are making threats on social media, you should be looked at. If you preach hateful ideology, you should be investigated. Local authorities should be notified to keep an eye on you. It’s not a black thing. It’s not a Muslim thing. It’s a smart thing.

Enough with the police correctness and liberal guilt. Stop with the notion that we have to let every poor, tempest-tossed wretched refuse enter our teeming shores. It’s becoming more and more dangerous and it just doesn’t need to happen. America is full. Go home and fix your own damn country, don’t come here and destroy ours.

Terrorism doesn’t have to be the new norm. Don’t listen to stupid guilty liberals. What they are saying is not only moronic, it can kill you. Don’t be stupid like they are.

Don’t vote for stupidity. Vote to make America safe again.

Trump 2016


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