Is Romney Bill Kristol’s Spoiler?

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Bill Kristol announced that there will be an independent candidate to run against Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

For those of you who don’t know, Bill Kristol is the founder and editor of The Weekly Standard. He is one of those neoconservatives who think they know what’s best for the Republican Party. The ones who organize the money people, who tell Republicans who to vote for. He is one of the handful of morons who have controlled the GOP for the past thirty or so years.

The resistance to Donald Trump has nothing to do with the things he says or whether he’s a constitutional conservative. It’s all about power. It has to do with being relevant. Bill Kristol knows that if Trump wins the presidency, everything he has built the Republican Party into being for the past thirty plus years comes crashing down.

The Trump GOP is extremely different than the Bill Kristol party. If Trump becomes president, everything that the Republican Party was will be twisted and bent to fit the mold of Donald Trump. Pundits and political “experts” like Stuart Stevens and Erick Erickson will be done. They will become irrelevant. They will be nothing. Millions of people will have voted to take the country in Trump’s direction, and their opinions won’t matter anymore. That’s what this is about.

Some say Trump is just a vessel for the frustration that has been out there for years with the Republican Party, but nobody has been able to harness that frustration and create a movement with it. Donald Trump has. The GOP as we’ve know it has changed, so neoconservatives like Kristol and Stuart Stevens are beside themselves. They don’t understand how everything they’ve conditioned Republican voters into thinking isn’t working anymore. They are losing their power and influence, and it is freaking them out.


Kristol tweeted this on Sunday:

Just a heads up over this holiday weekend: There will be an independent candidate–an impressive one, with a strong team and a real chance.

A real chance of what? The only real chance is to be a spoiler and hand the presidency over to Hillary Clinton. Not even making her work for it. There are those who say Trump won’t win anyway, but at least Hillary would have to fight. All Bill Kristol and his impressive candidate are doing is making Hillary the president.

They can’t win, just like this Libertarian goofball Gary Johnson can’t win. All they are doing is sucking votes from Trump or Hillary. Johnson will actually siphon more votes from Hillary then Trump because of his pro-marijuana and open borders stance. The only thing Bill Kristol’s impressive candidate will do is take votes away from Trump and put Hillary in the White House.

They say if Trump was a stronger candidate, a third party wouldn’t matter. Trump isn’t able to unify the party. That’s complete BS. Remember the outrage when Trump wouldn’t commit to not running third party? Everybody said he would siphon votes from the GOP and Hillary would win. Nobody said it would be because the GOP nominee couldn’t unify the party. Trump would be the spoiler.

Hillary could have run third party in 2008. She would have sucked millions of votes from Obama and John McCain would be president. But you don’t do that. Nobody wants to be known as a piece of human garbage for doing that. Look at Ralph Nader. He is reviled by Democrats to this day for sucking votes away from Al Gore in 2000. Don’t even get James Carville started about Nader.


Bill Kristol and his band of rejects are willing to hand the presidency over to Hillary Clinton to protect their power. Millions of people who don’t like Hillary are going to have their voices silenced and their votes thrown out the window because of five or six selfish greedy people led by Bill Kristol. The name of Kristol’s third party is “The Latter-Day Republicans.” If that’s not coded language to describe Mitt Romney, I don’t know what is.

Forget millions of voters, Bill Kristol and his buddies know what’s best for the party. A guy who has never held public office before. Kristol, Stuart Stevens, Rick Wilson and Erick Erickson are the ultimate armchair quarterbacks. They sit there and comment on politics, despite having no political experience themselves. They are going to deny millions of voters their voice so they can hold onto their armchair quarterback power. That is beyond messed up.

Who is the third party candidate going to be? If it’s somebody who has a following, the election is finished. Hillary wins. If it’s someone who can draw a couple million votes, we will have another Democrat in the White House and the country will be changed forever. Whoever it is, it is somebody who doesn’t care that their future in politics is over. They will be the Ralph Nader spoiler who cost Republicans the election. As far as Democrats are concerned, Ralph Nader is scum. So whoever takes this suicide mission is somebody who doesn’t want to be part of politics anymore.

Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse said he would “absolutely not” be the candidate. This makes sense, because Sasse is still a senator. He would be reviled by his colleagues for the remainder of his term and would get no support or money from the party when he ran for reelection. Jeb Bush said he wouldn’t do it, either. Ted Cruz said he wouldn’t be the third party candidate. Cruz still wants a future in politics, so he is not going to be the spoiler.

This leaves the person who the party is named after. The person who has nothing to lose. The person who has been Trump’s biggest critic. The person who has been going around trying to get other people to run third party. That person is Mitt Romney. When you throw in Stuart Stevens, who has been on every single talk show crying and whining about Trump, who ran Romney’s two unsuccessful presidential runs, who also has nothing to lose, it makes sense. Nobody’s having Stuart Stevens run their political campaigns, he’s a two-time loser. The people who are the most vocal about Trump are the ones who have been cast aside, like Stevens and Rick Wilson.


My prediction is that Mitt Romney will be Kristol’s third party spoiler candidate. Romney’s a 70-year-old multimillionaire who will never run for public office again. He has nothing to lose. He will be the guy who gave the presidency to Hillary Clinton, and then goes back to his mansion in Utah with his magic underpants and is never heard from again. Somebody with nothing to lose is the most dangerous person in the world, because when you have something to lose, you don’t do stupid things.

Mark my words. Mitt Romney will be the candidate who runs on the third party Latter-Day Republicans ticket. He will be the person who hands the presidency to Hillary Clinton, all to preserve the power of a handful of neoconservatives who think they know better than millions of voters. The party belongs to them, not the American people.

Remember that.

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