Is It Curtains For Clinton?

It is hilarious watching people like Robby Mook freak out over the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton.

Imagine if Hillary is elected on Tuesday. Robby Mook is going to be her press secretary or occupy some other high-level position in her cabinet. He’ll be Hillary’s George Stephanopoulos. Probably have his own show on ABC in a few years. This Week with Robby Mook. That’s what we’ve got to look forward to if Hillary wins. Robby the Mook.


The Mook whines, “We just want things to be fair. The fact that the FBI is releasing records from Bill Cinton’s past and pardoning Marc Rich isn’t fair. Bill Clinton isn’t running for president, Hillary is. WAAAAH!!”

Hey Mook, maybe you don’t remember about a month ago when the FBI released records of Donald Trump’s father and his (non-existent) ties to organized crime. Politico’s Josh Gerstein wrote an article about it:

The FBI has released a small set of records on Donald Trump’s father Fred, showing a fleeting interest at the bureau in the elder Trump’s campaign donations and hints of a concern related to organized crime.

However, the FBI file is all of eight pages in length, suggesting the bureau never subjected Fred Trump to any serious scrutiny prior to his death in 1999.

The most recent memo in the file is from 1991. It was almost completely redacted, but a check mark appears next to a line marked OCIS, which stands for an FBI database on the Mob, the Organized Crime Information System. Notes on the document indicate the information was deleted on privacy grounds and because it came from a confidential source.

There’s also a 1988 request for a Dun & Bradstreet business background report on the Trump Construction Corp. The request appears to have come from an intelligence analyst working on a Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organization case. The report counts as 12 the payroll of the Trump Construction Corp., just one of many Trump family companies.

This wasn’t a BS article filled with speculation about Russian hacking from the hacks at The New York Times or The Washington Post. This was an FBI dump. I didn’t hear Robby the Mook or Cheeto-Face Glenn Beck whining about the FBI releasing information that could influence the election a month ago.


How can Robby the Mook, CNN, etc. complain that the FBI is adopting a double standard by going after Hillary Clinton and not Donald Trump? They went after Trump. There was nothing there. Liberals blasted the news of Trump’s possible involvement with the mob, but now they’ve forgotten all about that. Now they whine because the FBI is investigating Hillary’s actual criminal conduct this close to the election.

“We just want it to be fair. If the FBI is releasing information about Hillary, they should release info about Trump!”

They did, you morons. The FBI released info about Trump’s dad Fred. They did it a month away from the election. Why did the FBI do this? I didn’t hear any outrage from anybody that the FBI released this information. “Yeah! Go get em, Comey! Trump’s father was in the Mafia! That means Donald Trump is in the Mafia!”

First off, the FBI determined Fred Trump wasn’t connected to the mob. Second, Fred Trump isn’t running for president. Fred’s dead. But liberals bitch and moan about the FBI releasing information that is damaging to both Hillary and Bill Clinton. They say Bill Clinton isn’t running for president. So why does is matter that the FBI released a redacted report talking about the Marc Rich pardon? Bill’s not on the ticket, right? Exactly. So shut up, Robby the Mook.


The other thing that the liberal douchebags are complaining about is why the FBI isn’t investigating the Russians being involved with the Wikileaks emails. Why aren’t they investigating? Because the Russians aren’t involved, dummies. Julian Assange himself has said the emails did not come from Russian hackers.

There’s nothing there, liberals. If there was, you don’t think The New York Times would be blasting it right now? They’ve done editorials where they’ve said that electing Trump would be the end of the world as we know it. Same thing with The Washington Post. You don’t think they would LOVE to be able to say they have evidence that Trump and Putin are working with Russian hackers to take down Hillary Clinton? They would cream their skinny jeans, but they can’t. There’s nothing there.

You don’t they would love to able to call on President Obama to arrest Donald Trump for working with the enemy? But they can’t, because he isn’t. Sorry, Demmies.

Trump is gaining ground in the polls, but he’s still got his work cut out for him. He still has to win Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, etc. Democrats have the media working for them as hard as they can, but Hillary Clinton is dirty. You know it, the FBI knows it, and now voters are starting to know it. Just stop with the FBI being in Trump’s corner. Stop with the loony Russian hacking Trump-Putin connection. Just stop. You’re embarrassing yourselves. You don’t need to be this stupid.

Maybe liberals are this stupid. They’re like zombies. Ever meet a zombie? They’re effing stupid. There is not a “there” there with the FBI. They’ve released Trump’s records, they’ve released Clinton’s records. The FBI investigated all of these iron castle theories involving Donald Trump, but there’s nothing there.


If Hillary somehow manages to get elected on Tuesday, none of this is going to go away. You do realize that, don’t you? If candidate Hillary becomes President-elect Hillary, the investigations will continue. I’ve heard wacky conspiracy theories that the FBI is actually working with Hillary to get everyone’s focus away from the Podesta emails and the other Wikileaks bombshells that keep dropping left and right, and at the eleventh hour, the FBI is going to say they’ve investigated her thoroughly and exonerate her at the last minute.

I can’t buy into any of that. There’s too much to risk. Hillary’s numbers were already plummeting, now they’re dipping even further. In some places, Trump is up by six or seven points. They’re close to saying Ohio’s in the bag for Trump already. Same thing with Florida. So I don’t buy the FBI working with Hillary theory. It would take too many people and there’s too much at stake to make a risky move like that.

My working theories are that Huma and Hillary got caught. The FBI never expected to find classified information on a computer shared by a serial pedophile sexter. Anthony Weiner either did a Henry Hill because he didn’t want to go to prison with a chomo (child molester) jacket, or Huma stored the information on Weiner’s computer because she didn’t want the information given to the FBI for review. So when Huma was asked if she had handed over all of her devices to the FBI, she wouldn’t be lying when she said yes. Nobody expected Anthony Weiner to get caught sexting an underage girl, so everything kinda blossomed from that.

Every day something new drops on Hillary Clinton. Will it make a difference Tuesday? I guess we’ll see. But it’s not looking good for Crooked Hillary.


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