Is Bill Clinton A Pedophile?

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Let’s talk about Bill Clinton and the Lolita Express. It’s something that the mainstream media doesn’t seem to want to report on.

Democrats want to focus on the woman card with Donald Trump because it’s all they got left. Nothing else has worked. Banning Muslims, building the wall, none of those worked, so they pull out all the things that Trump said years ago on comedy shows like Howard Stern. That’s the only thing they have in their bag. But they can’t use it as subterfuge to deflect from the Bill Clinton stories forever. They just can’t.

Whenever the Jeffrey Epstein trips on the Lolita Express come up, or Clinton giving $2 million dollars to the “Energizer,” another Trump story will pop up out of nowhere. They have Trump calling an ex-Playboy playmate a third rate hooker, Trump talking about a woman’s boobs on Howard Stern. Eventually, these stories will wear thin. You can’t suppress Jeffery Epstein for six months.

Who is Jeffrey Epstein? He’s a billionaire financier from New York. He is also a convicted pedophile. Bill Clinton was very close with Jeffrey Epstein. Not close like they belong to the same club, close like taking multiple trips with Epstein on his private jet to his exclusive island resort. They say Donald Trump also knew Epstein through Mar-A-Lago. So? Did Trump fly on Jeffrey Epstein’s private plane 26 times? Bill Clinton did. Out of those 26 times, five of them were without the Secret Service.


Jeffrey Epstein liked little girls. We’re talking 12, 13, 14-year-old girls. He would have them travel with him and give him massages and sexual favors. Two of the women who worked for him also helped him round up these young girls. Their names are Sarah Kellen and Ghislaine Maxwell. Ghislaine was Epstein’s girlfriend. These two girls recruited children for sexual activity with Jeffrey Epstein and Epstein was best buddies with Bill Clinton.

Clinton traveled with Epstein 26 times, and the Secret Service did not accompany them five times. Why is that? Why would the Secret Service not accompany a former president? If they were with Clinton all the other times, what was going on during the unaccompanied trips? If there were threats deemed serious enough for 19 trips with a Secret Service detail, what made those other five trips so safe that no protection was needed? Why is nobody asking these questions?

This shows you how much the media is in the bag for Democrats. They spend days discussing things Donald Trump said on a comedy show over 12 years ago, but they’re not talking about something  that happened just a few years ago with Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein. Twenty six trips on a private plane with a convicted pedophile, five without the Secret Service.

That’s not all. One of the women who helped procure underage girls for Epstein was at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding. Ghislaine Maxwell attended Chelsea Clinton’s wedding after Epstein had pled guilty in a deal that let Maxwell off the hook, as well as Sarah Kellen and other co-conspirators, including Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew and attorney Alan Dershowitz. A deal was made that let everybody off and Epstein went to jail. He only did thirteen months for having sex with children. The woman who helped procure them was at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding, and no one talks about it on CNN or MSNBC. It’s not in The Daily Beast or The New York Times.


The New York Times had a article on the front page about Donald Trump and some woman he dated 20 years ago. That’s their front page story, but Bill Clinton flying around with Jeffrey Epstein without a Secret Service detail on five different occasions is not a story. The fact that Bill Clinton is still chummy with Ghislaine Maxwell is not a story.

We’re not talking about someone fooling around on his wife with the 17-year-old babysitter, we’re talking about 12 and 13-year-old girls. Jeffrey Epstein had his girlfriend and assistant colluding with him. This isn’t a story? Pundits on CNN talk about Donald Trump saying offensive things about women 20 years ago, and here’s a friend of Hillary’s procuring children for her billionaire boyfriend to have sex with. Her husband is hanging out with the guy.

For Bill Clinton to travel 26 times with Jeffrey Epstein and not have Secret Service protection on five of those trips means to me that Bill Clinton was doing dirty things with kids on that plane. Connect the dots, man. If the Secret Service sees a 12-year-old child engaged in sex, I would think they would be obliged to prevent and report it. It’s different if it were someone of legal age, but when they’re kids, they have to draw the line.

Jeffrey Epstein said he had “special treats,” so Bill Clinton had the Secret Service stand down. That’s what I gathered from the five unaccompanied trips. That’s what I get out of it. But CNN doesn’t investigate it, neither does MSNBC or New York Times. Panel after panel will bash Donald Trump for the slightest impropriety, but this story don’t get any traction in the media. None of it is conjecture or opinion. It’s all facts, supported by court documents. Ghislaine Maxwell found little girls for Jeffrey Epstein to have sex with, and this woman was at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding.


This isn’t a big deal to the media? Please.

Talk about being in the bag.

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