If Trump Loses, He Still Wins

With a presidential election less than two weeks away, what will happen afterwards?

The media pundits, from Charles Blow to Ben Shapiro, predict a Hillary blowout. Trump will lose, and everything will go back to business as usual.

Not. Gonna. Happen. I’ll tell you why.

Look at the last few elections. Whoever the losing nominee is, they always pop back up. We saw Mitt Romney. There was speculation about him giving it another go this time. He lost the 2008 primary to John McCain, popped back up and captured the GOP nomination in 2012. McCain got trounced by the Karl Rove machine in 2000 to George W. Bush, then popped back up and became the nominee in 2008 and lost to Barack Hussein Obama.

Donald Trump has been in the public eye for well over 30 years. The notion that he is going to take his millions of supporters and ride off into the proverbial sunset is ludicrous. The idea that the Republican Party is going to be able to do anything with those millions of supporters is even more absurd. The GOP establishment is absolutely delusional if they think that.

I’m gonna throw out a couple of theories I have. We’ll see if I’m right again. I’ve been pretty spot on with a lot of my predictions. Remember, I called the Trump network long before Trump’s son-in-law started meeting with TV executives.

Now I’m pretty sure that Republicans will re-write the rules so that something like the Trump phenomenon never happens again. They will also figure out a way to lock Trump out if he decides to make another run if he loses to Hillary this time. It’s not unheard of for a candidate to give it another shot. McCain did it, so did Romney. But there is no way the GOP will let Trump back in the club. They will make sure anyone who runs in the primaries are those they approve of. They will make sure they don’t have a candidate who bucks the system and they will never let Donald Trump run for president again as a Republican.

Let’s say Hillary Clinton wins. You have millions of people who are beside themselves. They’ve been labeled racists, they’ve been labeled deplorable and the person and the party who have been calling them that are now running the country. It’s not just the Democratic Party, it’s the media. It’s late night television, with hosts like Seth Meyers and Stephen Colbert mocking them. There will be tens of millions of people with this huge chip on their shoulders, because they have been endlessly ridiculed and feel the election was stolen right out from under them. Whether it’s the media collusion with John Podesta and Donna Brazile that was revealed in the Wikileaks emails, or the people who were paid by the DNC and George Soros-funded super PACS to disrupt Trump rallies that was uncovered in the Project Veritas videos, there are millions upon millions of Trump supporters who are pissed. They feel ripped off.


Where will these people go? They’re mad at the media. They’re angry with the Republican Party. Mad at President Hillary Clinton. Now, Trump will be frozen out of doing anything with the GOP ever again, so think about this concept. Trump creates a television network. Not an internet network like Blaze TV or Mark Levin. The only way to compete is on the same scale as CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox etc. Trump TV needs to be directly competing with these channels, otherwise he’s just wasting his time. Most people get their information from free or cable television, not the internet. People like my 79-year-old dad, who still doesn’t know how to surf the web without assistance. There are plenty of people like my dad out there, folks. They watch TV. That’s how they get their news. That’s why Democrats have been as successful politically as they have, because they are in control of the media and the message.

But now you have Donald Trump, who A. Has the money. B. Has the leverage. C. Has the know-how, and D. Already has a built-in audience of millions who are hungry for something that is different than the BS they’ve been fed for all for these years. That, my friends, if a recipe for a wildly successful and legitimate cable news channel. If Oprah Winfrey can start a cable network, you don’t think Trump can? Donald Trump has more money, a built-in audience and more followers that Oprah. Anyone who says different is a moron.

So Trump has a network that is on anyone’s basic cable lineup for free. He can then go and raid other networks for talent. Talent like Sean Hannity from Fox. Trump can go to Rush Limbaugh and see if he wants to take another shot at TV again. Donald Trump can basically take his pick of the cream of the conservative crop, and they will all go with him in a heartbeat, because money talks, and Trump can do a lot of talking. He can tap established stars like Hannity, and he can also tap new talent from radio and make stars out of them. The possibilities are endless.

Now you have a network with a built-in viewership. Hillary Clinton is now president. All the scandals that were suppressed during the campaign by the liberal media aren’t going to go away. There will be a network that is hammering home Hillary’s corruption and incompetence every single day. Millions of people are watching this for free. Instead of Obama having John McCain slither back to the Senate as an irrelevant loser, Donald Trump comes back stronger than ever. Trump will have an information outlet that will constantly remind the 68% of the voting public who don’t approve of Hillary Clinton of what slime balls she and her husband are. Trump TV will tell everybody that they made a horrible mistake voting her into office.

Week after week, as we go further down the Obamacare rabbit hole and get further into the Mosul, Iraq mess, Aleppo, Syrian no-fly zones, you name it, Trump TV will be there to cover it. If you think Obama was tested and criticized, you have no idea how Hillary will be held to account when it comes to lines she draws in the sand. If she announces a no-fly zone in Syria, and Russia flies into it, her generals will come to her and say, “Madame President, what should we do? A no-fly zone means do not fly, and Putin has violated it.” If she says, “Shoot them down,” the U.S. will shoot down Russian fighter planes and we will have a proxy war with Russia like you never imagined. Not only will we be fighting ISIS, we will be fighting Russian soldiers, who are a lot more adept militarily that a bunch of desert-dwelling Islamic cretins driving around in dirty pickup trucks. Who will be there to cover it live and have unfettered access behind enemy lines? Trump TV.


This will go on, month after month, year after year, until guess what? 2020 rolls around and there’s another presidential election. The Republican Party has already set it up to freeze Trump out. There is no one like Trump running on the GOP ticket this time. So what happens? Donald Trump launches a third party bid for president, and he wins.

After fours years of hammering Hillary Clinton with his network, she will be as vulnerable as an injured puppy. So will other Republicans who did not fall in line and support Trump. For the first time in recent history, there will be a legitimate third party contender running for president against a vulnerable Democratic incumbent and a weak GOP candidate. Remember, Trump will already bring with him about 30% of the electorate. Hell, it might even be 40%. Bill Clinton won the presidency with 43% back in 1992, because Ross Perot drained votes from not only George H.W. Bush, but Clinton as well. Bush got 37%, and Perot got 19%

Neither Ross Perot or Bill Clinton had a network blasting the incumbent president 24 hours a day. Everything that happens under President Hillary Clinton’s watched will be analyzed, scrutinized and criticized. All the things that are going on now are only going to get worse. So if right now, Donald Trump has a core base of 35-40%, what do you think his base will be come 2020 after almost four years of Trump TV?

If Trump TV can pick up 14% of the electorate who are tired of Hillary and don’t want what the Republican Party is offering, Trump can win. Hillary Clinton hasn’t generated the enthusiasm that Obama did back in 2008. Hell, no one expected Bernie Sanders to pose the serious challenge in the primaries that he did. Hillary Clinton has nowhere near the superstar status of Obama, Bernie, or even her husband. If you don’t thing she will be ripe for the picking in 2020, you need to go check yourself into a mental facility right away, because you are suffering from serious delusions. You may pose a danger to yourself and others.

If Donald Trump manages to lose this election, he is not going to go away and disappear. Everything he has done perfectly sets up a third party run in 2020. Ross Perot had over 19 million votes. Trump will have a lot more. If Donald Trump doesn’t get the opportunity to make America great again after November 9th, he will come 2020. Mark my words. Democrats and Never Trumpers can both take it to the bank.

Deal with it.

Trump 2016


From 10-25-16 episode of The Rob Zicari Show LIVE 7-10pm M-F

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