Huma And Carlos Call It Quits

Huma has had enough. Or has she?

Once again, Anthony Weiner aka Carlos Danger aka The Mongoose has gotten into a jam involving his penis. It’s not just the sexting of his junk. It’s the fact that he did it while his little baby was in bed next to him. That’s pretty vile. It makes you shake your head and think, “Wow. Can you get any sleazier?” I mean, yeah, it’s possible. Having sex with a child is the ultimate vile, disgusting act, but taking a picture of your hardon and sexting while your infant is about 12 inches away is definitely in the same ballpark.

Weiner goes on Twitter and will send pics of his pork to whoever is nice to him. Remember when he got catfished by a dude he thought was a chick? He tried to downplay it, saying he knew it was a guy and was just going along with it to entertain himself, but come on. Weiner got catfished. Now here he is sexting his erect phallus while his kid is lying beside him.


Imagine a Hillary Clinton White House. Chief of Staff Huma Abedin is going around making women cover themselves up, perhaps performing a genital mutilation or two. Bill Clinton and Anthony Weiner are going around setting up presidential glory holes.

Why does The Mongoose do what he does? Is he turned off by Huma’s mutilated genitals? It’s obvious Carlos has some issues. The guy’s a degenerate. This has been going on for years. When you get caught doing something like this and you lose your job as a congressman, then you go through the whole public humiliation thing with the cover of People and go to rehab and you and your wife go through counseling and tell everyone how your relationship has grown, then you run for mayor and get caught again, go through the same humiliation and call it a relapse, but then get caught again doing it next to your child, maybe it’s time to give up your iPhone. Weiner’s already deleted his Twitter account. That’s a good first step.


If Hillary has picked Monica Lewinsky instead of Huma Abedin as her White House intern, it might have been Huma getting violated with a cigar. I mean, look at her relationship with Anthony Weiner. She obviously has some serious self esteem issues. Public humiliation after public humiliation and she still stands by her man. You can understand the Bill and Hillary situation. Hillary said, “Listen Bill. I will deal with this. I’m gonna be a senator and eventually run for president, so I will deal with this, you sonofabitch. Now go sleep on the couch. Go hang out with your butt buddy Jeffrey Epstein. I don’t give a crap.”

But what’s Huma Abedin’s excuse? Does she think Anthony Weiner might eventually become a political superstar and run for president? That ship has sailed, my friends. I’m no psychoanalyst, but it’s gotta be a self esteem problem. You know how submissive those Muslim women are. Had Bill Clinton picked her instead of Monica, Huma definitely would have been Huma the human humidor.

It wasn’t out of line for Donald Trump to question Hillary’s judgment for having Huma on her team. The media excoriated him for it, of course. Instead, they brought up a 20-year-old domestic disturbance situation involving his newly hired campaign CEO Stephen Bannon, in which charges were never filed. Then they tied that into Trump’s history of supposedly misogynistic statements and his relationship with recently resigned Fox News chief Roger Ailes and the rumor that Ailes may be working for Trump.

So it’s perfectly legit for Trump to talk about Huma and Carlos as it relates to Hillary’s judgment. The left says, “Who is Trump to talk?” He’s only talking because the left was so quick to judge him for Bannon’s 20-year-old domestic case, his working with Roger Ailes and everything involving his personal relationships.


Who knows what Weiner is telling the girls (and guys) he’s sexting? “You know, when Hillary becomes president, my wife is gonna be her Chief of Staff. We can hang out in the Oval Office and do the nasty.”

As of right now, Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner are separated. I don’t think it’s real. I think the minute the campaign is over and Hillary is or is not president, Huma and the Weinster will be back together. I guarantee you it will happen. This is Hillary telling Huma, “Dump him now. Don’t worry about the media. CNN won’t talk about it, neither will MSNBC. But Fox News and that pesky Breitbart News website will hammer me for it, so get rid of The Mongoose for the time being. It’s a distraction we don’t need. If you stay with him for a third time, Bill will be dragged into the conversation and you know we don’t want that.” And Huma said, “Yes, Queen Clinton. Anything you say.”


Mark my words. Huma and Carlos will be back together after the election. You can take that to the bank.

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