How To Solve Cop & Terror Probs

Let me say this one more time. Some people are not cut out to work in law enforcement. OK?

It has nothing to do with rampant racism of police all across America. Nothing to do with “systematic oppression” of black folks by police. Some people are just not qualified to wear a gun or a badge. It’s just that simple. Hiring standards have lowered, and unfortunately there are people who have been shot and killed by incompetent cops. Some are black people and some are white people. The liberal media focuses on the black people being shot, because they are in the bag for Democrats and Dems count on the African American vote that they take for granted to get elected. OK?

The shooting of Keith Scott in Charlotte was done by a black cop. Before all the facts were in, Black Lives Matter thugs were out breaking stuff, assaulting reporters and police and screaming racism. When it was revealed that the officer in question was in fact African American, moronic pundit Angela Rye said that all police were systematically oppressing her people and the chicken-pushing pressure cooker bomber from New Jersey would be dead if he were black.

When you use the term racism to describe something that isn’t actually racist, you diminish what true racism actually is. When everything that offends you is labeled racist, Islamophobic or xenophobic, you diminish what is actually racist, Islamophobic or xenophobic. For some reason, simply being stupid or incompetent is never factored into the equation, whether discussing police shootings or terrorism.

Let’s take a look at a couple of recent events that have occurred over the past couple of weeks that have been covered extensively or covered up by the media. OK?

We’ll start with Betty Shelby. Shelby is the police officer who shot and killed unarmed 40-year-old Terence Crutcher in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Betty Shelby has just been charged with first-degree-manslaughter. This is wrong. Why? Because the shooting never should have happened.  Because Betty Shelby should have never been a Tulsa police officer in the first place. If anyone should be charged, it should be the person who decided Betty Shelby was qualified to wear a gun and a badge.


Betty Shelby did not wake up one day last week, put on her uniform, gun and badge and decide, “I’m gonna go and see if there is a black person out there I can shoot.” She shot Terence Crutcher because she choked and made a wrong decision. She made a wrong decision because the Tulsa PD and other police departments don’t require what they did a few years ago. The background checking isn’t what it used to be. If it was, there were things in Betty Shelby’s past that anyone could have seen  made her unfit to be a cop. Anyone these days can become a police officer, especially a female police officer, because if you don’t hire enough women on the force, the department is sued for sexual discrimination.

The Tulsa Police Department has a history of shoddy hiring practices. Remember Robert Bates? He was the 73-year-old rich guy who was made a reserve officer and given a uniform, badge and gun because he donated to the Tulsa PD. Bates bought them stuff, so the Tulsa Police Department let him play cop.

Robert Bates is serving four year term in prison because he accidentally shot an unarmed, prostrate black fellow named Eric Harris. Bates mistook his taser for his real weapon and shot Harris when he actually meant to only taser him. He even said, “Sorry” after he shot him. This was all captured on body cam video.

Eric Harris died because the Tulsa Police Department let a 73-year-old man pretend he was a cop, all because Robert Bates brought them presents. Again, Bates is not the one who should be imprisoned. Whoever let him play cop should be.


When you connect the dots in the Betty Shelby case, you will not find racism or systematic oppression of black people by police. You will instead find systematic incompetency in the way the Tulsa Police Department hires its cops. Shelby had a restraining order placed on her by the wife of her former husband for making threats. She vandalized her ex-husband’s car. That should have disqualified her from wearing a badge and carrying a gun right there, but it didn’t.

Like I’ve said before, I grew up wanting to be a cop. Back then, you had to have a pretty pristine background in order to be considered to be hired by the Rochester Police Department. You couldn’t have family members with criminal records or some kind of shady past, because it was felt you would be comprised. A degree in college wasn’t mandatory, but those with completed college educations were put in the front of the line. I barely completed high school.

Now? We’ve also talked about this before. I have an acquaintance that worked in the adult film industry, both as a performer and an owner of a company. When the industry took a downturn in the early 2000s, LAPD was hiring. This person was accepted and he is now a Los Angeles Police officer. This is a guy who definitely has a shady past. He has performed in pornography and I have personally witnessed him ingest illegal substances. Despite all of these issues, this man now wears an LAPD uniform with a badge and carries a deadly weapon. This frightens me a little. I mean, he’s a pleasant enough fellow, but the fact that the LAPD would have officers on its force with a shady past like this guy has is troubling to me. I don’t know about you.


Now you can have domestic abuse charges and still be a police officer. So not everything is racism and when you label it as such, real racism is diminished. When complain about an offensive Halloween costume and call it racist, you turn actual racism into a joke. When you use the terms racism and sexism over and over and over again, people will eventually go, “Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever.”

Labels don’t solves problems. Problems are solved by actually addressing them. The hiring standards of many police departments across America is a problem. That’s what need to be addressed, not “rampant racism” or “systematic oppression.” OK, Angela Rye? OK, Michael Nutter? OK, Van Jones, Al Sharpton, Joy Reid, Don Lemon, DeRay McKesson, Shaun King, Jessie Williams, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, etc., etc., etc.?

Tulsa PD hired an incompetent woman with a questionable past as a cop. If you dare to point out her gender, you are labeled a sexist. They hired an old man whose faculties probably weren’t what they were when he was younger. If you point this out, that’s ageism. When you have a police department that doesn’t vet their applicants properly and allow people who are unqualified or hire them to fill a quota or because you just need more bodies on the force, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone when something goes wrong and people die. OK?

So Betty Shelby will join Robert Bates in prison and neither of them are guilty of anything other than being hired to be cops despite their incompetency. Sad!


Speaking of incompetency,  let’s briefly discuss the FBI. We covered this subject a couple posts back, but new revelations have come out regarding last week’s bombings in NYC and New Jersey. Pressure cooker bomber Ahmad Khan Rahami has a sister named Aziza. Aziza Rahami lived with her brother and the rest of the Rahami family above their 24-hour chicken shop in Linden, New Jersey.

In 2014, Aziza Rahami made several Facebook posts where she praised various terrorists, including Osama bin Laden’s predecessor, a man named Sheikh Abdullah Azzam. Azzam is known as “the father of global jihad.” Or was. He was whacked out by a car bomb in Pakistan back in 1989.


Pakistan. You know, that place where Ahmad Rahami likes to visit, along with Afghanistan. Rahami would go there to unwind, relax and perhaps attend a terror training camp for two. You know, the stuff that doesn’t raise any red flags for Obama’s FBI. Like when his father contacted the FBI with concerns about his son’s possible involvement with terrorism, because he was angry that Ahmad had stabbed his own brother.

If the FBI had done what they did with the Mafia back in the 80s, Ahmad Khan Rahami would have been stopped from placing and exploding those bombs last weekend. If the FBI were as diligent at monitoring potential terrorism on social media as they were at bugging an old lady’s apartment above the Ravenite social club to nail John Gotti, perhaps we wouldn’t be having terror events every other week. The FBI went after Gotti and the Mafia for years and years until they finally shut them down. La Cosa Nostra is a shell of what it was. Never heard anybody complain about Italia-phobia back in the 80s and 90s.


Thanks to social media, the FBI has a treasure trove of information to work with regarding potential terrorism, but they are discouraged to use any of it by the Obama administration. Ahmad Rahami even had jihadi videos posted on his YouTube page, plus footage of Rahami testing out explosive devices in his backyard.

Do you realize that you can’t post a picture of boobs on Facebook without risking having your account deactivated? You can’t post a picture of a girl giving a… Lewinsky. If you post a pic of a chick giving a Lewinsky, Facebook will shut you down. They have software or algorithms or something that flags these images. There are not 30,000 people in a room going through Facebook looking for Lewinskys. There is a system embedded in Facebook that finds them and flags them.

Are you going to honestly tell me that such a program doesn’t exist that would search for persons with  terrorist leanings? Of course it exists, but it can’t be used because that would be profiling and invading Ahmad Khan Rahami’s privacy and we can’t have that. We just have to accept that things are going to blow up from time to time. That’s the price of living in a free society, according to Hillary Clinton and the Democrats.

It’s amazing and disturbing that this is where were are under the Obama administration. We have people dying because of police being hired who aren’t qualified and terrorism that can’t be prevented because of fear of insulting terrorists and invading their privacy.

This is a problem, but it is a problem that can easily be solved.

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