How To Piss Off Muslims

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The shooting that happened a couple of weeks ago in Garland, Texas at the Prophet Muhammed drawing contest proves that if you make fun of someone’s fairy tale, chances are a religious nutcase or two are going to be offended. If you dare lunatics to come and get you, don’t be surprised if you get got.

The only ones who got it this time were the two shooters. The event had much tighter security than the sitting ducks at Charlie Hebdo. Note to jihadists: If you don’t want to encounter armed resistance, Texas is probably the LAST place you want to attack. Everybody is strapped to the hilt in the gun loving Lone Star state.

There are a lot of conspiracy nuts out there in Texas. They are convinced that the government is coming to take their weapons and lock them up in Walmart jail, so they’re all a little jumpy. Shooters Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi never made it out of the parking lot before they were gunned down by police.


If I were prone to conspiracy theories I would say that this shooting was set up by gun nuts, pro-police and the anti-Muslim crowd to get some media time. I mean, I had never heard of Pamela Geller and her little Islam bashing group until a couple of weeks ago. Geller was all over the news after the shooting happened.

Pamela Geller is apparently a big shot in the Muslim hating community. The Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled her an extremist, calling her “the anti-Muslim movement’s most visible and flamboyant figurehead.” The SPLC keeps track of extremists and hate groups.

Geller has an organization whose sole purpose is to piss off Muslims. It is called the American Freedom Defense Initiative. In 2010, Geller was the one who led a campaign to prevent a Muslim community center from being opened near the World Trade Center site. The transit authority in New York banned all political advertising after a judge ruled she had the right to run an ad on a bus that said. “Killing Jews is a worship that draws us closer to Allah.” Geller knows what buttons to push and she pushes them. Hard.


Make no mistake. I am not defending Muslims or Islam or anyone else who believes in Santa Claus. I think all religion is evil and stupid. Just want to make that clear. All religion promotes some kind of hatred or intolerance. Unfortunately, there is no lack of stupid people on the planet, so religion thrives and negatively affects us all.

I equate what Pamela Geller and the American Freedom Defense Initiative does to a white man wearing a Klan robe standing in front of a black man and calling him the N-word. Their intent is to inflame passions. When you do something that is purposely designed to rile people up and members of that group do something in response, I don’t know why anyone is surprised, unless their sole reason for doing it is to point out what savages members of that group are and that our president needs to kill them all. That’s the only reason I can think of to do what they do.

You gotta admit, what happened in Texas is a lot different than some kids playing in a schoolyard and some terrorist runs up and blows himself and everybody else up. Something that happens out of the blue. You gotta admit that a group who holds a contest to determine who can draw the most offensive cartoon of the Prophet Muhammed is sort of asking for it.


The prize was $10,000 to the cartoonist who could come with the depiction of the prophet that would piss off the most Muslims.  Drawing or depicting the Prophet Muhammed is a big no no in the Muslim world, because they say it promotes idolatry. Like someone is going to worship a cartoon over the real dude or something like that. Even respectful depictions are banned.

The cartoons at the Garland event were anything but respectful. A drawing with Muhammed giving fellatio to a Jewish demon would probably go over big there. I’d say an 8 out of 10 on the judge’s Muslim outrage scorecard. Having the demon anally penetrate the prophet whilst shoving a pork chop in his mouth would probably get a 10.

Geller says that the cartoon contest is making a stand for free speech. She says that anyone should be able to draw anything offensive about the Prophet Muhammed or anybody else. I’m with ya. They were doing something that they knew could incite violence, but hey. Go for it.

Judging by the security at the Curtis Culwell Center where the contest was being held, it’s obvious they knew something could happen. Like I said, it’s almost as if they wanted something to pop off. They had police and security all around the perimeter of this event. That’s why as soon as the two shooters exited their vehicles with guns blazing, they were cut down by the cops in a matter of seconds.

An interesting video surfaced of one of the security guards telling the audience at the exhibit that they were going to move them to another room because they weren’t sure if the shooters had a bomb in their car. As the security guards are preparing to move everyone, one of the audience members shouted, “Wuz they Muslims?”


That right there just shows you what they were trying to do. I know there are those who say it doesn’t matter what they were trying to do. This is America and we have freedom and we do what we want. That’s all fine and dandy, but if there is a reaction to doing what you want, don’t be shocked.

It’s kinda like when artist Andreas Serrano took a photograph of a crucifix submerged in his urine and called it Piss Christ. Serrano knew that it would offend the hell out of Christians. That’s why he did it. He said it wasn’t meant to denounce religion, but to allude to a perceived commercializing or cheapening of Christian icons in contemporary culture. Yeah right. OK. If Serrano didn’t think that dunking the Holy Savior in pee pee would piss off the Jesus freaks, he’s nuttier than they are.

Nobody got shot when Serrano exhibited his picture, but it caused controversy around the world and a couple of gallery owners were arrested for displaying it. So there are consequences to making purposely offensive art, whether a bullet or a prison cell. If you are willing to accept those consequences, offend away.


America is a more highly evolved civilization than those in the Middle East. That’s why nobody was shot for displaying Piss Christ. But we still have people in this country who were highly offended and didn’t want the image displayed and wanted those who displayed it to go to jail. Whether it’s Piss Christ or a Charlie Hebdo cover, there are plenty of people ready to do battle to defend their imaginary friend who lives in the sky.

This group wanted the response they got. When the guy yells out “Wuz they Muslims?” you knew that was what they wanted. Pamela Geller and the American Freedom Defense Initiative got exactly what they asked for. They inspired two wackos to try to kill people for depicting the Prophet Muhammed in a bad way.

They even had a Dutch speaker named Geert Wilder at the event. Pamela Geller’s flying in people from other countries to piss off the Muslims. Dutch parliament member Geert Wilder denounces Muslims. That’s his schtick. Geller and company got together and said, “You know who Muslims really don’t like? Geert Wilder. Let’s get him to speak!” 


Pamela Geller did everything she could to get somebody to attack them. She set up roadblocks, had massive armed security all around the building. Geller had 50 camo-wearing Dirty Harrys just itching for some Jihadi John to make his day.

Prophet Cartoon Contest Shooting-1

I gotta ask. How did these guys have these assault weapons? There were reports that they also were wearing body armor. How did they get that? I think that’s the bigger question other than who they are and why they did it. We know why they did it. Geller and company insulted their prophet dude.

Besides the weapons, how is it that these guys weren’t under surveillance by authorities, especially since one of them spent three years on probation for conspiring to join a terrorist group in Somalia? There’s a slippery slope element when it comes to wiretapping and privacy rights, but keeping better tabs on these fruitcakes might prevent some of them from trying to carry out this kind of stuff.

Let’s not get bogged down with the question of why. That’s easy. Just like when an American terrorist blows up an abortion clinic and kills a doctor on behalf of Jesus. Let’s not focus on why, let’s focus on how they had assault weapons, body armor and why they weren’t under surveillance.

Instead of keeping tabs on Freddie Gray because he’s been stopped before with weed or coke, so every time the police see him they harass him, maybe the cops should be keeping tabs on wannabe terrorists with assault weapons and body armor. Just a thought.

Anytime anyone reaches out to a terrorist organization they should be under surveillance for life.

End of story.