How To Not Get Shot By Cops

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I thought there would be riots. Footage was just released of an unarmed person being shot and killed by police in Fresno, California. While the suspect was on the ground, the police fired two more rounds into him. You didn’t hear about it?

There were no riots. I know Fresno is quite a distance from Los Angeles, but I figured all the major freeways would be closed down by peaceful protesters. Nothing happened. No peaceful protests. Unless you searched for the footage online, you didn’t see it. No news networks covered it. Nobody ran the footage on a constant loop.

Why wasn’t it on the news? Why didn’t Barack Obama run to a podium and criticize the police and call for gun control? Why?

Because the kid who was shot was white. The kid didn’t put his hands up. He made moves towards his back as if he was reaching for a gun. He didn’t obey police commands to show his hands and the cops shot him.

When I watched the footage, I thought it was less threatening than the Alton Sterling situation. In the Alton Sterling shooting, the police were told he had a gun and had pulled it on someone. The police showed up prepared to deal with a gun-wielding suspect. They rolled up on the person matching the description of the man who was threatening a homeless person with a gun, told him to get on the ground, he resisted and was tased. That didn’t work, so they wrestled him to the ground as he attempted to reach into his pocket to pull out the gun and shoot them. He refused to obey their commands and continued to try to pull out the gun, so he was shot and killed.

Alton Sterling is shot dead by police during an incident captured on the mobile phone video camera of shop owner Abdullah Muflahi in Baton Rouge

The Fresno situation? Suspect Dylan Noble was shot twice while he was walking toward police and once he was on the ground he continued to move, so they shot him again. Noble appeared to be reaching for his waistband. Police had responded to a call of a man walking down the street carrying a rifle. When they pulled up to a red light, a man in a black pickup truck next to them made a right turn  and was screeching his tires, appearing to try to get away from them.

Police followed the man and attempted to pull him over. According to the report, they suspected this was the man they had gotten the call about. After a half mile chase, Noble pulled into a gas station. The police told him to put his hands out the window. He put one hand out, but not the other. He started to get out of the truck and police told him to stay in. They wanted to see his hands. When he got out of the truck, he had one hand up and the other hand kept motioning toward his back. Police kept telling him to show his hands or he would be shot. He kept coming toward the officers while reaching toward his back. He screamed something like, “I f**king hate my life!” and he was shot twice. He fell to the ground and continued to reach for his waistband, so they shot him again.

Dylan Noble never had a gun on him. He was reaching for a 4-inch piece of plastic with moldable clay. Why? I have no idea.

There were no riots. No peaceful protests for the Fresno kid. I thought this situation was a lot more violent and extreme than Alton Sterling, but nobody took to the streets for Dylan Noble. Why is that? Because by and large, white people have been taught that if you go into your waistband during an encounter with the police, you are going to get shot. If you run from the cops, you can expect a beatdown. If a cop tells you to put your hands out the window and you don’t, they might shoot you in the face.

These are common sense measures that most people have been taught, but I see still images of a 5-year-old kid pointing his middle finger at police because he’s been taught to tell cops to f**k themselves. His dad told him to give the finger to any cop he sees. That little boy will grow up and when he encounters the police for doing something wrong, instead of working himself to de-escalate the situation, he will aggravate it. He will argue with the police and accuse them of racism for pulling him over. Then when he angrily lunges toward the glovebox to get his registration, he will be shot. That’s what happens when you teach a 5-year-old boy to hate police officers.


By and large, most white people will see the footage of the Dylan Noble shooting and say he had it coming. The police told him to show his hands, get out of the truck and lay on the ground with his hands displayed so they could cuff him. Had he done this, he would still be alive. That’s what I thought when I watched the footage. If this stupid kid had just gotten on the ground and done what he was told, he wouldn’t be dead.

If you don’t fight the cops during an arrest, chances are you won’t die. Eric Garner wasn’t choked out for no reason, he was resisting arrest. Regardless of whether you think the crime of selling loose cigarettes was worthy of arrest, he fought back after telling them, “No more. This stops today!” Had he simply done what they told him to do, Eric Garner would not be dead. Period.

The Fresno cops had no idea whether or not Dylan Noble had a gun. They thought he might be the person they got the call about. He ignored their commands and kept reaching toward his back and was shot. He continued to reach for his waistband and was shot some more.

People will say, “Couldn’t they have done something else? Used a baton or pepper spray?” It’s easy to armchair quarterback. Unless you are in that situation, you have no idea what you would do. Just like when there is a mass shooting and Republicans say that if some of the victims were armed, there would have been less loss of life. Liberals say in a chaotic situation like that, you don’t know what you would do.

I know what I am going to do if I encounter the police. I am going to obey their commands. If they tell me to show my hands, I will. I will not argue with them. I will not fight them. Chances are, I will not die.

That’s how to not get shot by cops.

You’re welcome


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