How Democrats Blew It

So I’m watching TV.

I’m looking at all the racist, sexist, xenophobic, deplorable Nazi Trump supporters angrily protesting Hillary Clinton’s win and blocking traffic.

Wait a minute. What’s that?

I’m sorry, it wasn’t Trump supporters. It was the peace-loving, politically correct liberals who were protesting Donald Trump’s resounding victory over Hillary Clinton and becoming our new president.

Remember, the media kept telling us we were going to have to be careful, because once Hillary Clinton schlongs Trump, all of the alt-right Nazi Pepe the Frog-worshippers were going to go crazy. They said the deplorables would be out of control and Obama would have to call out the riot police to quell their frenzy. These deplorable animals wouldn’t understand how Democracy works, how the changing of power works. Because they’re uneducated deplorables. Remember that?

This is your typical liberal reaction when something doesn’t go their way. They need to get to their safe space and assume a fetal position and wail and moan. Remember all the celebrities who threatened to move to Canada if Trump won? Now Amy Schumer says it was just a joke. Stop bothering her, you big meanies.

These poor liberal snowflakes lost fair and square, and they have nobody to blame but themselves. Sorry, my little butterflies.


Funny that the biggest protests are in California and New York. When you look at the senate races, governorships and all the states that Trump won, it’s literally a sea of red. The blue spots are mostly scattered pockets of the East Coast and the West Coast. If it weren’t for the huge population of illegals residing in states like California and cities in California that have created a safe haven for these lawbreakers, liberals would have nothing. If you take California out of the mix and look at states that enforce immigration laws like Florida, you will find that not every single Hispanic voted for Hilary because they were told they wouldn’t be deported. A lot of Hispanics in Florida are there legally, and they resent those who took the easy, unlawful path.

If California didn’t pander to those who are here illegally and enforced its immigration rules, it would be a whole new ball game. The state wouldn’t automatically be assumed to be blue. California wouldn’t be called for Hillary five minutes after the polls closed. If Hillary emerged ahead in the popular vote, it’s because of California.

California has been engineered this way for many years. For years, illegals have flooded the state, plopped out anchor babies and have been told to bide their time, lay low and when the anchor babies grew up, they could vote and the illegals would be allowed to stay. That was the plan, but the plan turned around and bit Democrats right in the ass. They tried to be cute, and created this illegal immigrant utopia in California, Colorado and Nevada so that right out of the gate, there were guaranteed about 200 electoral votes.

Politics is a business. That’s all it is. People underestimated Donald Trump and tried to portray him as a clueless buffoon, but guess what? He knew exactly what to do to win an election. They said he was a business failure because Trump Steaks failed and Trump Water failed. But they didn’t fail. In business, you take risks or you don’t succeed. Some risks work, some don’t. When they don’t, you shut the doors and move on. Trump isn’t stupid. Being stupid would have been staying in a business that was no longer profitable. Donald Trump turned a couple million into billions. You don’t do that by being a dummy. Trump is, and continues to be, a tremendously intelligent and successful businessman.

If he’s not successful, how else to explain his victory Tuesday night? Look at what he was up against. Trump beat a ruthless Democratic machine with all the positive media at their disposal, he beat the Republican machine, and he did it all with less money. He broke every single rule, every single tradition and he is now our President-elect. If that’s not being a success, I would love to know everyone’s definition of what is.

Donald Trump, The Sunday Telegraph, July 27, 2008

So now we have another election where Democrats win the popular vote, but lose the Electoral College. Why? Because they only care about six states. What the left has engineered for the past 20 or so years is locking up states like California, New York, Colorado, New Jersey, etc. States with large populations. They start with an advantage right out of the gate. They fill the states with illegal immigrants whose children and relatives are more likely to vote for them, because they don’t want to leave the country. Can’t say I blame them, really. We are the greatest country on earth. Who wouldn’t want to stay? But if you come, you go through the process and do it legally. If you don’t, you’re a dishonorable person. A cheater. Nobody likes a cheater. Illegally immigrating is not fair to those who go through the legal process. It’s like cutting in line. How does anyone feel when someone cuts in front of them?

Imagine if California enforced its immigration laws and was taken out of the mix. Hillary would get slaughtered both in the popular vote and the electoral college. When you look at all the governorships, both US and state senate and house members, Republicans now control every aspect of the government. The GOP have majorities in practically every state. Why is this?

I’ll tell you why. Because the country is not this liberal bastion of Kumbaya and safe spaces that the media wants you to believe it is. That’s what Hollywood tells you the country is. The country is not New York City and Los Angeles, California. Look at the ESPYs. Look who won the Arthur Ashe Courage Award. Arthur Ashe was a legendary tennis player who bravely battled AIDS and brought awareness to the disease. The award’s first recipient was Jimmy Valvano, who was dying of cancer and delivered one of the most inspirational speeches ever given. The Ashe Award has been given to people like Muhammad Ali, Nelson Mandela and the Flight 93 guys who fought the terrorists on 9/11. Last year, they gave it to Bruce Jenner because he put on a dress and makeup and started calling himself Caitlyn over a female college basketball player who played despite suffering from a brain tumor that ultimately killed her before the ceremony, which was broadcast on ABC for the first time in its 23 year history.


This is what liberals in Hollywood wanted you to believe America was. You were supposed to believe that millions upon millions of American thought a brave girl dying of brain cancer was less worthy of an accolade than a dude in a dress. But that’s not who lives in the middle of the country. The people who work hard and go to church and try to raise their kids right don’t accept this. The media portrays them as hicks, as hillbillies. This is the right. This is who people like Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush and other establishment types dismiss. A guy like Trump comes along and says, “I hear you. I feel you. I understand you.” Then he holds a rally and not ten people show up, not a hundred or two, but tens of thousands of people show up to hear what he has to say. He sounds just like them. He says the things they say to each other. These people share their thoughts with each other. They share Obamacare horror stories. They share their opinions on everything from religion to Bruce Jenner in a dress. Now all of these people realize they are not alone.

I equate Donald Trump winning the election to Christopher Columbus getting on a boat and proving to the world that the earth was not flat. Not everybody lives in California or New York or New Jersey or Colorado, but that’s who Democrats and establishment Republicans always pander to. The Republican establishment says the only way they can win is with 45% of the Latino electorate. They look at the George W. Bush model. Obama won with 67 million people, so the GOP figured they needed 70 million. Why would they think more than 67 million people would come out for anyone but Obama? Why? “Um… because… we think so.”

Trump and his crew said the earth was not flat, so they set off and sailed. As the months went on, and  they kept sailing closer to that edge where everybody said they would fall off, they kept sailing. Eventually they realized the world was not flat. Everybody was wrong.

For years, Democrats and establishment Republicans thought there wasn’t enough white voters in America left to make a difference in an election. They thought you had to have open borders and embrace the Black Lives Matter terrorists and create refugee enclaves. The white vote is dead, they said. And the earth is flat.

So the strategy of overloading California and Colorado and New York with illegal immigrants failed the Democratic Party. Millions upon millions of black people came out and voted for Obama. Not because he was this great leader with loads of experience. They voted for an out of his realm first term senator because he was black. He looked like them. They voted for Obama so they could be a witness, so they could be part of electing the first black president. Then you had a whole bunch of white people who voted for him because it absolved them of guilt for their previous racist thoughts and behavior. “See? I’m not prejudiced. I voted for the black guy!”


Democrats assumed all of those people would vote for Hillary, but they didn’t. Obama got 67 million votes in 2008 and 65 million in 2012. Do you know how many Hillary Clinton got? A little over 60 million. That’s seven million off of Obama’s 2008 total and five million off of 2012. Van Jones and Whoopi Goldberg can talk about the “whitelash” all they want, but the numbers don’t lie. Millions of people did not vote for Hillary Clinton.

Republicans were in line with previous elections. McCain had 59 million votes, Romney had 60 million, and Trump was just shy of 60 million votes. So Republicans pretty much had the same numbers, give or take a few hundred thousand. Democrats lost over 6 million votes. That’s not a white nationalist or an alt-right thing. That’s a Democratic Party thing.

That’s what happens when you play identity politics. It’s what happens when you say, “Vote for me because I’m black. Vote for me because I’m a woman or a Latino,” instead of “Vote for me because I’m going to do X, Y and Z. Vote for me because I love America and want it to be great. Vote for me because if you do, Im going to make it great for you.” That’s what you do. Democrats have been playing race and gender politics for over 25 years, and it finally bit them in the ass. It bit them hard.

Now they’re protesting. They’re protesting in California and New York. They’re protesting in areas that Democrats created. Remember when Madeline Albright said there was a “special place in hell” for women who didn’t vote for Hillary? Democrats beat themselves. They played the race and gender card. They doubled down with two kings and drew a two on both cards. Obama won with almost 70 million votes in 2008 and 65 million in 2012. So what do they do? They nominate an old white woman who picked a middle-aged white man as her running mate. Forget about nominating someone that would recreate the fervor of 2008. They went in a completely opposite direction.

Democrats nominated a young, inexperienced, but exciting black man in 2008 and 2012. Republicans nominated well-qualified, but boring old white men in 2008 and 2012. Democrats are whining that Trump could possibly turn back eight years of progress. Hey Demmies, YOU turned back progress. You went in reverse, from a young, exciting black man to an old, corrupt white woman. Republicans went with the exciting, controversial celebrity. A showman. Some might call a con man. A hustler. Somebody who did what he had to do to win. Republicans went with somebody completely different than what was offered to them in 2008 and 2012. That’s why they won a majority in Congress and governorships. That’s why Donald Trump is now President-elect Trump.


Democrats let themselves down. It had nothing to do with Comey or the Russians. They did it to themselves. If they had run an old white guy in 2008, they would have lost. If they had run a John Kerry-type, they would not have held the White House for the past 8 years. Democrats went outside the box against the same-old same-old in 2008 and won. This time, Republicans went outside the box against the same-old same-old and they won. Republican did to Democrats what Dems did to them in 2008.

Republicans weren’t expecting a Barack Obama to emerge in 2008. They figured it would be someone like Joe Biden again or maybe the first female president like Hillary. Instead, they got a vibrant young black man who brought with him all the African American vote. They ran an old establishment white man against him and got slaughtered.

President Donald Trump. It’s still surreal. I can’t wait for the first State of the Union address. He’ll read a speech off of a teleprompter, but he will still interject those Trump-isms. “It’s gonna be beautiful, folks. Believe me.” It will be awesome watching all of this unfold. Perhaps come kind of disaster will strike and he’ll be able to rise up and bring the country together. Who knows? Whatever happens, it will be interesting and fascinating to observe.

You’d better start wrapping your brain around it, Democrats. You have no one but yourselves to blame for losing. The FBI investigation didn’t cause 7 million Democratic voters to stay home. Democrats themselves did.

President Donald J. Trump.



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