How A Nation Falls To Tyranny

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Is the media setting up Obama for a third term? It sure seems that way.

Look at how they have brushed off the Iran ransom story. They’ve glossed over the fact that Obama secretly shipped $400 million dollars to Iran on shrink-wrapped pallets to secure the release of five American detainees. Plus, they’re floating a theory that Donald Trump may drop out of the race.

News channels and newspapers doesn’t even try to hide their bias anymore. That’s how state run media works. That’s how a corrupt system of government exists. Controlling the message is the only way a regime stays in power. That’s why every single dictatorship places tight restrictions on the press.

In the United States today, Democrats have a firm lock on the media. They control the message. They influence what people are reading, seeing, hearing, saying and thinking. This is frightening. It wasn’t like this eight years ago. A hostile takeover doesn’t happen overnight. Democrats knew that once they were in power again, they would never lose it. They are taking pages right out of the Russian and Chinese playbook. The Turkey playbook. The Hitler playbook.


If you get your information from five sources, and those sources are all controlled by the same group, you’re only going to know what that group wants to tell you. If they are all telling you that there is a Santa Claus, guess what? Yes, Virginia. There is a Santa Claus. Look at Fox News. It’s the only mainstream conservative outlet. If 27 other media outlets say one thing, and then you have one network saying the exact opposite, who looks like a kook? Fox News looks like the conservative crackpots, because someone from the outside looking in will say, “Well, these 27 stations can’t all be wrong. Fox News must be the crazy network.”


When I hear my dad talk, it’s like listening to CNN or MSNBC. All he knows is Democratic talking points. He’s 78-years-old, so he’s not going online and seeking an alternative viewpoint. It’s criminal what Democrats and this administration are doing. It really is. If I were an over-the-top conspiracy theorist, I would suspect that they are setting Obama up for a third term.

There are panel discussions on CNN where they are speculating whether or not Donald Trump is insane. Why do you think Obama is calling Trump ‘unfit?’ You don’t want a crazy person in the White House, do you? He might launch a nuclear attack if somebody makes fun of his hair. You have Obama calling Trump unfit, round-the-clock anti-Trump coverage, now they are starting to talk about Trump’s mental capacity.

How does this translate into an Obama third term? Remember, Obama and his crew aren’t too fond of Hillary Clinton. David Axelrod and that whole crew really don’t like her. You have Trump starting to be portrayed as insane, like Chin Gigante wandering around in his bathrobe. As we get closer and closer to the election *POOF* something drops about Hillary. Something drops about the Clinton Foundation or with Comey and the FBI. Maybe something is revealed in those 30,000 deleted emails. Something happens that takes Hillary down. Out.


Trump is certifiable and Hillary is gone, so Obama and the crew go, “We’re suspending the election. This is unprecedented, but this whole election has been unprecedented. Never in our history have we had a candidate from one major party indicted and the other not fit to serve, so for the good of the nation, President Obama will stay on until a solution can be reached. We’ll start this whole process over again.”

When you have Obama getting high approval ratings and the media pushing the narrative that he’s doing what he doing for the good of the country, the majority of the people aren’t going to complain. They don’t want a crazy president who will start World War III, so it’s all good. It’s for the children, so everybody goes along with it. The media will set the agenda and the people will eat it up like candy. Obama gets a third term.


I know this is only a theory. Just like Trump dropping out is a theory. If you’re not scared by this, I don’t know what to tell you. The fact that they’re watering down the Iran ransom story, the fact that no one on CNN has even mentioned the Clinton Cash movie, the fact that Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta made millions of dollars from Russia while Hillary was in the State Department and nobody is talking about it should scare the crap out of you.

That’s why Republicans will never win at the ballot box, because the people going to vote are being constantly fed a message that is directly opposite of theirs.

This is a dangerous time right now. Don’t buy what they are selling you. Question everything. Stay informed and aware. Our freedom may depend on it.

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