House Dems End Sit-In Stunt

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The Democrats have ended their publicity stunt. The big sit-in is over. They are now going home to pack for their vacations.

It was a publicity stunt to raise money. That’s all the House Dem #NoBillNoBreak sit-in was. During the stunt, they were on the phone with donors and sending out emails.

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Let’s start from the beginning.

There were four anti-gun bills that were voted down, two written by Republicans, two by Democrats. The Republicans didn’t vote for the Democrats’s bills, and the Democrats didn’t vote for the Republican’s bills. But of course, the narrative was that Republicans want terrorists to have guns. They want ISIS to be strapped.

That narrative was quickly scrubbed, because that would imply that ISIS is here. Here in Florida, here in San Bernardino. But the Obama administration tells us that ISIS is not here. There is no network. These are lone wolves. Lone gay wolves. Lone gay wolves who are upset that they might have AIDS. That’s the reason we’re being given now as to why Omar Mateen did the shooting in Orlando. Omar was mad because his gay Latin lover infected him with HIV, so he went on a kill crazy rampage against homosexuals. No ISIS here, folks. Gay rage.


So four bills were voted down by both sides. It wasn’t just Republicans. Both sides played games and voted down the other’s bills.

What do you think is going to happen when we get a new president? Do you think that all of a sudden everybody in the House and the Senate are going to get along?  If you do, you’re dreaming.

What they did last night was technically against House rules. It wasn’t on CSPAN, but they got around it by broadcasting it on Periscope. The sit-in was compared to the civil rights demonstrations of the 60s. Another important American history event being diminished for political gain. The leader of the stunt was John Lewis, a legendary civil rights figure who marched with Martin Luther King. Lewis was there on the front lines when black people couldn’t drink out of certain water fountains or eat in certain restaurants. He took a beatdown at Selma so blacks could be treated equally, and here he is equating  gun bills that do nothing to prevent terrorism to that great struggle. It’s troubling, it really is.


The protest was to force a vote over four bills that failed. The bills still didn’t pass, so the stunt was meaningless. All they were doing is a fundraiser, that’s all. It was like a Jerry Lewis Telethon. Remember those? They’d stay up all night and all day raising money for crippled kids. They had musical acts, comedians and they would show celebrities answering phones. This was to give the impression that if you called to make a pledge, Loni Anderson might pick up the phone.

That was the House sit-in. A fundraising stunt. It was done on the same day that Donald Trump delivered a scorching speech on Hillary Clinton. The speech wasn’t about Vince Foster or Whitewater or Travelgate, but on legitimate issues that have come up over the past few years. Nobody could refute the claims, because they were all true. So how do you divert attention away from this? By staging a meaningless protest.

If there were no protest, the news programs would have had panels discussing the Trump speech and pundits would have had to admit Trump’s claims were true. But since the Dems staged this publicity stunt, all the media attention was focused on them. That’s all anyone talked about until the sit-in ended. Then they all went on recess until after July 4th.


So the big publicity stunt is over. Give the Democrats a big round of applause. They accomplished what they needed to accomplish. The changed the narrative from Donald Trump and his indictment of Hillary Clinton and they raised money. Now they get to go back to their home districts as heroes.

The funny thing is they could’ve done this back in 2008-2009 when Democrats controlled Congress. But they didn’t. The only thing they did when they had power was pass Obamacare, which is a disaster. Now all they can do is stage meaningless publicity stunt fundraisers.


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