Hillary’s Historical Hogwash

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The Democratic National Convention wrapped up Thursday night. It’s in the books. The waterboarding rectal feeding torture has mercifully come to an end.

I said having Obama and Biden speak the night before Hillary was a mistake, and I was right. Obama and Biden made what I called third term speeches and Hillary delivered the same old same old drivel with the shrill annoying personality of Henry Hill’s mother-in-law from Goodfellas. Hell, I even saw Roger Clinton, her screwup brother-in-law dancing on stage afterwards. It was like they were trying to bring back the 90s. But that was then. This is now. That was Bill Clinton, not Hillary Clinton. It was a different time with different circumstances. Electing Hillary doesn’t mean it’s going to be the 90s again.

So the speaking lineup backfired 100%. Obama and Biden didn’t have people heckling them. The same people who interrupted Hillary were there for Obama, but they stayed quiet. Not so much for Hillary. Talk about party unity. There was no party unity. As media as the media try to ignore and downplay it, Hillary was interrupted constantly. The hecklers were people she needs in order to win.

The lineup allowed people to draw a contrast between Hillary and Obama. Hillary and Bill. Hillary and Joe Biden. Remember, Biden was going to run, but he was convinced not to by the DNC. It wasn’t because he was grieving over his son’s death, they twisted his arm. Maybe they waterboarded the old bastard, who knows?

Bill Clinton was nodding out during her speech. That’s how exciting watching his wife speak was. Hillary rattled off a bunch of Democratic talking points. I may disagree with the content of an Obama or a Biden or Bill Clinton speech, but those guys know how bring their point home and be entertaining and inspiring. Hillary gave her typical loud stump speech, minus the coughing and gagging.

Hillary Clinton is not Obama or Biden or even her husband. She’s a fourth rate Democrat. A person may or may not like Obama’s policies, but they still like the man. He’s a likable dude. That’s why his approval ratings are way up. Hillary is not likable. I think one of the speakers at the RNC convention described her as Barack Obama without the charm, personality and wit.

Chelsea Clinton introduced her mom. The thing that stuck out for me is when she kept repeating that line from Hillary’s 1995 speech in Beijing where she talked about women’s right are human rights. The fact of the matter is we do business with countries that kill women who dishonor their families. You didn’t hear much about the Clinton Foundation during the convention, did you? Why? Is it because they’ve taken millions of dollars from countries like Saudi Arabia, where women don’t even have the right to leave their home with a man or drive a car?


If Hillary had returned all of the money from the countries that oppress women, it would have been a powerful women’s rights statement. But she didn’t. She took the dough.

So they played the video over and over of her saying women’s rights are human rights and the low information starry-eyed Dems ate it right up. They ate up Chelsea telling them that her mom fights for women. She doesn’t. I guess giving a good speech over 20 years ago qualifies as doing something.

Democrats love to talk about speeches. They say the DNC speeches were uplifting and inspirational and the RNC speeches were dark and gloomy. Do they mean real? Are they complaining that Donald Trump actually gave an accurate assessment of the turmoil going on in the country and around the world? To Democrats, a good speech involves painting a positive picture of something that’s not there. There are a lot of bad things going on, both here and abroad. Pointing them out is bad? It’s dark? It’s not hopeful?

How did we become this country? Thinking that hoping for something to change would magically make it change? Ignoring or changing the language on a problem would make it go away? I don’t ever remember it being like this. How does pointing out the issues that need to be solved make you less of an American? Ignoring a problem is anti-American. We should try to fix our problems and strive to be the greatest country in the world. What wrong with wanting to make America great?

This may be an anti-Republican position, but I’m against the death penalty. Not because it’s cruel or the drugs don’t work or any of the whiny liberal reasons that most people oppose it for. I actually think it’s more of a punishment to put someone on 23 hour lockdown for the rest of their lives. Let their crimes haunt them until they die a miserable lonely death. Why give them a chance at redemption before they’re peacefully put to sleep? If you had a child killed by one of these monsters, would you want them to be able to make peace with God before they die so they can be in heaven with your child? Let them sit alone in a room and think about it for forty or fifty years.

The main reason I oppose capital punishment is that countries like Saudi Arabia do it. Yeah, they use a sword and we use a needle, but both produce the same result. Dead is dead. I don’t want other countries to be able to point the finger at the U.S. and call us hypocrites for criticizing others for barbaric execution methods. I don’t want America to be anything like Saudi Arabia or any other primitive Middle Eastern country that Hillary Clinton takes money from.

There aren’t a lot of highlights in the Hillary Clinton resume. They played a video produced by Shonda Rhimes and narrated by the voice of God aka Morgan Freeman. It showed clips of her growing up and going to college. Working for the Children’s Defense Fund. Meeting creepy stalker Bill Clinton and becoming First Lady of Arkansas. There were also a lot of references to 9/11, which is funny because I remember Democrats criticizing Republicans for the constant 9/11 references during the 2004 election. There was no mention of her time in the State Department or running for president in 2008. Iraq, Libya, Syria, emails, nothing she did during her tenure as Secretary of State was successful and neither was her presidential run. It was as if they tried to do a reboot by solely focusing on the few positive things she’s accomplished and ignoring her numerous failures.

The video ends and Hillary comes out dressed in all white. Very virginal. She talked about how everything in America is great and Donald Trump sucks. Everything’s awesome. Then she thanked Bernie Sanders, who was scowling in the rafters and managed a slight smile and a half-hearted wave. I didn’t hear any plans on how to fix America’s problems or grow the economy. She said she would “work with our allies” to defeat ISIS. Basically the same thing we’ve been doing for the past eight years that isn’t working. Why would you keep doing the same thing over and over again that hasn’t worked? There’s a difference between perseverance and insanity.

Working with our Muslim allies in the region isn’t working. It’s not a plan. Her entire speech boiled down to saying, “Donald Trump sucks, Donald Trump is evil, Donald Trump is a dummy. I know I’m no prize, but Trump is worse and I’m gonna keep doing the same thing we’ve done for the past eight years. More of the same. I’m going to give you the same president you’ve had, but without the personality, wit and charm.”

Hillary said something about Trump not being able to handle tough questions from the press. This is kind of funny coming from someone who hasn’t held a press conference in over a year.

Love trumps hate. That was the Dems’ big theme. That’s how we’re going to solve our problems, by getting together and having a giant circle jerk. Coming together and loving one another is the answer to everything. Hillary criticized Trump for saying “I alone” can fix our nation’s problems, but she missed the context of what he was saying. Trump was talking about how he was going to work for the people. Hillary’s hashtag is #ImWithHer and Trump’s hashtag is #TrumpIsWithYou. When Trump said, “I alone” he was referring to the difference between him and Hillary. Hillary has Bill. Hillary has Obama. She has different Wall Street bankers and other donors she is beholden to. That’s what Trump was saying. Me. I alone. I don’t owe anybody favors. I don’t have the baggage.

The rest of her speech was filled with asinine statements like “I believe Wall Street can never, ever be allowed to wreck Main Street ever again.” What? All the money her and Bill Clinton have made has been from Wall Street. Goldman Sachs is Wall Street. Michael Bloomberg is Wall Street. Everything about Hillary Clinton is Wall Street. It’s like she adopted Bernie Sanders language and threw it out there, basically saying “I’m against me.” Asinine.


She even talked about China and getting better trade deals. She stole Trump’s gimmick. She took Trump’s message about China and Bernie’s position on Wall Street and made them her own. Nobody in the media called her out on it and star-struck delegates in attendance bought everything she said hook, line and sinker. Hillary brought up Trump having his ties made in China instead of Ohio, as if there was a choice. There are no tie factories in Ohio that can supply a store chain like Macy’s at a price that is competitive. That’s Trump’s whole point. We need better trade deals so we can bring jobs back to America. If ties were made in Ohio, the price would be astronomical.

It’s funny, because when someone criticizes Apple for making their phones in China, everybody laughs. “Of course they make them in China. Do you want to pay $5000 for an iPhone?” It’s the same thing for a tie or a shirt or a pair of Reeboks. Trump’s whole point is we need to have trade deals with China that benefit us, so we can afford to manufacture in the U.S.

Business has shifted overseas because of deals like NAFTA. Do you really think a company in America wants to outsource? Of course not. They are forced to by these trade deals in order to remain competitive.

It was disgusting hearing Hillary Clinton complain about corporate America. She’s part of it! Do you know how much good she could do if she pooled the money from all of her benefactors? She could go to Mark Zuckerberg and say, “Give me a billion dollars.” She could go to Spielberg and Katzenberg and all the billionaires she does favors for and take the money and make it so poor people could pay their rent and send their kids to college and do all of the things she says needs to be done. She’s going to get the money by taxing Wall Street. Taxing the 1% will pay for all of these things. The 1% includes people like Katy Perry and Lenny Kravitz and all the Hollywood big shots who financed that convention. They all talk about the rich as if they’re not rich. James Cameron made over a billion dollars with Titanic and Avatar. He’s one of the richest directors in Hollywood. Did I miss something?

If you didn’t see the “historic” Hillary Clinton speech, you didn’t miss much. All you missed was an hour of asinine claims, shameless pandering and clueless Trump-bashing. Thankfully, the four days of waterboarding torture from Hillary and the DNC have finally come to a close. It’s time to make America great again.

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