Hillary, Huma And The Chomo

Anthony Weiner aka Carlos Danger aka The Mongoose is back in the news. Sort of.

The media is not really discussing it. Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton got lucky with the Charlotte riots aka ‘The Purge’ going on at the same time the new Anthony Weiner revelations were…revealed.

We’re not going to go into too much of it right now, you can go to the Daily Mail for all the salacious details, but Weiner was caught sexting a 15-year-old girl. This comes a few weeks after his wife Huma left him for being caught sexting while his infant son was lying in bed next to him. Sexting while playing with your boner next to your kid is disgusting enough, but sexting a troubled teenager of fifteen years is not only appalling, it’s downright criminal. The NYPD’s Special Victim’s Unit is now investigating him.

So things aren’t looking good for ’T Dog.’ That’s the new name he used whilst sexting the teen, telling her “I would bust that tight p***y so hard and so often that you would leak and limp for a week.” The Weinster obviously has a serious problem. Texting nude pics of his member ruined his political career, first in the House of Representatives and then when he tried to run for mayor of New York. Now it has (allegedly) ended his marriage and got him in hot water with the cops.

Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner are separating. Not divorcing, no taking time away from the campaign trail for Huma. That’s why I said ‘allegedly’ when talking about his marriage ending. Nothing has ended yet. In fact, Huma says Anthony is a good dad and they still share custody of their son. What kind of mother would let their child continue to be alone with a guy who plays with his ding-ding right next to him while sexting in bed?


Anthony Weiner is a scumbag. He’s a monster, yet Huma says he’s still a good father. What does that tell you about Huma Abedin’s judgement? Remember, this woman will possibly be Chief of Staff or occupy some other high-level position in Hillary Clinton’s cabinet if she is elected. Yet, she continues to leave her child with a man who was sexting a 15-year-old for weeks. Weiner was absolutely aware that she was fifteen. There is no To Catch A Predator pathetic denial here. He admits he knows her age in the texts. She revealed her age, yet Anthony Weiner continued to sext with her, saying “I would bust that tight p***y so hard and so often that you would leak and limp for a week.” 

Besides this disgusting exchange, the guy is stroking his shaft next to his son. I don’t even like to have sex in front of my dogs. I put them out of the bedroom and close the door while I’m making my girlfriend Katherine leak and limp for a week. I’m joking, of course. I don’t make anybody leak and limp for a week anymore. Sad!

There’s definitely a pattern here. Besides sexting next to his own child, he’s also sexting another child. Where is Huma while all this is going on? Campaigning with the woman who wants to be our next president. This is why the media drives me nuts. They will bring up a domestic situation with Donald Trump’s guy Stephen Bannon from 30 years ago, but Hillary Clinton’s girl Huma has a pedophile husband that she still lets her child be alone with, and the liberal media ignores it.

Why hasn’t Huma taken time off and taken her son away from this chomo? That’s what they call a child molester in prison. A chomo. If the NYPD’s case results in charges being brought against him and Anthony Weiner is convicted, T Dog will quickly find out that his fellow inmates are not too cool with chomos. Carlos Danger will definitely be in danger, so he will have to spend his time in solitary confinement, where no sexting is allowed. Can’t even have an iPhone in lockup. Bummer, dude.


Huma Abedin is out there with Hillary while she does fake Zach Galifinakis interviews and screams at Teamsters “Why am I not up 30 points in the polls? Because people don’t know enough about Donald Trump’s record, that’s why.” Really? I guarantee people know a lot more about Donald Trump than they do about Hillary Clinton. Trump doesn’t go out of his way to hide his past like Crooked Hillary does, from smashing phones to deleting 30,000 emails to (allegedly) murdering Vince Foster. Hillary’s record of failure is there for everybody to see. Any damning revelation that would cause a loyal Trump supporter to turn and vote for Hillary the failure would have come out by now. Believe me.

The liberal media continues to try to dig up something, but there’s nothing there. That’s why I laugh when I hear the left complaining that Trump is treated with kid gloves by the press. Every single day they hammer Trump, trying to pin something on him and nothing sticks.

So Hillary and Huma were lucky that the Charlotte riots happened when they did. It gave the media an excuse not to focus on Anthony Weiner the chomo. But now things are quieting down in North Carolina. Will the Weiner story pop up? (So many bad puns with this guy) I doubt it. Will Donald Trump bring it up during the debate tonight? I hope so, but I don’t think he will. I could be wrong. We’ll see.

Anthony Weiner, you are a chomo. A sexual predator. A pedophile monster. The fact that you have a wife who has no problem with letting you be near a child is beyond disgusting. But not near as disturbing as the fact that your wife may be working in the administration of our next president.

Anthony Weiner Casts Vote In NYC Mayoral Primary Election

Don’t let it happen, America. If it does, you are all a bunch of chomos.

Trump 2016


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