Harambe Had to Go

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The big story going around this week is about the gorilla who was killed at the Cincinnati Zoo. An endangered silverback gorilla named Harambe was shot when a four-year-old boy fell into its enclosure and Harambe decided to make him his little rag doll. Animal activists were outraged, of course. A group set up an online petition to hold the child’s parents accountable for Harambe’s death.

I’m not sure if the two incidents are connected, but a group of animal activists bumrushed Bernie Sanders Monday while he was on stage speaking in Oakland and were nabbed by Secret Service. This incident is not really making headlines. I’m not sure why. When someone tried to rush the stage at a Trump rally in Ohio, it was national news. It got replayed over and over again and the moron who charged towards Trump’s podium was interviewed on CNN. But Bernie getting bumrushed was barely a blip on the radar.

The group is called Direct Action everywhere. I guess they wanted Bernie to talk about animal rights.

From their press release:

Activists do not protest at Bernie Sanders rallies in opposition to Sanders himself, but rather to pull Sanders in their direction. Sanders’ opponent Hillary Clinton recently released a campaign platform on animal issues, although it stops far short of what activists would like to see. Activists expect Bernie Sanders, the progressive candidate, to support more radical action to provide animals not just with improved conditions but with legal rights to be free from harm.

https://youtu.be/sgfKRdBJlOsIt appears it was just a coincidence that this happened a couple days after Harambe was killed. It’s very sad what happened to the animal, but have you seen the video? I’m not talking about the first video they released where it looks like Harambe is holding the child and comforting him. That was the video that got everyone so upset. “Aww… why did they have to kill that poor gorilla? He was just nurturing the boy.”

That video was very deceiving. Another video showed Harambe grabbing the kid by the leg and dragging him through the water like a dog’s chew toy, not once, but twice. When you watch that, you see zoo officials had no choice but to act the way they did. The gorilla wasn’t cradling the child in his arms, he was throwing him around like a laundry bag.

It’s very sad. I like animals, but what else could they do? They couldn’t tranquilize him, he was too agitated. He wouldn’t have been knocked out right away. The way Harambe was tossing the kid around made it necessary to neutralize him as quickly as possible.

How could the mother have allowed her child to jump into the gorilla enclosure? What the hell was wrong with her? People say I don’t have a child, I don’t know what it’s like. Children just get away from you. OK, I get it when your kid gets away from you at the supermarket because he wants to hang out at the cereal aisle, but this is a zoo. There are dangerous animals everywhere. You don’t let your child out of your sight for a second at a zoo. Period.

I’m not big on the child leashes. I think it looks kind of funny to have a kid strapped to a leash and treated like a dog, but in a situation like a zoo or something that is fraught with danger in a large crowd setting, we might have to re-think the whole kid leash/dog thing.


Why did the mom not jump in? I wasn’t in the situation, so I’m not sure what I would have done. Maybe she would have been killed, maybe both of them. I can’t imagine just standing there watching while a gorilla throws my child around like that. Again, I wasn’t there. But my first instinct would have been to jump in.

Everything worked out for the kid. Harambe was taken out by zoo officials. You know they had to go for the head. I gotta hand it to whoever fired the impressive shot.

They had to do it. When you watch the second video, you see they had no other choice. It’s extremely sad, but if people want to be outraged, they should direct their anger at the mother. What kind of parent would let their child get away from them and climb into a gorilla enclosure? I know, I don’t have a kid. But if I’m at a zoo, I’m making sure that child doesn’t get away from me. If he does, I’m jumping in after him. I’m not screaming, “Mommy loves you!” I’m yelling, “Throw me some bananas!”

Just my two cents.

RIP Harambe


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