Hacking Hillary’s Bad Weekend

What the hell has happened to the FBI?

The FBI used to be a somewhat separate entity, free of influence from whatever political party occupied the White House. Not any more. They operate under the jurisdiction of the Justice Department, and we know how nonpartisan they have been during Obama’s reign. Remember Robert F. Kennedy’s epic battles with J. Edgar Hoover? That doesn’t happen now. The FBI, the Department of Justice and the Obama administration are one big happy corrupt family.

The FBI released documents on Friday detailing a summary of their July 2nd interview with Hillary Clinton. Of course, they were released in the late afternoon before Labor Day weekend. This gives the media an excuse to not cover it and an opportunity for people to either ignore or forget it. The interview was conducted over the July 4th weekend. See how this works, kids?

This report is stunning. It really is. Just the fact that Hillary had no idea what the ‘C’ meant next to a correspondence. (It means classified or confidential) She said she thought it was a way to alphabetize paragraphs. The FBI said, “Sure. OK. We believe you, Ms. Clinton.”

Do you want to know why we’ve had all of these terrorist attacks? Because the FBI under Obama has been completely incompetent. In every incident, there were clues that were missed. Warnings that were ignored, either because of stupidity or from not wanting to appear politically incorrect. Look at the Orlando shooting. The FBI had Omar Mateen under investigation, then they let him go. They investigated again and let him go. Then he killed 49 people at the Pulse nightclub.

The FBI is either completely incompetent or they are covering for Hillary Clinton. Doesn’t that frighten anybody? Even you’re a Hillary supporter. Take your blind affection out of the picture for a moment. Same thing with Never Trumpers who say Hillary is more qualified to be president than Donald Trump. Doesn’t the fact that Hillary didn’t know what a ‘C’ meant when she was handling classified material as Secretary of State frighten you?

Trump was mocked because he didn’t know what comprised a nuclear triad. Who the hell is he? Is he someone who has spent the past 30-40 years deeply entrenched in the government? Hillary was around classified material when she was First Lady. This is who liberals and Never Trumpers say is the most qualified person to ever run for president. She didn’t know ‘C’ meant classified. Never Trumpers are so butt hurt that their candidates lost that they dismiss the fact that the FBI is either clueless or in the bag for Hillary. They are like a bunch of Sandra Bullocks from the movie Miss Congeniality.


Then you had Hillary saying “she couldn’t recall” 39 times. Thirty nine times she couldn’t remember. She couldn’t even recall when she was briefed on how to handle classified information. This is astonishing coming from a former Secretary of State who is being called the most qualified person to ever run for president.

Clinton supporters say none of this matters, because ultimately she was cleared by the FBI. Was she careless? Sure. Did she apologize? Yes. Then case closed. Let’s talk about Trump.

Hillary Clinton is a lawyer. She’s been part of the game for most of her adult life. She knows how to respond to a question without actually answering it. She’s had Bill Clinton as her mentor, and he’s a master of legal deception. “It depends on what your definition of ‘is’ is.” Remember that? You don’t think Hillary knows how to play the “I don’t remember” or “I don’t recall” game?

Do you know what she used as an excuse for her forgetfulness? She said the concussion from her fall made her not remember a lot of stuff. She forgot training she received and all sorts of things she should have known as Secretary of State because she took a blow to the head. “I had a concussion. I developed a blood clot and a brain aneurysm and almost died. I forgot a lot of stuff. My bad.

Of course, whenever there are questions about Hillary’s health, they are dismissed as right wing conspiracy theories. Debunked rumors. This old woman hit her head so hard that she forgot months and months of her life, yet she’s perfectly healthy and fit to be president. There is no way a Republican could get away with this. We covered this in our last post. Remember John McCain’s melanoma? According to the media, McCain had stage 9 cancer and Sarah Palin would be president.


Hillary Clinton is either too brain damaged to be president or she’s lying. There’s no other way to look at it. She’s a good lawyer who is doing exactly what she has to do to get herself off the hook. Or she’s so brain damaged that she can’t remember her training on handling classified information. You can’t have it both ways, liberals.

This isn’t like forgetting the name of a person you met at a party. This is forgetting how to handle national security information. This is serious stuff. She has forgotten huge chunks of her life, and this woman is running for president of the most powerful nation on earth.

Another astonishing fact revealed in the documents is that she had 13 phones and 5 iPads with her private email. Remember, the whole private server excuse was that it was a matter of convenience. Thirteen phones and five iPads are convenient? But if you go to CNN, all you hear is Hillary talking about Trump’s tax returns and how he is a scam artist.

Hillary’s staff destroyed three of these phones. Do you know who destroys phones? Drug dealers and people in the Mafia. I get a new iPhone every time a new one comes out. I still have the old phones. I’ve never taken a hammer and smashed any of them. Who does that? The main reason Tom Brady got nailed for Deflategate is because he destroyed his phone.


Some might say they smashed the phones because they didn’t want Russian hackers working for Trump getting their hands on them, but they weren’t too worried about sending a laptop with a whole bunch of classified information on it through the mail. That laptop went missing, by the way. How convenient.

Another part of the report revealed that she thought the classification of future drone strikes was no big deal, because drone strikes were talked about in the press all the time. Wow… I just… wow.

These are just a few highlights. A couple of WTF moments. This is what the media is ignoring with a straight face. Astonishing.

So that came out on Friday. On Monday, she had another one of her coughing fits in Cleveland. We’ve seen videos of her numerous coughing attacks, but this one was off the charts. Hillary’s spasmodic hacking attack was so severe that at one point, Tim Kaine stood up and came over to her, as if he was afraid she was going to fall over. She just kept coughing and coughing and coughing. It was truly disturbing.

Right away, the press said it was because of pollen in the air. She had an allergic reaction to the pollen in Cleveland, that’s all. Never heard that one before. All of her other coughing fits didn’t involve pollen, as far as I know. After the rally, she gets on her new campaign plane and takes some controlled questions from her traveling press corps, who were absolutely thrilled to be there. Then she has another coughing fit. Did some of that Cleveland pollen somehow sneak its way onto her plane that was 30,000 feet in the sky? Forget Zika, we gotta do something about the damn pollen problem. Seems to be an epidemic. An epidemic that only affects Hillary.


With a straight face, the media says it was pollen. Hillary has no health issues. These are debunked rumors.

Imagine if this were Trump. I don’t think I’ve ever even heard the man clear his throat. Imagine if Donald Trump was the one hacking and wheezing at every other campaign stop. He would be getting fitted for a funeral suit. He would be toe-tagged. But Hillary Clinton? Pollen.

For months, there have been questions about Hillary’s health, but according to Jake Tapper, Brianna Keilar and everyone at CNN, they are debunked rumors. Hell, Dr. Drew got fired for bringing it up. This is coming off the heels of a report where she claims to forgotten chunks of her life because of a severe head injury. But she’s healthy as a horse.

After Al Gore lost and Bush defeated John Kerry, Democrats decided they would never lose again. They did it by controlling the message, primarily through social media . Remember Michael Dukakis? Dukakis was fifteen points ahead of George H.W. Bush a few weeks before the election. But Dukakis lost, because Republicans had a really smart guy named Lee Atwater, who annihilated Dukakis with an ad campaign that included Willie Horton and Dukakis riding in a tank looking like a big doofus. John Kerry was pictured windsurfing, wearing a goofy lab suit and a bunch of swift boat veterans called him a coward.

Michael Dukakis

Republicans were smart then. They are stupid now. If they ever get hip to the fact that funding media outlets is more important than local senate races, they will win again. If not, they will always lose. Always.

Nobody’s talking about the FBI report. Nobody’s talking about the cough heard round the world. Why? Because a new CNN/ORC poll just came out that puts Trump ahead of Hillary. This is after Labor Day. Remember when everybody said polls didn’t matter until after Labor Day? After Labor Day is when the battle really begins, they said. That’s when the campaign starts. Kids are back in school and mom and dad are focused on the upcoming election.

But because Trump is leading, everybody now says that there is plenty of time before the election. Plenty of opportunities for Trump to step on his junk again. He hasn’t. He brought in a new campaign staff. He’s steadied the ship and is getting better every day. But according to the media that Democrats control, the election is over. Hillary has won and she’s as healthy as a horse. She never lies and is the most competent and qualified person to have ever run for president.

It’s over. Hillary Clinton will win in a landslide. There are no health issues and she’s as honest as the day is long. If the American people are stupid enough to fall for it, this country is truly doomed. Things will never get better. We are doomed.

Don’t be stupid.

Trump 2016


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