Hack Tapper & The Obama Cucking

Obama just got his first override. 

I’m talking about the bill that he vetoed which would allow the families of those killed in the 9/11 attacks to sue Saudi Arabia. Congress overwhelming voted to override his veto by a margin of 97-1. Only outgoing Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid stood by the president.

I think this is incredible. Not just because it happened, but because it was the first veto override of Obama’s presidency. George W. Bush had four veto overrides, Bill Clinton had two, and Ronald Reagan had nine. In seven and a half years, Obama never had a single rebuke of one of his vetoes. That’s amazing.

When Republicans returned to power, they were to supposed to check the president, to make sure he didn’t get too extreme. That’s why all those other presidents had their vetoes overridden. But this president? Nothing.

After his congressional beatdown, Obama appeared at a town hall forum Wednesday on CNN moderated by Jake “Hack” Tapper. I know Hack Tapper personally. I did an interview with him about 15 years ago. I knew Hack when he was working at Nightline on ABC.

So Hack Tapper is doing this military town hall with Obama and he brings up this 9/11 bill override. Obama went into this long-winded explanation as to why the bill was passed, that it was an election year and nobody wanted to go against 9/11 families. He said the legislation was wrong, and it puts our people in danger.


So if you have a situation where we’re doing disaster relief in the Philippines or some other – or Haiti, and a traffic accident happens where, tragically, a citizen of that country is killed, if they passed the same kind of legislation that we just passed, now, potentially, that family in that country could start suing the United States.  They might say we’re going to take jurisdiction over that individual.

Barack Hussein Obama is comparing what 15 Saudi nationals did on 9/11 with assistance from the Saudi government to a fender bender. There is no question that the government of Saudi Arabia was involved in the attacks that killed over 3,000 people on September 11, 2001. If you read the un-redacted 28 pages of the 9/11 Commission report and didn’t draw the same conclusion, you are an idiot.

There’s always been a connection to Saudi Arabia one way or another when it comes to terrorism. 90% of the time, you can alway trace a terrorist attack back to Saudi Arabia, whether it’s San Bernardino or Orlando or Foot Hood. There’s always some association with Saudi Arabia.

Yet, here’s our president saying that a traffic accident in Haiti is the same as a coordinated attack that killed thousands of people and involved individuals in the Saudi government. And Hack Tapper just sits there, nodding his head. No pushback whatsoever. Not even a nudge. It’s astonishing to use a traffic accident to compare the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil. But Hack doesn’t challenge any part of this ludicrous comparison.


Hack also didn’t challenge this idiocy:

My job as commander-in-chief is to make sure that we’re looking ahead at how this is going to impact our overall mission, because what this also means is this time it’s Saudi Arabia, but let’s say that there’s a terrorist who comes here from Great Britain, our closest ally.  We do all kinds of work with them to prevent terrorism.

But they’ve got some people like the radicals who are living in our country who may be British citizens.  They come here, they carry out something.  Now, under this legislation, somebody who had been harmed by that terrorist could sue the British government and start asking for all kinds of documents and sending in a bunch of trial lawyers and – and, by the way, the last point I’d make, if we know that a country was helping a terrorist, then we’d call them a state sponsor of terrorism.

And they don’t have immunity and you can sue them anyway.  But that’s a judgment that we make based on the intelligence that we have, based on our military assessment and in this situation, we did not make such an assessment, that Saudi Arabia was as state sponsor of terrorism.

This is taking that out of our military and our intelligence and the hands of our national security professionals and putting it into the courts.  And that’s a mistake.

This is absurd. Obama’s comparing apples to oranges. Again, you have to be a full-fledged moron to read the 9/11 report and not see a connection with the attacks to Saudi Arabia. Osama bin Laden was born in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi government basically told all those Wahhabi nut jobs, “Listen. Do what you gotta do. We’ll even fund you if need be. Just keep it out of Saudi Arabia. OK?” 


These aren’t Alex Jones chemtrails conspiracy theories. This is straight from the 9/11 report. But here you have the president making a ridiculous comparison to our friend and ally Great Britain. “What, are we gonna sue Britain?” If we found out that the British parliament were actively supporting and funding terrorism, then hell yeah we should sue them. But they were not. They did not fund or support the 9/11 attacks. Saudi Arabia did, and Obama says the families of the victims of those attacks shouldn’t be able to be compensated by those who caused them to happen.

This stood out to me as well:

 …if we know that a country was helping a terrorist, then we’d call them a state sponsor of terrorism.

And they don’t have immunity and you can sue them anyway.

Really? Iran isn’t a state sponsor of terrorism? They don’t fund Hezbollah and other groups and buy them rockets to launch towards Israel? We do business with Iran now. Send them billions to get hostages back. The wheels have been set in motion so companies like Boeing can do billions worth of dollars in business with Iran, and Hack Tapper doesn’t challenge this absolutely ridiculous assertion that Obama makes. Just sits there, nodding his head like the hack he is. “OK. On to the next question…”

Hack Tapper is just like Lester Holt. He’s so thrilled to have the job he has that he is not going to do anything to piss off his bosses at the Clinton News Network. Hack’s not going to piss off Democrats and the people who control the media strings. Hack doesn’t want to go back to interviewing pornographers on Nightline, so he goes along to get along. “Uh, huh. OK, next question, Mr. President…”

Hell, I’ll bet that Hack Tapper would let Obama get it on with his wife. Do you know what a cuckold is? It’s someone who gets a sexual thrill out of seeing another man, usually a black man, have sex with his significant other. Hack Tapper is a cuck. Hack would have no problem with sitting in a corner while watching Obama nail his wife, stroking his puny member the whole time. Having Obama call him a sissy boy bitch. I think Hack would dig that. That’s probably what happened after the interview, either at a hotel or maybe in the green room.

“Yessss, Mr. President. Please do my wife. I want to put my face three inches from where the action is. Would you mind if I just lay down under you so I can catch your testicle sweat with my lips? Pleeeeease, Mr. President? Yesssss…. That’s so hot. I wanna be a good little cuck. Yessss… Mr. President. Please bang by wife with your huge black shaft…. Yesssss….”


That’s what Hack did. That’s what he did with Barack Hussein Obama on Wednesday night. “Car accident in Haiti? Yeah, that totally makes sense. Suing Great Britain? No, we can’t have that. You’re absolutely right, you big black stud, er I mean Mr. President.”

Obama is supposed to be a smart guy. A constitutional law professor. Smarter than Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates and the late Steve Jobs combined. I don’t think he is stupid enough to believe this BS:

So – so this is a – it’s a – it’s a dangerous precedent and it’s an example of why sometimes you have to do what’s hard.  And, frankly, I wish Congress here had done what’s hard.  I didn’t expect it, because voting – if you’re perceived as voting against 9/11 families right before an election, not surprisingly, that’s a hard vote for people to take.  But it would have been the right thing to do.

And I am – I’m concerned – and this is not just my concern.  General Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs, said this is a bad idea.  The secretary of Defense said it was a bad idea.  And then we found out some of the people who voted for it said, frankly, we didn’t know what was in it.  And there was no debate of it.  And it was, you know, basically a political vote.

So people didn’t read the bill? This wasn’t something that was thrown together at the last minute in the middle of the night. The bill was pretty straightforward. I’d love to talk to one of the people who didn’t know what was in the bill and ask them, “Why are you still a congressman? Why haven’t you resigned, you idiot?”

Obama is basically saying that a whole bunch of people in Congress are retarded. He says these morons didn’t take time to read the bill, and Hack Tapper the cuck is just sitting there, thinking about gobbling Obama’s ebony sausage while he’s nailing Mrs. Tapper. “Glug, glug, glug…. Cuck me, Mr. President.”

Fortunately for the families of the victims of 9/11, the cucking was ineffective. The bill passed, and now those families will be able to get compensatory justice from the Saudi Arabian monsters who murdered their husbands, dads, friends, mothers, sons, daughters, and wives. This is a good thing. So go cuck yourselves, Hack Tapper and Obama the cuck buck.


Saudi Arabia is a horrible place. The only reason they’ve gotten a pass is because of their oil. If any other country treated their own citizens as bad as Saudi Arabia does, they would be outcasts. Saudi Arabia treats its own people worse than Iran does. But money causes everybody to turn a blind eye.

It’s not just limited to the U.S. government. College and universities all across the country take huge donations from Saudi princes. All of these leftist institutions that are so offended when someone like Milo Yiannopoulos or Ben Shapiro show up at a debate that students riot and threaten and throw things at them because of their conservative “alt-right” views have no problem with taking money from a country that puts homosexuals to death and treats their woman like animals. Like property.

College is supposed to be the last bastion of the free exchange of ideas. The last place where people with opposite opinions can congregate and present their arguments without being castigated or told to shut up. It’s the last place where this is allowed before you enter the real world. Try that when you enter the workforce, all of you whiny liberal bitches. When you graduate from college and get a job, try telling your boss that you’re offended by something he says. That he’s violating your safe space. Do you know what your boss is going to say?

“You’re fired!”

Trump 2016


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