GOP Should Play Dirty Like Dems

From 7-18-16 episode of The Rob Zicari Show LIVE 10-1pm M-F

If Republicans ever want to win back the White House, we need to fight like Dems. We need to have protesters disrupting their events. We need to control the narrative.

Republicans are afraid to play dirty. I don’t know if it’s because some feel Republicans are above that or they want to appear to be more sophisticated. We should do to Democrats everything they do to us. You have all of these George Soros-funded groups that go to Trump allies and start screaming and yelling. Why do we not do that to Hillary Clinton?

You’re supposed to do whatever it takes to win. If one side is doing something that helps them win, the other side needs to do the same thing, only better. Republicans need to plant 10-20 people in the audience of a Hillary Clinton event, and after about ten minutes, they stand up and start screaming. Why do we not do that? They do it to us. When this happens, the media turns their attention to the protesters.

At the GOP convention, there was as much media attention focused on what was going on outside  as there was inside the convention hall. Instead of Republicans doing the same thing at the Dem show, they crawl into a fetal position and wilt. The GOP constantly loses elections because they don’t do what Democrats do to them.


It wasn’t until Donald Trump got into the race that there was some pushback. When the media doesn’t like something he says or does, Trump says, “So what? I’m not apologizing and I’m not getting out of the race. Screw you.” I watched Bill Maher talk about how Trump gets away with things other politicians don’t. He brought up instances like George Allen, who got into trouble during his 2006 Senate reelection campaign for calling an Indian reporter a “macaca.” Maher said Trump say far worse things than macaca and gets away with it. George Allen wasn’t run out of politics, he ran out. He conceded his Senate race to his opponent without a fight. When people became outraged at George Allen, he wilted. When they become outraged at Trump, he goes “And? What’s your point?”

“You can’t say stuff like that!”

“I just did. Get over it.”

Democrats don’t run. They keep it going. It wasn’t until Trump that Republicans had someone who didn’t back down. But Trump alone isn’t enough. Democrats have always fought, and Republicans just complain about it. Instead of crying about what Democrats are doing, one up them. Fight fire with fire. Democrats have been playing dirty for years and Republicans whine. Why don’t they do something?

Hell, you have 20% of the Republican Party whining about Trump. “He’s too mean! He’s rough! We don’t want someone like that representing us. We’re the party of Lincoln! We want Jeb Bush!” They get the crap beaten out of them by the media on a nightly basis and all they do is complain.

Everybody knows that the protesters from are paid. It’s no secret that George Soros is behind them. There’s enough evidence out there to warrant Republicans doing the same thing. When someone complains that Republicans are orchestrating protests, you say, “And? Democrats do they same thing. Get over it.

GOP-2016-Cleveland-NH-1SIGNS SORORS

There should be fifteen protesters at every Hillary Clinton event. As soon as she starts speaking, a couple of them stand up and shout, “You’re responsible for Benghazi! Your husband is a serial rapist! Murderer! Enabler!” Then security ushers them out and a rattled Hillary has to get on point again. About five minutes later, a couple more do the same thing. “Murderer! Murderer!” The speech is interrupted again, security takes them out. Hillary is completely discombobulated. Just when she starts rolling again, another couple of protesters stand up.  “Your husband’s a rapist!” And so on and so on.

They do it to us. Why do we not do it to them? Because we’re “better than that?” Really? We’re better than that, so we lose. “We’re the party of Lincoln. We don’t act like that.” That’s why they lose. Democrats are the dirtiest players in the game. If Republicans want to win, they have to play dirtier.

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Remember Marion Barry? He was the Democratic mayor from Washington who was caught smoking crack. A few years later, he ran again and won. Look at Bill Clinton. George W. Bush is rightfully blamed for the Iraq War. How many times do you see George Bush out there? Normally, when a president is marred by controversy, he keeps a low profile. You didn’t see Nixon a lot in his later years, did you? Nixon hung out at his beach house in San Clemente, and later in New Jersey. George stays at his ranch painting portraits.

Bill Clinton? He’s hanging out with porn chicks, flying to an island paradise with a pedophile, he does whatever he wants. He pops up every four years and gives a convention speech. He campaigns for Hillary. Everybody pretends that none of this stuff happened. He’s welcomed with open arms by every Democrat. The media never pushes back. On the extremely rare occasion that George Bush ventures from his ranch, he’s hammered about Iraq.

That’s Republicans. They don’t fight fire with fire. Democrats use fire, Republicans use paper to fight them back. They don’t fight back, and that is why they lose. Republicans don’t play to win.

Let’s start winning again.

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