Facebook is Liberal? Who Knew?

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Why is anybody surprised?

Facebook has been preventing conservative news or trending topics from appearing on its newsfeed. And people are shocked. Republicans are outraged. They didn’t know Mark Zuckerberg was a liberal? That everyone who works for Facebook and all the other social media giants has a liberal litmus test? They didn’t know that the media was liberal?

Facebook also promotes Black Lives Matter and other social justice warrior agendas. Well, duh. A couple of Republican senators got together and fired off a letter to the company. They want answers. According to Gizmodo, a couple of former Facebook workers claimed to have suppressed stories that were of interest to conservative readers.

I don’t get the outrage and shock. There is not one conservative amongst the tech media giants. They are all lefties. There is one so-called conservative media outlet called Fox News Channel. One. NBC, ABC, CBS, the studios, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Google, Yahoo, you name it, it’s got a liberal slant.

Look at the donors. Did you ever hear of a media conglomerate holding a fundraiser for Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz? Of course not.

Can you imagine if a tech giant who was a conservative had a globally reached media platform with billions of users and he suppressed stories that were liberal? If he pushed out stories from Black Lives Matter and Occupy Wall Street and promoted Build the Wall or Blue Lives Matter, he would be compared to Goebbels and his company would be likened to Nazi Germany. There would be boycotts, protests, threats, sabotage. It would be Social Justice World War.

It’s baffling to me why conservatives are reacting the way they are. South Dakota Senator John Thune is asking Mark Zuckerberg why Facebook would only promote leftist views. How is Facebook any different than CNN or MSNBC? I don’t know how anyone got the idea that Facebook was somehow an unbiased entity. Zuckerberg is an uber liberal. He constantly gives speeches that promote liberal ideals. Why is John Thune shocked?


The name of the game is controlling the message. If you put an image or a viewpoint out there often enough, people will eventually respond. Isn’t that what advertising is all about? Isn’t that why Fox News, MSNBC, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, Breitbart, etc. exist? Isn’t that why Sheldon Adelson bought one of the biggest newspapers in Israel? He who controls the message controls the world. That’s the name of the game. Why is it shocking that Facebook is promoting liberal views? Is it because they are used by so many people?

Why don’t conservatives have their own Facebook? Why don’t Republicans engage more in social media platforms? You’ve got the Koch brothers, Paul Singer, Sheldon Adelson. They should be funding these types of media outlets. There should be pressure put on Rupert Murdoch to create more entities like Fox News.

Backing conservative politicians is not the way to transform America. Controlling things like Twitter, Facebook, CNN, CBS, New York Times, HBO, etc. is. Every original political program on HBO has a pro-liberal slant, from Bill Maher to John Oliver to the newly hired Jon Stewart. That’s why this outrage over Facebook is so bizarre. Who would have thought that a bunch of liberal journalists would be flooding their news feed with their favorite  liberal stories? Making people think that Black Lives Matter is the hottest group around and Bruce Jenner wearing makeup and posing naked in Sports Illustrated is not disgusting and students at college campuses being outraged over offensive Halloween costumes is the biggest news story ever? That’s what happens at CNN, MSNBC, etc, every day. And John Thune is outraged over Facebook?


Thune is a little late to the party. He’s upset that liberals have once again beat conservatives at the propaganda game. Old wealthy donors like Adelson and the Koch brothers are more concerned with financing low level House members and stopping Trump than they are with creating a social media empire to disseminate conservative thought. That’s what they should have been doing.

Think about it. Republicans control the House, the Senate and the majority of governorships, yet liberals are transforming this country every single day. They are getting their agenda out there. Why? Because they control the message. Liberals don’t care about some Joe Blow senator from Nebraska. They care about Facebook, Twitter, CNN, CBS, Buzzfeed, Politico, Huffington Post. The list goes on and on. They care about Hollywood, because they know that by controlling these things they destroy any advantage of having a conservative majority in Congress. As long as they control the message, liberals have everything on lockdown.

So Republicans like Senator John Thune whine and cry. They don’t do anything about it, they just complain. Like when they whine and cry about Trump. They say Never Trump, but they don’t offer a better alternative. Maybe this Facebook controversy will light a fire under their asses. Maybe they will sit down with the billionaires and either buy the media outlets or create alternatives.

You would think they would get it, especially with their success with talk radio. You would think they would have understood the power of the media. When Rush Limbaugh had the highest ratings on radio and Fox News became the highest rated cable news channel, you would have thought they understood that controlling the message was an important tool in transforming the country.

But they don’t get it. Donald Trump gets it. That’s why his tweets get so much attention. That’s why he never turns down an interview. Trump understands the power of the social media monster and how to tame it and make it dance to his tune. The Republican Party needs to understand it or they are doomed. The monster will devour them.

He who controls the message controls the world.

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