Donald Trump Won The Debate

Donald Trump absolutely annihilated Hillary Clinton at the debate Sunday night.

Not according to CNN, though. The CNN/ORC post-debate poll that even they admitted was predominately Democrats had Trump down over 20 points – 57% to 34%. They must have watched a different debate. NBC/WSJ must have tuned into something else also, because their new poll has him down 35% to 46% for Crooked Hillary.

I’m telling you, if you buy into these “scientific” polls having a shred of credibility, you are either blindly delusional or just plain stupid. Trump crushed Clinton, and you all know it. Even people like MSNBC’s Chris Matthews and Never Trumpers Erick Erickson and Ben Shapiro begrudgingly agreed Trump won Sunday’s debate. The Donald dominated, and flustered Hillary floundered, just like she did the first 45 minutes of the first debate, before loyal Lester Holt came to her rescue.

Let’s begin with what had the left losing their minds before the debate even began. Remember, Donald Trump was supposed to be done after the pussy grabbing tapes were released. He was finished. Even the GOP was turning away from him, even though nobody who disavowed him was firmly in his corner in the first place. Trump was supposed to be contrite and apologetic for the horrible crime of talking dirty with a bunch of guys on a bus, even though his opponent’s husband had done far dirtier things, both as governor and president. Donald Trump was basically supposed to come in, bend over, say “I’m sorry” and let Anderson Cooper stick it in.

Instead, he brought Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick and Kathleen Willey. Three women who were sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton. He also brought Kathy Shelton – who was raped when she was 12-years-old, and her accused rapist was defended by Hillary Clinton, who laughed when her client was acquitted.


The media got rickrolled again. Trump had called for a pre-debate press conference. Was he going to apologize again? Beg forgiveness from women everywhere and another chance to redeem himself? Announce he was dropping out of the race? What was it? Then the four women stroll in and they collectively let out a “Holy sh-t…” Trump had rickrolled them again, just like he did when he had the birtherism presser.

Remember that? Trump held a press conference at his brand new hotel and invited all the media. Every station covered it live, because he was finally going to address the birtherism issue once and for all. Everybody watched in breathless anticipation as Trump introduced Gold Star families and war vets, who praised him and said Donald Trump had their full support as President of the United States. After a 30 minute Trump campaign commercial that was covered live on every network, Donald Trump stood up to the mic and calmly stated, “Barack Obama was born in the United States. Hillary Clinton started the birtherism issue and I finished it.” Then he walked off stage. It was truly a mic drop moment for the ages.

Now here he is again, bringing out four women who have accused both Bill and Hillary Clinton of far worse things than bragging to some dudes on a bus about how easy it is to get laid when you’re famous.

The media was outraged. “How could he pull such a cheap stunt?” Why were they outraged? Because Trump had worked them again. Their self-righteous indignation was hilarious, especially coming from such a dishonest and scummy group as the liberal press. Katie Couric did a documentary on gun rights activists and spliced it together in such a way to make them look stupid. Mitt Romney lost a debate and ultimately an election to Obama because Candy Crowley screwed him over. Remember what they did to Sarah Palin? They made her look like an idiot and helped doom John McCain. Sarah Palin is certainly no less intelligent than Dan Quayle, and the world didn’t explode when he became vice president.

So watching the hypocritical leftist media fall all over themselves with disgust at Donald Trump’s snookering of them has made my cynical black heart sing. They said Trump brought the women to deflect attention from the words he said on a bus with that schmuck Billy Bush from Access Hollywood. Gloria Borger called it a stunt. A stunt? You mean it wasn’t real? These women were making it up that they were assaulted and/or had their lives adversely affected by Bill and Hillary Clinton? On The View, Joy Behar called the women ‘tramps.” Remember when Rush Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke a slut and the left went nuts? Here’s Joy Behar calling sexual assault victims “tramps.”


This is what the left is able to get away with. They can be outraged by a stunt and call sexual assault victims tramps and nobody says a thing on the right, because the GOP is run and represented by a bunch of losers.

You wanna call Juanita Broadrrick a liar and say she wasn’t raped? Fine. You say Hillary Clinton was just doing her job when she let the rapist of a 12-year-old go free? OK. But what about Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey? These revelations occurred during the height of the Monica Lewinsky scandal of Bill Clinton’s presidency. They were absolutely legit. Bill Clinton settled with Paula Jones for almost a million dollars. It wasn’t “alleged” that Bill Clinton waved his penis in front of her and asked her to kiss it. It was factual. There are legal affidavits that supported it and a lawsuit that was settled. Kathleen Willey was also assaulted and testified at Paula Jones’ deposition. These things happened. They weren’t “alleged.”

So how can CNN call these incidents alleged and Joy Behar call them tramps and nobody says a thing? Because we live in the liberal alternate universe, where Jake “Hack” Tapper doesn’t know any men who talk about women like Donald Trump did. Hack knows Bill Clinton. Tapper’s been working in political journalism for years, but has never encountered anyone who talked about women like Trump did. OK, Hack. Anything you say.

Donald Trump bringing the women out reverberated throughout the stage before the debate. It was rumored that they weren’t being allowed to sit in front or they would be thrown out. But they let Mark Cuban sit in front at the last debate. Bill Clinton’s “alleged” assault victims weren’t allowed to sit in front because they would distract Hillary. Mark Cuban sitting in the front row at the last debate was designed to mess with Trump. That was perfectly fine, but sexual assault victims are threatened with being tossed out for trying to do the same thing to Hillary.

Mark Cuban is the same guy who said he understood why people would be afraid of a young black man wearing a hoodie. Cuban said he would walk on the other side of the street. Imagine if a Trump surrogate had that statement in their past. They would immediately be smeared with racism paint. Hillary surrogate Mark Cuban is allowed to sit in the front row to intimidate Trump, but Bill Clinton sexual assault accusers aren’t. They sat in the “family” row, about 50 feet away from Bill Clinton, who looked over with an expression on his face like he was thinking, “Oh, Jesus. There they are again. But Paula still looks pretty good.”

Chelsea Clinton, daughter of Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton watch during the second presidential debate sbetween Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton at Washington University in St. Louis, Sunday, Oct. 9, 2016. (Jim Bourg/Pool via AP)

Once all of this happened, you knew it would be a huge night for Trump, because you knew he wasn’t going to take it lying down. Hillary now couldn’t go down the path of “Trump is scum. He’s a pervert. He’s an abuser. He encourages sexual assault.” She couldn’t do it. Donald Trump snatched that card right out of her hand when he brought those four women to the debate. Hillary couldn’t use the sexual abuser card, although Anderson Cooper and co-moderator Martha Raddadtz tried to. “You do understand, Mr. Trump, that using such language is describing sexual assault.”

No, it isn’t. Trump was describing star f—kers. Like Marla Maples. When the question was first brought up, Trump said he was sorry, it was locker room talk, and it was time to talk about things that were important, like protecting the world from ISIS. That could have been the end of it, but Cooper pressed the issue, which allowed Trump to say, “I’ve apologized. These were just words. They weren’t actions, like what Hillary Clinton’s husband did. I used words, Bill Clinton used actions.”


CNN afterwards said that this might have fired up his base, but wasn’t going to affect those undecided voters he needs. This is the same media that said Hillary won the debate by over 20 points, a larger margin than they said she won the last debate by. What they also won’t talk about is that CNN was caught on a hot mic coaching a focus group on what to say. The clip is all over social media.

The media is saying the same thing they were saying during the primaries. “Yeah, there are a lot of people at his rallies, but how many of those people are going to actually vote for him? How many are there just for the show?” Obviously a lot of those people did show up and vote, because he’s the Republican nominee. The media was wrong then, so why should we believe their polls and anything else they say now?

The media says what they say to get the undecided voter to go for Hillary. Remember, before Sunday, it was over. Now Trump is back in the race.

Here’s something that people don’t bring up, but it’s real. There are a lot of people out there who will pull the lever for Donald Trump this November that won’t admit it to anyone else, including pollsters. I live in California. I’m not saying Trump will win California, but I’ll bet he does a lot better than any polls indicate he will. Why? Because there are a lot of very vocal liberals out here and saying you support Donald Trump doesn’t go over very well in a conversation.

I’ll give you an example. Sometimes I shop late at night at my local grocery store. When I do this, workers are stocking the shelves as I shop. One night I was shopping for ingredients for the awesome burritos I make for my pregnant girlfriend. I overheard a couple of these stockers talking, “You know what? Maybe I should just max out all my credit cards and then tell them all to go to hell, because that’s the American way” The other one says, “Yeah, just like Donald Trump…”

These guys are obviously referring to what they’ve been fed by the media, that Trump just made all this money by getting people to do work for him and telling them to go to hell when it came time to pay. Both of them were Hispanic, one of them was in his late forties and didn’t speak English very well, which indicates that he probably wasn’t in the country legally. I know I’m making an assumption, but facts usually bear this out.

Now if I walked up to these fellas and said, “Hey, I’m a Donald Trump supporter!” do you know what would have happened? They probably would have hit me on the head with one of the cans of beans in my basket.

The point I’m making is a lot of people keep their opinions to themselves when it comes to politics, especially in a state that is overrun by violent lefties like California. There are a lot of people who won’t tell a pollster or any of their friends and acquaintances that they are voting for Trump, but will pull the lever for him or punch the chad once they pull the curtain behind them in the voting booth. Hell, even when Katherine and I are out in public or at a restaurant, when we talk about Trump, we talk in code, “Did you hear what they said about…him last night? They won’t give…that guy a break.” We don’t say Trump’s name because we don’t want the dirty looks that will come from people who overhear our conversation.


The point is that there are a lot of people who are going to vote for Donald Trump that won’t admit it to anyone else, including a pollster, because they don’t want to be demonized for supporting him. That’s why the polls were all wrong during the primaries, and that’s why you can’t believe what they say now.

People like that Trump stands up for himself and doesn’t lay down and take crap from anybody, including leaders of his own party. They like that when they hit him first, he hits them back ten times harder. That’s what I like about him, because I’ve done the same thing. When I ran a successful business and someone tried to screw me over, I would in turn screw them over much worse. If you played dirty, I played a lot dirtier. That’s what Donald Trump does. That’s why a lot of people support him, because they do the same thing. They won’t talk about it, but they do. That’s why people support Trump and why poll after poll has been wrong.

Like I said, I doubt very much that Donald Trump will win California, but don’t tell me there aren’t a lot of people in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Florida, etc. who are exactly like me and others who will vote for Trump, but they won’t admit it to anyone. It’s almost like the reverse Obama effect. “You’re not going to vote for Obama? How could you not vote for the first black president? What, are you a racist or something?” And you say, “Well yeah sure, I’ll vote for him. It will be historic. Yeah, I’m gonna vote for Obama. I was just kidding about voting for McCain. You think I want that dummy Sarah Palin a heartbeat away from the presidency? Obama all the way!” Then you and your friend share a laugh and he says, “Whew. You had me worried there for a sec.”

A lot of people voted for Obama in 2008 because he seemed to be an OK guy and he was black and people wanted to be part of a history-making moment. It’s not the same way with Hillary. Yes, she would be the first woman president, but there are a lot more women out there without all of the scandals in her past and we’ve just had two terms of a history-making president and look where we are today.

Electing the first woman president is not as big a deal as electing the first black president was in 2008. That’s why Hillary isn’t getting anywhere near the voter support that Obama got. That’s why Trump’s support remains high, even though liberal media pundits and polls say different. People want change, and the hope and change Obama promised in 2008 didn’t happen, and they know it won’t happen with Hillary Clinton.

DEM 2016 Convention

So what everybody on the left wanted to happen with Donald Trump Sunday night didn’t. He came and said he was sorry again for his comments. Anderson Cooper pressed the issue and allowed Trump the opportunity to tell everyone that all he did was talk, but the women he brought with him were all actually assaulted by Hillary and her husband. From that moment on, Hillary Clinton was rattled and she never recovered. She got bludgeoned.

There were lot of Trump supporters that were concerned that he allowed Hillary to get under his skin during the second part of the first debate and had to address birtherism, Alicia Machado and all of the things that Hillary had prepared to attack him with after Lester bailed her out when he was winning the first part of the debate. It was said that Trump had lost the first round and I somewhat agreed with them. Trump took the bait and paid the price. But he didn’t this time. Not only did he not take the bait, he turned it around and used it against Hillary and she never recovered. Hillary got hammered and that’s all there is to it. CNN can cite all the scientific polls taken of Democrats after the debate that they want, but we all saw what happened. Trump won.

So don’t pay attention to CNN, NBC and their BS polls. They showed Sunday night why they are full of crap. Remember, in 2012 it was universally agreed upon that Obama lost the first debate with Mitt Romney. Obama wasn’t prepared and Mitt beat him soundly. Obama came back strong in the second debate with Candy Crowley’s help and went on to win reelection.

The best moment of the night was when Trump said he would appoint a special prosecutor to look into Hillary’s dirty doings if he became president. Hillary meekly respond that it was a good thing Donald Trump wasn’t in charge of our legal system, to which Trump shot back with, “Because you would be in jail.” Another classic mic drop moment.

Trump speaks during their presidential town hall debate with Clinton at Washington University in St. Louis

Of course, everybody on CNN and the rest of the liberal media were aghast, especially Dana Perino. “How could Trump say something like that? Threatening to jail a presidential candidate? It’s unprecedented and outrageous!” Hmm… I guess Dana’s forgotten about all the times the media and liberals everywhere, from Michael Moore to Sean Penn, said President Bush and Dick Cheney should be tried and jailed for war crimes. I guess that slipped Dana’s mind. How convenient.

Another great moment was when Hillary tried to say the things she was referencing in the WikiLeaks emails, where it was revealed that there was a private Hillary and a public Hillary was from the Spielberg movie Lincoln. Trump brilliantly called her out on it, saying she was now trying to blame her troubles on Abraham Lincoln. Honest Abe, something Hillary was not. Another mic drop.

I laughed when I heard that some were saying Trump was “stalking” Hillary when he was standing behind her at the beginning of the debate. No, he wasn’t. This is a guy who has never done this before. He hasn’t done a bunch of town hall debates. Trump is unfamiliar with the process and protocols, so when he was standing behind her, he wasn’t stalking her. He was simply waiting behind her, waiting for her to finish so he could answer the audience member’s question. Somebody must have thrown him a signal not to do that, because if you noticed, he didn’t do it for the rest of the night.

I thought Trump’s challenge to Hillary to use some of the millions she’s made from speeches to her campaign was genius. He said that would be less money she would have to take from special interests. Of course, not one person on CNN or the rest on the media focused on that. All they concentrated on was their stupid biased polls and the audacity of Trump telling Hillary he would put her in jail.

Hillary calling Michelle Obama ‘her friend” had me rolling on the floor laughing. Hillary quoted Michelle’s speech from the DNC where she said, “When they go low, we go high.” This was to deflect from the bludgeoning she was receiving from Trump. Got a little bombshell for ya, Hillary. Michelle Obama hates your guts. Michelle remembers what you and your team did to her husband back in 2008. She remembers Sidney Blumenthal, Hillary’s friend who orchestrated the birther movement and released the pictures of Obama in the Muslim garb.


Michelle Obama remembers all of the dirty tricks and names Hillary called her husband and so does Obama. In fact, Obama hates Sidney Blumenthal so much that he forbid him from having any role in his administration whatsoever. He told Hillary that she or her team could associate with him at their own peril, but Sidney Blumenthal would never be let anywhere near the White House while he was president, to which Hillary meekly replied, “Yes, Mr. President. Anything you say. Thanks for the State Department appointment.” Then Hillary’s “friend” Michelle told Hillary to go get her f—king shine box.

So those were the big takeaways from the make or break debate for Trump. Donald Trump clobbered Hillary Clinton, and everybody knows it. No matter what CNN or NBC’s skewed polls say, no matter what the pundits or bitter Never Trump losers say, Trump won. Everybody knows it, including the millions of people who are Trump supporters that won’t admit it. The silent majority who will lead Donald Trump to victory in November.

Deal with it.

Trump 2016


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