Dems Fall Into The Trump Trap

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Donald Trump managed to steal the spotlight away from the DNC Convention yesterday. It was hilarious watching CNN, Politico and other liberal websites lead with headlines like “Trump Urges Russia to Hack Hillary Clinton’s Email.”

They played right into it. They fell into the Trump Trap. That’s what I call it now. They were supposed to be talking about what an awesome speech Bill Clinton gave and Hillary shattering the glass ceiling. Instead, they were all talking about Trump and his Florida press conference.

Bill Clinton’s speech was bizarre and creepy. It started like a Lifetime movie about stalkers or serial killers. Imagine a murderer describing meeting his victim for the first time. That’s what it was like.

“She had thick blond hair, big glasses, wore no makeup, and she had a sense of strength and self- possession that I found magnetic. After the class I followed her out, intending to introduce myself. I got close enough to touch her back, but I couldn’t do it. Somehow I knew this would not be just another tap on the shoulder, that I might be starting something I couldn’t stop.”

Then he took out his knife and stabbed her 50 times.

Now I know if you’re a Democrat, it was touching and moving and romantic. Most normal people probably thought it was creepy and weird. Watching him lay out this outline of this love story, it’s obvious he doesn’t really love her, or even like her that much. It’s just a political marriage. That’s all it is. It’s like when parents stay together until their kids grow up, and then divorce. They stick it out so their children won’t have to come from a broken home, even though the love went out of the marriage a long time ago.

If Bill and Hillary were citizens, if politics weren’t involved and Hillary wasn’t running for president, I think they would have split up by now. It’s obviously a marriage of political convenience. So it was bizarre watching Bill spin this creepy story of stalking that led to this fairy tale romance and awesome marriage.

How can world leaders be expected to respect Hillary Clinton as president when her own husband doesn’t? Everybody has issues in their marriage sometimes. A lot of people stray, they get caught or they admit it, and they try not to repeat that same mistake. Bill Clinton not only repeated the mistake, he brazenly did it in the Oval Office while president, which led to an international scandal and his impeachment.

Bill Clinton cheated on Hillary over and over again. It’s obvious he knew he could get away wth it, that Hillary wouldn’t or couldn’t do anything about it. What does that say about her strength as president? If people think Obama is weak with world leaders, Hillary Clinton will be a cakewalk.

You know what else is weird? Democrats pretend like none of this ever happened. They really do live in this alternate universe, and they just gobble up the BS like candy. They drink the kool-aid and ask for another glass. People make fun of Trump supporters, calling them cultish. The entire Democratic Party is a cult of starry-eyed true believers.

Some are refusing to drink the kool-aid.. They refuse to be indoctrinated into the Scientology club. The media downplayed it, but when they did the roll call and made the official announcement that Hillary was the nominee, thousands of people left the convention hall. Thousands. The media didn’t report on that, or the many protests going on outside. Jill Stein, the presidential candidate for the Green Party, was out there with a megaphone and people were eating up what she had to say. There are a lot of disgruntled Bernie supporters who will vote for anybody but Hillary Clinton.

Dems are using a tactic that I don’t think is going to work out so well. They are starting to shame Bernie supporters. You saw Sarah Silverman on Monday night, saying the Bernie or Bust people were “being ridiculous.” Seth Meyers also did a rant where he mocked and ridiculed their passion and told them they needed to “be quiet now.” It’s one thing for Republicans to make fun of Bernie and his people, but Democrats need them. I don’t know if attacking Bernie supporters is a winning strategy.

It’s another Democratic contradiction. They are all about not fat shaming or victim blaming or bullying, and here they are shaming Bernie fans and trying to make them look silly. If I were a Bernie supporter and I saw the Seth Meyers rant, I would vote for Trump out of spite.

Seth Meyers is a talk show host. He’s supposed to entertain people and have celebrities on to talk about their stupid movies. People tune in because they want to see Clint Eastwood or Liam Neeson, but they have to wade through Seth Meyers’ constant shilling for Democrats. It used to not be this way. Johnny Carson or Leno would toss a couple of political jokes into their monologue, but people like Seth Meyers and Stephen Colbert have turned late night TV into Republican bash-fests.

Imagine if thousands of Ted Cruz supporters stormed out of the building and staged protests outside the convention. The media would be all over it. Look at the coverage on Trump’s joke about Hillary’s emails and Russia. They would be salivating if thousands of delegates walked out in Cleveland. “Look at what’s going on. There’s no party unity. This does not bode well for Donald Trump.”

Instead, they dismiss the discord and say it’s just a few kids causing trouble. I saw a lot of adults amongst the Bernie supporters Tuesday night. A lot of adults were carrying signs and wearing Bernie buttons.

This is a big deal. Democrats need those voters. It’s not like Hillary is getting the record-setting turnouts that Obama had in 2008. It’s not like they’ve run up the score and can afford to coast for the rest of the game. Their voter turnout is way down. Of those who did show up to cast their ballot, millions of those votes went to Bernie Sanders. He took several states. Millions of those voters won’t appreciate being made fun of and they’ll stay home. Or they will vote for Trump. If she doesn’t get the Bernie people on board, it’s over for Hillary.

Even with Obama’s high turnout, he still only won by a few million votes. It wasn’t like a 1984 Ronald Reagan sweep. If Hillary loses the support of say 4 million people, she’s done. Over and out. That’s why we’re seeing Seth Myers and the media constantly beating the drum for Democrats. Liberals in Hollywood want everybody to be as socially conscious as they are in Los Angeles. If you live in Ohio or Indiana and every time you turn on the TV you are inundated with messages about transgenders and gay marriage and murderous cops, after a while you start to believe them. That’s how liberals have been able to get way with what they have.

That’s why when Donald Trump popped up on the scene, Democrats freaked. Trump had rallies where coal miners and factory workers would go and see other people like them. “Wow. You mean the entire country isn’t like the Kardashians? Everybody doesn’t think like Seth Myers and Stephen Colbert? I can talk about my opposition to liberal policies and not be shamed? This is refreshing. This is liberating.” That’s why liberals are freaking and talking about Trump working with the Russians.

Democrats are in trouble and the media knows it. That’s why Joe Biden is talking about leaving Bernie supporters alone and letting them grieve a little bit. Biden said the Democrats have had trouble reaching the white middle class voter. Look at the convention. They’ve had illegal immigrants, cripples, Black Lives Matter, etc. on stage. The white middle class voter is not being represented and without them, Democrats are not going to win. They have to win states like Pennsylvania and Ohio. They can talk about blacks and Latinos until the cows come home, but the way the electoral college  is, blacks and Latinos aren’t going to make a difference. Every Latino in California can stand together and not vote for Trump, but if he wins Pennsylvania and Ohio, California isn’t going to matter. The majority of voters in those states are white middle class.

If you’ve not previously been involved in the political process, and somebody comes along and inspires you to pull $20 dollars out of your pocket to help their campaign, you’re not going to decide to vote for their opposition because he lost, especially if he was cheated. Bernie is the complete opposite of Hillary. His campaign was funded by millions of small donations. Hilary is funded by donors and super PACs. Bernie spent his entire campaign talking about corporate greed and Wall Street, the very people who are financing Hillary Clinton. The DNC email leak revealed that people like Debbie Wassermann Schultz were actively sabotaging Bernie’s campaign. Debbie Wasserman Schultz stepped down from her chair at the DNC, but now she’s going to work for Hillary’s campaign. How will all of this play out  with Bernie supporters?


Throughout this whole process, the media has downplayed the rift. They say Republicans are the ones who aren’t united. They say Trump couldn’t get anybody to come out and speak for him at the convention in Cleveland. Look at the Democrats, they say. OK. First of all, the Democrats are in power. I guarantee if a two-term Republican administration was in charge instead of the Obama crew, a lot more Republicans would have shown up. Of course the president, the VP and the First Lady are going to speak. Plus, there are a lot of celebrities at the DNC convention. The fact that there are a lot of liberals in Hollywood isn’t exactly groundbreaking news. It goes without saying that Democrats are going to have a lot more star power.

Bill Clinton’s creepy speech notwithstanding,  the biggest thing of come out of the convention so far has been the walkout. It’s obvious that the voters who didn’t are not very smart. They’re like babies, and the DNC brought out a bunch of shiny toys for them to marvel at. “Look! Alicia Keyes! Boyz II Men! Demi Lovato!”

Another bizarre segment was when they paraded out the moms of black people who had been killed by police. You know, the ones who were murdered in cold blood by racist white cops. They were just sitting there eating an ice cream cone and some cracker cop rolled up and shot them in the head. They even had the mother of Jordan Davis, who was killed by Michael Dunn for playing his music too loud in Florida. This made no sense. Dunn was convicted and is serving life without parole. Where’s the injustice? The guy’s in jail. What did that have to do with “The Movement?” What did Trayvon Martin have to do with The Movement? He was killed by a neighborhood watch guy, not a cop. It was just bizarre. Eight police officers were gunned down last month. Why didn’t they have their mothers on stage? Is every single family member of those cops Republicans? They must be.


Democrats are choking. They know they’re in trouble. They obviously got criticized for not having any American flags displayed, so they threw up a couple Tuesday night.

That was the Democratic convention. Unicorns and rainbows and shiny objects for stupid voters. But the best part was the next day.

Donald Trump gave a press conference in Florida. He said, “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing. “I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press.”

Of course, the media’s not talking about the fact that the DNC servers were hacked almost two years ago. Of course they’re not talking about that. Before Trump announced he was running for president, the DNC was getting hacked. Hillary Clinton was getting hacked. The FBI even said that her server was vulnerable and there were numerous hacking attempts. That’s why it’s ludicrous for anyone to infer that Trump had any collusion with Putin in email hacking. It’s a false narrative.

It’s like when someone get busted for cheating because their spouse found out about it when the cheater left their computer on with the email signed in and the cheater gets angry at the spouse for invading their privacy.

“But what about you cheating?” 

“That doesn’t matter! You looked at my emails! I don’t trust you now!”

“Trust? But you cheated…”


The DNC had emails that showed them doing all of this stuff to damage Bernie’s campaign and help Hillary, but they are trying to turn the focus toward a boogeyman dictator like Putin and say that he and the other villain Donald Trump conspired to bring them down. Never mind all that stuff they said about Bernie, Donald Trump is committing treason by suggesting that the evil dictator engage in computer espionage against the United States. Forget the emails. That doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is Trump playing spy games with Putin.

That’s why they are trying to spin it that Trump urged Russia to spy on the U.S., even though that’s not what he said. He said he hoped Russia would be able to find the 30,000 missing emails. It was said tongue-in-cheek. It was a joke. He also talked about how Hillary Clinton hasn’t had a press conference in over a year. But that didn’t seem to bother the media.

It’s insane, but they all fell into the Trump Trap. On the day that Obama and Joe Biden were to deliver their big speeches, all anybody did was talk about Donald Trump. He reached up and grabbed that spotlight away from the Democrats. Republicans usually lay low during the DNC convention. The president and vice president are both scheduled to deliver speeches praising Hillary Clinton, and Trump switches the focus back to Hillary and her emails. Her 30,000 deleted emails.

Brilliantly played, maestro.

Trump 2016


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