Creepy Cruz And The Kids

From 4-14-16 episode of The Rob Zicari Show LIVE 10-1pm M-F

Did you see the creepy Cruz family town hall on CNN Wednesday night? It was pretty unsettling, because they had their children on it.

I feel bad for Ted’s kids. It’s not their fault. Somebody asked if it was hard to keep everything together as a family on the campaign trail, and Heidi Cruz actually said it was the kid’s choice. She said she and Ted had talked to the children before his presidential run and asked them how they felt. It was their choice to come on the road. It was their choice to live on a campaign bus.

Their choice? At five and eight years old? How is it their choice? How does a 5 or an 8-year-old have any understanding of what a presidential campaign entails? Heidi said later that she had to explain to the girls what a First Lady was. Are you kidding me? They are so full of crap. They were talking about an iPad game called Stack the States and it was revealed that little 8-year-old Caroline’s favorite state was… New York. New York. Ted and Heidi were actually using their kids to pander to New York voters. Come on, man.

People ask me how could I be shocked that a politician would say or do anything to get elected? When it involves a five and an eight year old, I am. We’re not even talking about Kasich’s kids ages, we’re talking about little kids. It was their choice whether to go on the campaign trail with Ted and Heidi? When I was five and eight years old, I had to do whatever my parents told me to do.

“We’re going to church.”

“I don’t want to go to church.”

“We’re going to church.”


“Afterwards, we’re going to Grandma’s house to bring her bologna and steaks and we have to wrap them and put them in the freezer for her.”

“I don’t want to go.”

“You’re going.”


That’s how it goes when you are five or eight years old. How did it go when Heidi explained to the girls what was going to happen?

“Caroline, Catherine. Daddy is going to run for president. We’re all going to live on a bus and go to all these different places and be on TV all the time. But you know what? It’s up to you. What do you want to do?”

Are you kidding me?


“OK Caroline, when we talk about Stack the States, what state are you going to say is your favorite? Starts with an ’N’.”

“New Hampshire?”



“No. Come on, honey. You can say it.”

“I don’t want to.”

“It’s New York. Don’t make Mommy have to lock you in the luggage compartment for punishment again…’”

“New York. I won’t forget, Mommy.”

“Good girl.”

Have you ever seen videos of Caroline and her reactions to Ted? I wouldn’t be surprised that she got locked in the baggage compartment, judging by how she appears to be thoroughly repulsed by her dad. Ted tries to kiss his daughter and she puts her hands in his face like, “Nooo!” She’s turning her head. “No! You’re gonna lock me in the luggage rack again! Get away from me, you scumbag!”

People say come on, they’re kids. Didn’t you act that way towards your parents at that age? No, I don’t ever remember pushing my parents away. Unless they locked me in the baggage compartment. That’s the only time I would push them away.

I remember one time when I was a kid in the 70s.  We were at Cape Cod. I wanted to ride go-karts, but we were doing all this other stuff, visiting Martha’s Vineyard, seeing where they made Jaws, all this stuff. We drove past the go-kart place and I started screaming that I wanted to ride the go-karts. My mom pulled over, dragged me out of the car by my arm and started whacking me with her shoe, one of those wooden clogs. After she hit me, she felt bad, so we went to the go-kart place.

Other than that, I never pulled away from my mom. What did Ted do to his daughter that make him so repellant? How does Caroline Cruz know that New York is her favorite state? How?

Perhaps someone should investigate. Just sayin…

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