CNN Works For Hacking Hillary?

Why do you think they call CNN the Clinton News Network?

I’m sure you’ve all heard about the Hillary Clinton health rumors. According to CNN, these rumors have been debunked. Just another wacky conspiracy theory from the right. She even went on Jimmy Kimmel’s show and asked Kimmel to take her pulse, then she opened a pickle jar. All to prove that these rumors weren’t true. The questions about her health were completely unfounded. It was all just a big joke. Hillary is as strong as a horse.


Then, all of a sudden, we shifted from Hillary’s health to Donald Trump’s health. We went from talking about the aneurysm Hilary got from a fall and the blood thinning medication she takes to combat it, having to be helped up stairs, her numerous bouts of uncontrollable coughing and wheezing to Trump’s medical records that were released in December 2015. The letter from Trump’s doctor describing his blood pressure as “astonishingly excellent” and suggesting he would be the “healthiest individual ever elected” should he become president was intensely scrutinized by Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s chief medical correspondent:

“I don’t even know what to make of this letter,” he told CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield. “Whether you are a doctor or not, that degree of hyperbole and these words being used is very unusual. People don’t write like that. … ‘Strength and stamina are extraordinary’ — what does that mean, exactly?”

This letter was released back in December during primary season. It has already been dissected by CNN, George Stephanopoulos, Ted Cruz’ camp, etc. It’s old news.

Hillary’s health rumors were never reported on by CNN or any other media outlet. They were immediately dismissed as right wing conspiracy theories. But all of these videos were popping up of her coughing fits. It wasn’t just once or twice, and it wasn’t her just clearing her throat.

You have all of these questions about Hillary’s health. You have Trump saying she doesn’t have the strength and stamina to be president. Now CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, etc. are forced to cover the story. But they flipped the narrative to focus on Donald Trump. They even published an article entitled “Hillary’s health is fine, but what about Trump?”

Wait a minute. We’re not talking about Trump. We talked about Trump almost a year ago. His doctor letter was meticulously analyzed and dissected. A presidential candidate’s health is an issue, I get that. Remember the questions about John McCain and his melanoma and the possibility that Sarah Palin could become president if he croaked? I understand the necessity of a healthy commander in chief. It’s a stressful position that requires someone be somewhat physically able to handle what comes with being the most powerful person in the world.

Trump’s health has already been discussed. Questions about Hillary’s health have not. In fact, just yesterday Hacking Hillary had yet another epic coughing fit in Cleveland. This one was really bad. We’ll have more to say about it on today’s show, but check this out:

I’m telling you, something is wrong with this poor woman. Will CNN cover this? Or will they somehow figure out a way to blame Donald Trump? Hillary even said talking about Trump makes her cough.

You would think at some point an executive at CNN would have told their journalists, “Enough already. Dial it back. They’re on to us.” I mean, look at their political discussion panels. You have Jeffrey Lord and Corey Lewandowski as the sole voices from the right. That’s it. Everybody else is anti-Trump and pro-Hillary.

A batch of cable news ratings came out recently. CNN is now trailing MSNBC. Fox News has always been on top, followed by CNN and MSNBC. The only thing I can gather from that is people go to Fox when they want a perspective from the right. They go to MSNBC to get the left’s take. CNN was always in the middle. People went to CNN because they just wanted the news, not opinions from the left or the right. They wanted their information with an unbiased perspective. That’s why you always saw televisions in airports and bars tuned into CNN. It was strictly “the news” delivered 24 hours a day. That was Ted Turner’s vision when he founded the network back in 1980. When Reagan was shot, they were there. Remember Bernard Shaw, Peter Arnett and John Holliman reporting live from the al-Rashid hotel in Baghdad when the bombing began during the 1991 Gulf War? That event put them on the map as a serious news network.


But that’s all changed now. Over the past couple of years, CNN has taken a serious turn to the left. It’s like they bamboozled everybody into thinking they were a legitimate news source, so that bars and hotels and airports would have their televisions tuned into CNN, but then once they got everyone hooked, they turned. Slowly but surely, CNN became a propaganda tool for the left. More importantly, Hillary Clinton. CNN became the Clinton News Network.

People are starting to catch on, and that’s why their ratings are in the toilet. If you want a right slant, you go to Fox and watch Sean Hannity. If you want a left perspective, you watch Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. Those two stations don’t try to hide their bias. That’s not to say they haven’t tried, but people caught on fairly quickly. Hannity hates everything about the left and Maddow despises the right. There’s no debate about where their political leanings lie.


But CNN tries to be cute. Brianna Keilar will ask questions, but then start giving her opinion on the subject. Same thing with Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon and everybody else associated with the network. CNN is supposed to be in the middle, and they’re not anymore. When they bring up a Donald Trump story from a year ago to try to squelch rumors about Hillary Clinton’s health, it’s obvious that they are in the bag for her.

So yes, CNN does work for Hacking Hillary. That’s why they are called the Clinton News Network. But thank to a new CNN/ORC poll just released today, they may be getting fired soon. Perhaps Jeff Zucker will sue her for sexual harassment and rake in $20 million.

But that’s a whole other story…

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