Chupacabras Invade San Jose

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The Chupacabras were out in full force in San Jose on Thursday. I’m not sure how many of you saw them. When it’s anti-Trump hooligans attacking Trump supporters, the media tends to ignore it. We don’t call these violent thugs protesters. We call them Chupacabras.

When you’re punching people, attacking the police and assaulting girls with eggs, you’re not a protester. You’re a criminal. A dangerous animal. A Chupacabra.

The media created the Chupacabras months ago. It started when “protesters” who were paid by George Soros and would infiltrate Trump events and then start a disruption. When Trump supporters reacted to these invasions, the media would focus solely on them. They wouldn’t show the events leading up to a protester being punched as he was being led out, the media would only show the Trump supporters angrily responding to the disturbance. This created the narrative of the violence being instigated by Trump supporters.

As time went on, the Chupacabras became more and more disruptive. They blocked freeways and chained themselves to cars. They burned American flags and waved Mexican flags. They threw rocks and bottles at police and overturned squad cars. The media is still covering it, but they’re starting to get nervous. Everywhere they turned, the narrative of non-violent, peaceful anti-Trump protests was being shattered. When they interviewed the Chupacabras, most of them had no idea why they were protesting. It became harder and harder for the media to justify what these animals were doing.


Even people who don’t like Trump were finding it harder to defend the Chupacabras. The beast that the media created was starting to turn on them. Albuquerque, New Mexico became a war zone. All the networks were broadcasting what was going on. This was the turning point. It was at this stage that the network executives got together and said, “No more. We can’t cover these protests like we used to. The protesters are becoming exactly what Donald Trump said they were. They’re criminals, and we can’t defend them. They’ve made it impossible.”

Albuquerque was just an excuse to riot. Donald Trump had already spoken and was gone. He had left, and these people were still throwing rocks and lighting things on fire. It had gone beyond people chanting, “Hey hey! Ho ho! Donald Trump has got to go!” They were wearing bandanas to hide their faces so they wouldn’t be identified by the police in news footage. If you have a criminal record, which a lot of Chupacabras have, you are going to be picked up when your face is shown all over CNN.

New Mexico had Chupacabra banditos throwing rocks at cops and injuring them, people being assaulted, car windows being busted, American flags being burned, and it was covered on all the news channels. There were panels to discuss what was going on, but you could see they had a conundrum. They couldn’t spin out of it. They couldn’t defend the Chupacabras.

So the network honchos got together and decided not to cover the events as much. No more wall to wall coverage, because it was showing Mexicans and people wearing Bernie Sanders shirts instigating violence and damaging property. The narrative they spent the last six months creating was being destroyed.


Even the uber-liberals who love Caitlyn Jenner and think all police hate black people were seeing the American flag being set on fire and stomped on. Even they didn’t want to see the country disrespected. They don’t like Trump, but they say he has a right to express his views, as they have a right to peacefully protest what he is saying. Even ultra-lefties were appalled by the Chupacabras.

Then came San Diego. Again, Trump had spoken and left the event and people were still being assaulted, windows were being broken, barriers were being overturned and flags were being burned. Once again, riot police had to come in and deal with the Chupacabras. CNN and MSNBC tried to cut away from the mayhem as much as they could, but the damage was done. That’s when the network bosses pulled the plug.

Cut to Thursday night in San Jose. It was an all-out assault on Trump supporters. If you are an undecided voter, when you watch the footage of what went on, you will instantly become a Trump supporter. You have to search for it. The major networks didn’t cover it. You can only find the videos on sites like Breitbart.

There was a woman who was walking into the event with a Trump shirt on. People were screaming at her. She turned and smiled and pointed to her shirt. She was then spit on and pelted with eggs. I watched a woman, a so-called reporter on CNN say the woman was taunting the crowd. Pointing to her shirt was somehow taunting them. This female reporter actually said that while assaulting the woman with eggs was wrong, she taunted the protesters, so she should have expected some kind of reaction.

Wow. Isn’t that something? It kind of sounds like when a woman is raped and someone says she had it coming because she was wearing a sexy outfit. She enticed the poor rapist. She was asking for it. When you wear a sexy dress, you deserve to be raped.

Trump supporters need to organize their own counter-protest force to battle the Chupacabras. Billionaires like the Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson need to fund media outlets to combat the bombardment of liberal messages. The liberal media is telling the Chupacabras that what they are doing is OK, so there needs to be a hardcore security team in place to protect Trump supporters who are walking in and out of the event. Like Blackwater protected contractors in Iraq. I would love to see how a Blackwater mercenary handles someone who throws an egg at a woman.

This is what we’re up against. The editor of Vox, an ultra-leftist website owned by liberal columnist Ezra Klein, sent the following tweets the day of the San Jose riots. His name is Emmett Rensin.

Advice: If Trump comes to your town, start a riot.

Then this:

Let’s be clear: It’s never a shame to storm the barricades set up around a fascist.

and this:

Listen, if Trump is Hitler then you’ve got no business condemning rioters. If he isn’t, you’ve got no business pretending normal is better.

So Emmett Rensin is saying that everyone who is against Trump should be supporting the violence. In his mind, they should arm them and help them storm the barricades.

Rensin continues:

1. Spend half a year calling Trump a xenophobic fascist. 

2. Likely victims of xenophobic fascism act out.


I do tend to agree Trump is atypically threatening. That’s why I’m not going to condemn rioters.

This is the editor of Vox, a popular liberal website owned by Ezra Klein. This is why you’re not seeing footage of the San Jose riots on CNN and MSNBC. The riots are something the left created that has gotten out of hand. The Chupacabras that they’ve fed for a year are now biting them back.


Can you imagine if there was footage of a girl wearing a Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton shirt  surrounded by Trump supporters and being spat on and pelted with eggs? Can you imagine the outrage? All we’ve seen on the news is pundits talking about Trump criticizing the judge in the Trump University case. But a woman being assaulted at Trump rally? Nobody is saying a thing. Chupacabras burning the American flag and saying America was never great? Crickets. Wolf Blitzer mentions a few “scuffles” in San Jose and leads with the Trump University Mexican judge being called a Mexican by Donald Trump.

People are being assaulted, flags are being burnt, police cars are being vandalized and there’s not a mainstream news camera in sight. When you corner a 90 pound woman and spit in her face and throw eggs at her, you’re a punk, a piece of crap. You’re a bigger piece of crap if you say she was taunting the Chupacabras, so she deserved it. It’s the same as saying a woman was asking to be raped because she wore a short skirt.

This is why the left needs to be stopped. This is why Hillary Clinton cannot hijack the White House.


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