Chuck Todd Fudges The Numbers

Don’t like poll results? No problem. MSNBC’s Chuck Todd will change them for you.

The left is officially freaking out. Actually, they’ve gone beyond freaking out and have entered the realm of complete insanity. I’ve never seen this before. I’ve never seen someone take a poll that everybody is buzzing about and alter the results to make it fit their narrative. I’m not talking about an MSNBC poll. I’m talking about someone else’s poll. I’ve never seen someone take another station’s poll and skew the numbers because they didn’t what that poll said.

I’ve seen story after story in the liberal press trying to explain how the new CNN/ORC poll that shows Donald Trump leading Hillary Clinton doesn’t really matter. The numbers are wrong, because it’s still too early to say that this poll indicates what will happen come Election Day.

Now remember, three weeks ago, it was over. Hillary Clinton will win. Look at the polls. Hillary is slaughtering The Donald. She should start measuring the White House drapes, because Trump is done. But now? It’s too early to predict who will win. And don’t forget, all the pundits said poll results only matter after Labor Day, because that’s when everybody becomes engaged in the election. If Trump is still trailing Hilary after Labor Day, it’s way too late for him to turn it around.

So what happens? The CNN/ORC poll comes out showing Trump leading Hillary. These same pundits are now saying it’s no big deal, because it’s early and Hillary can turn it around. (If she doesn’t die of a pollen-induced coughing attack first)

MSNBC has gone even further. They are so pissed off that Trump is leading that they altered CNN’s poll. They sent Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd out to tell everybody that the poll is wrong. “CNN skewed it too much, so what we’ve got to do it take polling data from the 2012 electorate and apply it to this poll. See what happens? Hillary is in the lead!”


MSNBC is taking polling numbers from the 2012 race between Romney and Obama and putting them against the CNN poll that came out Tuesday from the 2016 race between Hillary and Trump because they didn’t like that poll’s results. These are completely different candidates that they are comparing. Obama was radical, but Hillary is even more radical. Just the fact that Hillary is an old white woman running for president is pretty radical, plus there are a whole bunch of black people who don’t like her, and Obama got almost 100% of the black vote.

Sean Combs aka Diddy even said in an interview that it would be a mistake for Hillary and Democrats to assume that black people are all in her corner. Diddy told his black brothers and sisters to not just automatically give their votes to Democrats. Actually listen to what both sides have to offer the African American community, what they have done for them, and make their choice from there. Sound advice from the Diddster.

MSNBC taking polling data from 2016 and applying it to 2016 is completely wrong, because the candidates are entirely different. There was no grassroots excitement for Mitt Romney. Many, many Republicans didn’t like him, but held their noses and voted for him anyway and he still lost. Romney’s candidacy energized the Tea Party movement even further. The GOP establishment choosing Romney as their candidate is why Donald Trump is the nominee now. There was no grassroots support for Mitt. In fact, a lot of Republicans hated his guts and blame him to this day for losing an election he easily should have won against Obama. Nobody cared about Mitt, that’s why his speech denouncing Trump went over like a fart in an elevator. Only Never Trump idiots like Glenn Beck, S.E. Cupp, Ana Navarro and Katie Packer enjoyed the foul stench.

Here’s what Chuckie Baby had to say:

Now remember, Obama had a turnout of black voters that was unprecedented. So assuming Hillary will get the same turnout is liberal wet dreaming. This is coming from MSNBC, the same station that conducted a poll that had Ted Cruz leading Trump in South Carolina by four points in the primary a couple days before the election, and we all know what happened there. Cruz got slaughtered. Came in third behind Marco Rubio.


MSNBC is also the same network that told GOP voters three weeks ago to not even bother showing up on Election Day. Republicans are going to lose not only the White House, but all the Senate and House races.

Taking polling data from states that are historically blue or red and applying it to a national poll is incredibly disingenuous. Taking samplings from Texas, from California, from New York. These states don’t matter. What matters is Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida. States that can go either way. Trump is still competitive in those states.

People on the left like to bring up Nate Silver, because he accurately predicted an Obama victory in 2012. But Nate Silver was incredibly wrong during the primaries this season. You can’t erase the primaries and say that Nate Silver knows what he’s talking about because he knew Obama would win. Every single pundit and pollster, from Nate Silver to Dana Perino to Frank Luntz got it wrong during the primaries, so why should we believe anything they tell us now?

I’ve said it before. Once the primaries were done and it was Trump and Hillary, all of these pundits and pollsters would pretend the primaries never happened. Once again, I am being proven right.

Man, you wanna talk about a party in panic mode? You have a liberal network reworking another liberal network’s polling results because they don’t like them. Panic mode. Democrats are freaking the f—k out, because Trump is steadily gaining ground and could actually win this thing.


Polls are designed for low information voters. Nobody likes to be on a losing team, so they will vote for who the polls say is winning. People follow trends. Parachute pants are in style? Everybody starts wearing parachute pants. Nobody likes Vanilla Ice? OK, I’m not going to listen to him anymore. That’s who we are. Most Americans are like sheep.

Polls are created to influence people who don’t want to back a loser. MSNBC’s viewers are primarily liberal hipster douchebags, but there are also viewers who could go either way. They could vote for a Democrat in one election, and a Republican in the next. That’s why Dems are freaking out and Chuck Todd is desperately trying to convince swing voters that CNN’s numbers are wrong.

It’s Hillary-arious.

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