Chomo Rats Out The Syndicate

Democrats are punch drunk right now.

They are like Mike Tyson after Buster Douglas knocked his block off in 1990, desperately fumbling for their mouthpiece.

It is glorious.

I am talking about the FBI re-opening Hillary Clinton’s email case, of course. Dems are trying to say it is not a re-opening. The case is closed, they say. The FBI is re-opening the case, Demmies, and I take great glee in this.

The left paraded out all of these half-assed porn stars and 80-year-old women to accuse Donald Trump of inappropriate behavior. As long as they could focus attention on that and not Hillary’s corruption and incompetency, all was well in the liberal alternate universe. As long as they could portray Trump as a pussy hound, it was all good. Because no other president has ever been a pussy hound, right? *cough*Bill Clinton*cough*

Democrats and the media they control did everything they could do to portray Donald Trump as a pussy hound, a Nazi, a Russian collaborator, a crazy racist xenophobe with an itchy nuclear button trigger finger. Hillary didn’t really even have to campaign. It was, “You can either have this maniacal dangerous evil horny monster as your president or what we got over here. Hillary may not be perfect, but she’s not Trump.” That was all Democrats had to keep hammering home. Crooked Hillary’s dirty laundry was pushed aside and ignored.

But now, Wikileaks and especially Anthony Weiner aka Carlos Danger aka The Mongoose aka T Dog have handed Democrats a bombshell bigger than any pussy grabbing accuser they’ve dug up to bury The Donald.

Let’s explore how it all went down, shall we?

I predicted that the latest Trump accuser from Finland would be the top story on Friday. I figured former Miss Finland Ninni Laaksonen saying Trump grabbed her butt before they went on Letterman ten years ago would be all over the news. Every network would have it as their top story and all the pundit panels on CNN would be discussing the latest Trump-trocity. Anything to divert attention from Hillary’s plummeting poll numbers. That’s what I planned to talk about on Friday night’s show.


A few weeks ago, Donald Trump went into one of his riffs before a group of donors, calling Anthony Weiner one of the “great perverts of our time.” It was hilarious. Trump went into all of these emails and secrets that Huma Abedin would share with Weiner. We did a story about it. The media was outraged, or course. “How could he say such things?” But they knew, as we all do, that husbands and wives share things with each other. That’s why Trump resonates with so many people, because he dares to point out the obvious. He talks and thinks like real people do.

Now here we are, and everything Donald Trump said was right. Again. Democrats and Never Trumpers were beside themselves that Trump would stoop so low as to bring up Anthony Weiner, but now we know that not only was it true, it was criminal. Everything we know, we share with our significant others, even if we’re not supposed to.

Hillary Clinton is with Bill Clinton, and Bill likes to bang chicks. He likes to bang a lot of them. He doesn’t have to hide it, because he has a relationship with Hillary that allows it. Bill’s just not supposed to flaunt it like he does. Bill Clinton got a pass from the left because he happened to be president when the internet-fueled economy was booming. All of the things that were revealed by people like Gennifer Flowers and Paula Jones were dismissed as vast right-wing conspiracies. Things like Hillary being a closet lesbian and her and Bill having an “arrangement.” But these things have turned out to be true. Only blindly delusional lefties refuse to acknowledge the obvious – that Bill and Hillary Clinton do not have a traditional marriage. It is an arrangement of political convenience.


Why do you think Bill chose Monica Lewinsky as his intern and Hillary chose Huma Abedin?. Because Bill likes chubby white trash chicks and Hillary likes submissive women who will bow to her every command. You can’t get any more submissive than a Muslim woman, especially one whose family has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Those are the most submissive women on the planet. “Oh, I can’t drive? OK. You want me to wear this beekeeper’s outfit in 100 degree weather? Not a problem.  Sure, I’m fine with having my genitals mutilated. Slice away, my male Muslim master.” So Hillary and Huma was a match made in girl homo heaven. Hillary said to Bill, “You take the fat one, I’m taking the Muzzie.”

Hillary and Huma have been together for years. That’s why it makes sense that Huma’s husband is like Bill Clinton, except much more of an indiscreet degenerate. It’s one thing to cheat. It happens, but most people try to be a little more careful and keep it on the down low, like Eliot Spitzer tried to. But to sext pics of your junk to an underage girl while you lay in bed next to your infant son is pure perverted lunacy. That’s To Catch A Predator type stuff. Remember that show? One of the greatest of all time. Pervs would sext adults pretending to be kids and these idiots would show up for a meeting and Chris Hansen would walk out and chastise them, and then they would walk out the door and be busted by the cops. At the end of the show, they would show that this person got seven years in prison, and that person got ten or five or whatever.


What Anthony Weiner did when he sexted the 15-year-old his junk pics was the same thing the perverts did in To Catch A Predator. It was a criminal offense. Weiner knew that the girl was underage, yet he continued to send dick pics. Weiner sexting with the teener was a criminal act, he was looking at prison time, so he made a deal with the feds. That’s why the FBI is re-opening the Hillary email case.

Huma Abedin was being groomed to hold a very high position should Hillary be elected. Chief of Staff, possibly. She knew all about her husband’s dirty doings, just like Hillary knew about Bill, but when it was discovered that he was doing the dick pic thing with a kid, that’s when the Hillary camp said he had to go. That’s when Huma announced their separation. Huma wasn’t shocked when she found out about Anthony. She’s known about it all along. They probably looked at underaged sexting pics together. Huma would look over Anthony’s shoulder and say “Oooh, that one’s cute!”  Remember, Huma comes from a culture where 13-year-old brides are no big whoop.

This doesn’t sound like a plausible scenario to you? But a washed-up porn star whose job description entails pussy grabbing holds a press conference where she says she was offered money to have her pussy grabbed and was kissed without her permission makes sense? That you all believe, even though said porn star had opened a special adult website the day before the presser. OK, liberals. Whatever you say.


Imagine if this were connected to Trump. The liberal press would be having a field day with this. Remember the Corey Lewandowski/Michelle Fields incident that turned out to be a big hoax? They hammered that BS for weeks, until footage revealed that Lewandowski was simply moving her out of the way, not pushing her to the ground and assaulting her like Fields, Ben Shapiro, the Washington Post and other hacks tried to imply. It was all an elaborate work. Now imagine if Kellyanne Conway’s husband or whoever was involved with sexting a child. Being a pedophile. Conway would have been drummed out of politics in a nanosecond.

The FBI found information on Huma’s computer that she was sharing with a pedo. This is a big deal. She might have accidentally sent details about drone programs and other highly classified information to Weiner’s underaged sexting pals. This is serious stuff. When the Wikileaks bombshells began dropping, there was a distinct odor of feces ruminating throughout the Hillary campaign headquarters and the liberal media corporate offices. They knew they were screwed beyond comprehension. That’s why they have been desperately pushing the Trump pussy grabbing narrative. The landslide they all predicted before the first votes were even cast was not going to happen. I’m not saying Trump will win at this late stage, but it will definitely not be Reagan in ’84. None of this Wikileaks business is good, and there is a plethora of poopy panic from the left.

James Comey would not be starting this investigation this close to an election if there wasn’t something there. Sorry to burst your delusional bubbles, libs and Never Trumpers. Maybe they will have Huma fall on her sword and be the sacrificial lamb. Huma gets prosecuted for being careless, Hillary claims no knowledge and loses her lesbian lover for the good of the nation. Maybe it’s all a big work to make Huma take the fall for everything.

But maybe not. The FBI would not be doing this if there were “duplicate emails” and other anomalies that Dems are desperately trying to claim. This is about Anthony Weiner being a pedo. Weiner may be ratting his wife out. Remember, he knows where all the bodies are buried. He’s seen the skeletons in the closet. Anthony Weiner knows every dirty, disgusting Clinton secret. His wife told him. And vise-versa. The Hilary campaign knows every filthy Weiner/Huma secret.

Look at it like the mob. It’s John Gotti vs. Sammy the Bull. This person knows something, that person knows something, and the one person does something to save their own ass. Mafia bosses have ratted on other bosses to save themselves from dying in prison like Gotti did. Remember Goodfellas? Henry was not supposed to deal coke, he did and got popped and had to turn in Big Paul and his buddy Jimmy who was gonna kill him and he had to live the rest of his life like a schnook.


Huma Abedin had classified information stored on a computer that she shared with a serial pedophile sexter. Did Anthony Weiner tip the FBI off? None of the liberal media hacks want to admit it, but this entire thing revolves around Anthony Weiner and his apparently uncontrollable urge to send dick pics to kids.

Anthony Weiner was disgraced, even before the underage sexting was discovered. His career in politics was over after he got caught sexting the first time. He did it again and fell even further, yet Huma stood by his side. When the dick pics with the teen while lying next to his son were uncovered, that’s when Huma was told to dump the Danger. Cut the Mongoose loose. So she did what she had to do. She announced the split with her husband, even though they still share custody of their son, because he’s such a good dad. Who knows if that is still the case now?

Now with his political ambitions ruined, his wife gone and possibly losing his son and going to prison with a chomo (child molester) jacket, he sees no other option. He knows it’s over. There is no way he’s getting any kind of cushy gig at the White House now  if Hillary becomes president. He’s looking at time in prison where he will live in constant threat of being assaulted and/or killed. Like I’ve said before, chomos are considered the lowest form of life on the planet in prison. Jared the Subway guy has already gotten the chomo welcome party in lockup. He got the crap beaten out of him and is now spending his days in 23 hour solitary confinement. There is a very good chance that he will not emerge from prison alive, because prison guards aren’t too fond of child molesters, either. A door could be left open “accidentally” and Jared Fogle could either get several foot-longs violently embedded in his chubby keister and/or be taken out for good.


A child molester in prison is not something Anthony Weiner or anybody who gets caught with their hands in the kiddie cookie jar wants to be, so he went to the FBI and said “Let’s make a deal.” The feds say, “Whaddya got?” Weiner says, “Everything. From top to bottom. Anything that keeps me from being a bottom in the hoosegow, that’s what I will give you.” And James Comey and the FBI sighed and said, “OK.”

James Comey didn’t want this. He was hoping to be able to hang onto his FBI Director gig once Hillary was in office, especially after he did her the solid on the first email case and didn’t prosecute. Believe me, there is no political motive behind Comey and the FBI’s actions. It’s hilarious watching Democrats try to spin it that way now, especially after they defended Comey vociferously after the GOP accused him of doing the same thing when he didn’t prosecute Hillary. It’s exactly what Dems are trying to do now. “How can James Comey and the FBI be doing this now before an election! It’s politically motivated! The feds have gotten on the Trump Train!” But when Comey announced there would be no prosecution, he and the bureau were beyond reproach and their decision was not to be questioned. Case closed. Now’s it’s back open, and Anthony Weiner opened it.

The last thing Comey and the FBI wanted to do was have Anthony Weiner walk into their office. But Anthony didn’t want to go to stir and have to go down a line of fellas with names like Bull and Rooster and eat peanut butter out of their butt cheeks. Weiner didn’t want to be the resident salad-tosser at Rikers, so he cut a deal.

Mayoral Candidates Anthony Weiner And Sal Albanese Attend Forum At NYU

Of course, this is all just a theory. It’s speculation, something that only the liberal media is allowed to do. George Stephanopoulos, CNN and the others have no problem speculating about anything as it pertains to Donald Trump, but when it comes to Anthony Weiner’s pedo problem and his close personal connection to a very high-ranking member of the Clinton camp? “Y-y-y-you can’t speculate. Anthony Weiner h-h-has no affiliation with Hillary Clinton whatsover. Ummm… By the way, did we mention Trump grabbed Miss Finland’s butt ten years ago? Oh, we covered that? Oh…. ok we’ll be right back after these words from our sponsors.” Then a Goldman Sachs commercial that is followed by a Hillary super pac ad showing how children will be affected by Trump bad words is played while Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon fight to find an open bathroom stall in which to retch their Hillary-loving guts out.

But this theory isn’t an Alex Jones-type chemtrails nutty conspiracy theory. It’s all based on fact. Anthony Weiner was caught sexting with a child. Fact. He is married to Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s closest confidante. Fact. Anthony Weiner, having no other option, had to have said something to the FBI about his knowledge of Huma, Hillary and their emails to save his skin. This also isn’t a loony Russian conspiracy cooked up by Dems to wag the dog. It’s real.

Once you are tied to having sex with a child or even wanting to have sex with a child, your life as you know it is over. Remember, nobody who was sent to prison because of To Catch a Predator were actually caught having sex with an underaged teen. Their knowledge, actions and intent was enough to put them away for years. Anthony Weiner had phone sex with a child that he knew was a child. He sent pictures to a child who was not old enough to legally view them. This is a crime, no if, ands or buts about it.

Do you think Huma went to the FBI and said she totally forgot about the computer she shared with the pedo sexter? Of course not. The FBI reopened the case because Anthony Weiner went to them and said “Here. I don’t want to toss salad.” So all the liberals who are pooping their panties right now better find some more Trump pussy grabbers before now and November 9th. Don’t have much time left. You better find some more porn stars who get paid to take loads in the face who are willing to claim Trump tried to pay them to take a load in the face. Better find some more illegal Polish workers or somebody who didn’t get paid by Trump for doing a crappy job. Time’s running out, lefties.

I guess we’ll see what the liberals retards (yeah I said it) try to pull out of their hats this week. I don’t think the duplicate emails angle is gonna work. But maybe there are 67 million Democrat retards out there who say, “We don’t care. We’re still gonna vote for Hillary. Bill got blown and Hillary has a close aide whose husband pays with his ding ding next to his kid while sending pics of said ding ding to another kid. We don’t care. Just not Trump.” Maybe there are 67 million delusional Democratic retards out there and will put Hillary over the top. Maybe some will just stay home. Or maybe, just maybe, some will smarten up and not be retards.


There is no way the FBI would shake the foundation of our republic because they just happened to stumble across this stuff while investigating Anthony Weiner. It was delivered to them on a silver platter by the Weinster himself. The liberal media and Never Trumpers are trying to say this was just an accident that popped up and has nothing to do with Hillary. They are counting on the lowest of low information voters to ignore Hillary’s association with the wife of a pedophile who gave them emails that showed a presidential candidate compromising national security, along with a few dick pics.

Anthony Weiner did a Henry Hill to the Clinton family crime syndicate. That’s what he did. The left is counting on enough stupid voters in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina, Florida, etc. to not pay attention to what is going on. The thought of President Trump terrifies them, because they then will know it’s all over. They know they have to live the rest of their lives like a schnook.

Don’t be a schnook.

Trump 2016


From 10-28-16 episode of The Rob Zicari Show LIVE 7-10pm M-F

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