Chi-Town Is The Murder Champ

From 6-2-16 episode of The Rob Zicari Show LIVE 10-1pm M-F

If Chicago had a Republican mayor, what is going on in that city would be broadcast around the clock on every network.

There were 400 shootings during the month of May. Since the first of the year there have been over 1300 people shot and wounded and almost 300 homicides.

Chicago is becoming the most dangerous place in the world. They are outpacing third world countries. This is real, folks.

FBI Director James Comey talked about the “Ferguson effect” on police. Liberals call the Ferguson effect a BS theory. Police are now hesitant to do their jobs, because if they chase a known drug dealer or violent offender and they throw him to the ground and put their knee in his back, and somebody films them, they will get fired, lose their pensions and the footage will blasted on CNN and MSNBC. Al Sharpton will organize protests and call them racists. At the end of the day, they will be fired or put in jail for doing their jobs. Police say it’s not worth it, so they are not as aggressive in pursuing criminals and lesser crimes get ignored. Criminals feel empowered, so they are more likely to commit crimes because they don’t fear consequences. That’s the Ferguson effect.

Chicago is becoming a third world country, and it’s led by a Democrat. Not just any Democrat, a man who has worked in two presidential administrations. Rahm Emanuel is the mayor of a city that has become a war zone, yet the violence in Chicago is barely mentioned in the media. Were he a Republican, there would be calls for a state of emergency, curfews and National Guard deployment. Because it’s Rahm, Democrats bury it.

Rahm Emanuel

If it’s not the Ferguson effect, then what is the problem? The majority of the violence is black-on-black crime and most of it involves drugs. This isn’t Miami Vice. This isn’t the Medellin cartel. There isn’t an airplane landing in Chicago stuffed with kilos of cocaine. All of this violence and murder is over nickel bags of crack. They aren’t million dollar transactions, this is turf war. They’re killing each other over the right to sling rocks on a certain street corner.

When the guy who is selling crack on the corner gets chased down by cops and arrested and gets two years in prison, Hillary, Bernie and Obama say he shouldn’t go to jail for a low-level drug offense. That person standing on the corner is controlled by a gang that murders people. It’s all connected. This isn’t someone who is sitting at home getting high, not bothering anybody. These low-level drug offenders who are not being arrested are the ones who are responsible for the record homicides in Chicago. So if it’s not the Ferguson effect, what is it?


The cities with the highest rates of crime are controlled by Democrats. Somehow Democrats have bamboozled black people in thinking they care about them, and Republicans are the racists. Yet city after city that has high rates of black-on-black crime and poverty are ruled by Dems. How do you convince a population that give a crap about them when you do nothing for them?

Democrats say Republicans are racist because of voter ID laws. Instead of worrying about how hard it is to get an ID to vote, why don’t Democrats worry about giving black people jobs? You pretty much need an ID to get a job and be a functional member of society. Getting an ID is a good thing. So is getting a job. Maybe Democrats should focus on the 300 murders and put voter ID on the back shelf.

Chi-Town is the murder champ.

Democrats are the reason.

Trump 2016


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