Can Trump Do It?

Let’s talk about the map. 

The polls are tightening, just like we said they would. There was never a ten to fifteen point swing on the Democratic side. It was all manufactured BS. It the polls were what the liberal media wanted you to believe, there would be about 30 million Republicans and about 100 million Democrats.

We knew that the polls would come to where they are now, because we’ve always been a two to three point country, which means there are three to four million people who decide an election. The electoral map is very deceiving. It’s part of the rigged system, the system that decides who is president based on very little of the rest of the country. Right out of the gate, Democrats come up with something like 200 Electoral College votes. It doesn’t really matter who the nominee is. The fact that California has the largest share of the electoral vote means they are the ones who decide who is president. California hasn’t elected a Republican since George H.W. Bush, and they are not likely to vote for another Republican anytime soon. Democrats have created it that way.

You don’t pump millions upon millions of illegals into a state every year and expect them not to vote for the party that allowed them to stay. Democrats appeal to those who want free college and free Jay-Z and Beyonce concerts. Liberals say Republicans only care about the rich. OK, I’ll play that game. Democrats want to give everyone free stuff in exchange for votes and make those who work hard to earn their money pay for the freebies.

The polls are showing a narrowing gap between the two candidates, so that’s why Dems are playing the race card and dealing it from the bottom of the deck. That’s why they try to paint Donald Trump and the Republican Party as racist. That’s why Obama campaigned in North Carolina, where he had to calm down a bunch of leftist thugs who were assaulting an elderly Trump supporter who was also a veteran. Obama was like Principal Joe Clark from the movie Lean On Me, trying to get the unruly hooligans in line. The only thing missing was the megaphone and the baseball bat.


“I told you to be focused and you’re not focused right now, listen to what I’m saying, hold up!” Obama scolded the crowd. “Everybody sit down and be quiet for a second, now listen up, I’m serious, listen up.”

“You’ve got an older gentlemen who is supporting his candidate,” he said. “He’s not doing nothing, you don’t have to worry about him.”

Obama’s out there, Joe Biden is out there, celebrities are beating the drum for Hillary. Why? Because by herself, she is garbage. She is, in Lefty Louis C.K.’s own words, “a two-faced, conniving, tough bitch mother that nobody likes.” That’s why Democrats are pulling out all the stops and using every dirty trick in their playbook to stop Trump, and they have a pretty YUGE playbook.

Trump and Hillary aren’t supposed to be neck and neck in Florida, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. It’s supposed to be a Hillary blowout, remember? A Electoral College landslide. But it’s not, so all of these people are out there trying to boost up Hillary, because the momentum is with Trump. The slim path to victory for The Donald isn’t so slim anymore. Why are state polls, some of which show Trump narrowing the gap or even hammering Hillary not to be believed, but CNN polls, which show Trump losing are?

Ohio is no longer a battleground state. Ohioans are starting to run away from Crooked Hillary and towards Trump. That’s why she was in Ohio with Beyonce and Jay-Z, hoping their star power could give her some traction. Colorado is back to being a battleground. Trump is up in Ohio, a state he must win, they say he’s up in Iowa, and depending on what poll you believe, he’s up in North Carolina. That’s why Obama was there having a Joe Clark tantrum. It was funny watching the media do everything they could not to show the old dude being pulled out of the rally with his Trump sign and military outfit while the crowd was going nuts on him.


The momentum is for Donald Trump. I had a conversation with someone last Thursday. He asked me if I really thought Trump was going to win. I’m not going to say on my podcast that he will definitely win, because I don’t want to look stupid if he loses like all the celebrities who promised to move to Canada if Trump wins. Yes, I’m looking at you Whoopi Goldberg, Amy Schumer, Cher, Myley Cyrus, Chelsea Handler, Barbra Streisand, Lena Dunham, Jon Stewart, Rosie, Al Sharpton, George Lopez, Samuel L. Jackson and Bryan Cranston. Got the moving van all warmed up and ready to go. If Trump pulls it off on Tuesday, better start shopping for warm clothing, bitches.

I told my friend that this election cycle is almost that perfect storm for someone like Donald Trump to pull off an upset. It’s the perfect storm for a change that is so drastic and dramatic and not the status quo. The whole electing the first woman president isn’t as big a deal as it would have been fifty or sixty years ago. Women aren’t oppressed. This isn’t the era of Mad Men. There are very successful, powerful women now. Now a woman can accuse someone of rape and no one dares to question her. If they do, they are ostracized from society and labeled a sexist pig. No matter what the circumstances, a woman is always to be believed, no ifs, ands or buts.

Hillary Clinton represents the status quo. Donald Trump represents a monster change. I know conservatives recoil when someone compares Trump to Ronald Reagan, but this isn’t 1979. It’s a different era now. You can’t compare what was going on in 1979 to what society has become now. Remember who Reagan was in 1979. A twice-married actor from Hollywood. A guy who went after Communists in the 50s. If something like that were done today, it would be equated to Donald Trump talking about terrorists and Muslims and ISIS and illegals. Communists were the boogeymen of the 50s. Ronald Reagan running around talking about Communist infiltration in Hollywood back in the 50s could easily be translated to what Trump is saying today about the terrorist boogeymen.


Like Trump, Ronald Reagan was treated as a joke by liberals. A guy who made movies with monkeys. People say Reagan was a governor before he became president. Yeah? So was Arnold Schwarzenegger. Would anyone have thought The Terminator would become the governor of “Callyforneeya?” How about Jesse Ventura? One on the most hated heels in professional wrestling becomes governor of Minnesota. So spare me the Ronald Reagan had political experience before and therefore more qualified to be president than Donald Trump crap. And don’t tell me Trump can’t pull off an upset and win.

Ronald Reagan was a joke before he became president. You can’t look at what he accomplished in the 80s to what someone like Trump could do today. The Ronald Reagan of the 80s is the only one we really know. I don’t know Ronald Reagan the actor. I know him as the president back in the 80s. Anyone who remembers him as the guy from Bedtime For Bonzo is probably dead now.

Now if I knew the Communist-chasing twice-married actor with the monkey riding on his back, I would have considered it a ludicrous idea that he would run for president. There was even a joke in Back to the Future about it, when Doc Brown asked Marty who the president was. “Ronald Reagan? The actor? Then who’s vice president? Jerry Lewis? I suppose Jane Wyman is the first lady.”

I told my friend yeah, I think Trump is going to win. I think we are that point now where we were back in 1979. Americans are tired of being pushed around and disrespected all over the world, like Jimmy Carter was with Iran and Russia. I think we are ready for that drastic change. Remember, Jimmy Carter was the policy wonk, the serious candidate with four years of White House experience. Carter represented the status quo, and Reagan represented the radical change. You had the experienced politician against the actor, who was playing a part. Ronald Reagan was told how to act presidential, he was told everything to do that made him a political legend and a god to conservatives. He was playing a part. It came easy for Reagan, because he was an actor. An entertainer. Just like Donald Trump is an entertainer. Reagan read from a script, just like Trump read from a script when he did Celebrity Apprentice. Do you really think “reality” television isn’t scripted and everything planned down to the wire? If you do, you’re a gullible fool.


You can’t place where we are today compared to where society was in 1979. You couldn’t imagine the president going on late night TV and playing the saxophone on Arsenio or doing a slow jam with Jimmy Fallon or doing Mean Tweets. So saying Donald Trump isn’t anything like Reagan is comparing apples to oranges. It’s disingenuous because of how we have devolved as a society since then.

I think Trump is going to win. I think it’s one of those perfect storms in our history for something radical to happen. If the momentum keeps building the way it has, I think Donald Trump has a very good shot at being President-Elect Trump after Tuesday night.

So we’ll see what happens. Will America be made great again? Will there be a mass celebrity exodus to Canada?

I guess we’ll know soon enough. I’m betting Trump will pull it off. But don’t take it for granted. Get out and vote.

Trump 2016


From 11-04-16 episode of The Rob Zicari Show LIVE 7-10pm M-F

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