Brexit And The Trump Effect

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Let’s get to the big news.

The UK is leaving the EU. I would say this is due to the Trump Effect. Is this a preview of what to expect come November?

Everybody is freaking out about how wrong they were. That’s what made me draw the parallel to Donald Trump. I haven’t seen a pundit or an official yet who isn’t completely shocked.

The movement for Britain to leave the European Union was growing. But then when Jo Cox was murdered by Thomas Mair while he was screaming “Britain first,” everybody thought that the tragedy would convince anyone who was on the fence to vote to stay. They said it would be close, but ultimately voters would choose to remain in the EU. They didn’t, and now everybody is trying to figure out what to do.

Think about how huge this is. The EU is comprised of countries like Germany, Italy and France, but Britain is the big dog. What country has the closest relationship with the US?

It was weird and creepy how commentators speculated that Jo Cox’s death would create sympathy for the stay movement. I’m not saying anyone else had anything to do with her murder, but watching officials express shock that this wasn’t supposed to happen, that Cox’s death should have galvanized the stay movement was a little morbid and somewhat chilling.

The decision to leave has rocked the halls of power. Prime Minister David Cameron resigned, saying he wasn’t the person to lead the country in this new direction. Cameron staked his entire career on the Brexit referendum, and he lost.


Do you know who benefits most from this? Russia. Other countries are already grumbling about wanting to leave the EU. This is just the start, my friends. The decision by Britain to leave could be the death knell for the European Union. David Cameron and his European coalition have been busting Putin’s balls for a year and a half now. Now that the big dog has left, the ability of the remaining nations to impose sanctions on Russia is severely weakened.

This foreshadows what could happen in November, so that’s why everybody in the US is freaking. Remember, the decision to leave the EU was all about trade deals and controlling their borders. Putting their people first. Who does that sound like? Exactly.

People like to equate nationalism to Nazi Germany, but nationalism is not just some white supremacist’s word. Putting your country and its people first is not a bad thing. Populism is not a bad thing. Putting the power of the people first only hurts those who are in power. That’s why hot button issues like gay marriage and gun control are never put on a national ballot. The people who run this country are terrified of the concept of populism. You can’t give the people this awesome power they have. That’s also why they won’t do away with the electoral college. You would have thought they would have gotten rid of it after the 2000 election. The concept of someone becoming President of the United States who lost the popular vote seems like complete lunacy.

It’s funny, Republican pundits criticized Trump when he decided to go to Scotland after his blistering speech on Hillary Clinton. They said he should’ve rode that momentum and gone to swing states to campaign. A golf trip to Scotland right now is crazy, they said. What’s wrong with him?

Well, apparently Donald Trump knew something they didn’t know. He must have gotten an indication the leave vote would prevail and the attention of the world would be focused on the UK. He also knew that the reasons behind Britain wanting to leave the EU are the exact same issues that Donald Trump is arguing for in the United States. Obviously, Trump made a calculated maneuver to be where the action was so people could say, “Is this the Trump Effect?”

The United States is still the big dog of the planet. Everybody around the world has been following this presidential election. So this was a perfect move for Trump. He’s where the action is right now. He doesn’t give a crap what Hillary Clinton is saying. Trump gave his Hillary attack speech, dropped the mic, and then went to the UK to be in the epicenter of an historic world event. Brexit is all anyone is talking about right now. The markets are going crazy, Cameron resigned, everyone’s trying to figure out what’s next. Nobody gives a crap about a campaign rally in Ohio. Brexit is the top story, and where’s Trump? He’s there.

Trump was asked about the EU vote. He said “I think it’s a great thing that’s happened. It’s an amazing vote, very historic.” 

“People are angry all over the world. They’re angry over borders, they’re angry over people coming into the country and taking over and nobody even knows who they are.” 

“They’re angry about many, many things in the UK, the US and many other places. This will not be the last.”

Remember, David Cameron came out and blasted Donald Trump. How’d that work out for ya, Dave? Westminster Hall even talked about banning Trump. The views of Trump obviously mirror the views of the majority of UK voters. The British people rejected David Cameron because of Donald Trump, and Trump is there to bask in the glow of victory.


I laugh when I think of all the pundits who have been gleefully predicting Trump’s demise. Saying he’s running out of money, he’s not running ads, he’s doomed, that was the primaries, this is the general. They’ve been wrong from day one of Trump’s campaign, and they’re wrong again. Who’s laughing now, dummies? Trump is where the focus of the entire world is. Where’s Obama? He’s hanging out in Silicon Valley. Hillary Clinton? She’s out buying new pantsuits.

All the people in the UK who voted to leave are turning on their TVs and seeing a man who is running for President of the United States and he’s agreeing with them. He’s saying the exact same things they voted for. Brilliant.

Trump is where the action is right now, saying come November, American voters will have the opportunity to do the same thing the UK did. They can vote to protect their borders, they can vote for better trade deals. They can vote to put their country first.

This is huge. Trump is again on the side of the winners. Cameron, Obama and Hillary Clinton are on the side of the losers. The left is in full freak out mode, because what happened in the UK could very well happen here. A presidential election comes down to a couple of million votes. So California’s large Latino population really doesn’t matter. What matters is Ohio and Pennsylvania and Florida. Trump could easily carry those states and the left knows it. What happened in the UK could happen here.

The European Union created an open border situation where immigrants from other EU nations were flooding into the UK and British citizens were forced to compete for jobs with people from Croatia and Slovenia. The British people rose up and said, “No more. We’re not going to take it. We will not have our jobs stolen by people from other countries. We’re not going to have our goods and services deemed worthless because of bad trade deals that the EU set up. No more.”

The people of the UK rose up. Their voices were heard. Now it’s time for the American people to rise up.

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