Bernie Voters To The Trump Side?

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Man, what is going on with the Democrats? I feel like we’ve been vindicated.

Remember all the bedlam going on at the Donald Trump rally in Chicago? The media said the xenophobic, Islamophobic, racist, sexist Trump supporters were responsible for all the hubbub. We said no, the Trump supporters were just there to listen to the man speak. Professional agitators from the Bernie Sanders campaign were sent there to cause a ruckus.

Then you had the Arizona rally, where professional protesters chained themselves together to block traffic. These weren’t Trump supporters, these also seemed to be Bernie Sanders people. They were talking about a revolution. I don’t know of too many revolutions that aren’t associated with violence.

There was also California, where hundreds of protesters threw eggs at the hotel where Trump was scheduled to speak. They blocked entrances, to the point where Trump had to stop on the freeway behind the building and climb over fences to get to the back door of the hotel. It was insane.

At these protests, people burned the American flag. These weren’t Trump supporters doing this, they were Bernie Sanders agitators. But all the media did was blame Trump’s supporters for stirring up trouble. Everything that happened was because of Trump, Trump, Trump. That’s all we heard. If not for Trump, there would be no trouble.

When you go to a Hillary Clinton rally, are there Trump supporters blocking access and pelting the building with eggs? Do Trump supporters rush the stage at Bernie Sanders rallies?


Now, I don’t want to bash the Bernie people too much. I want their energy, I do. I want them to feel disgusted by Hillary Clinton and Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the whole process and come over to our side. Not because they necessarily share our views, although many Bernie supporters do, but so they could send a message to the Democrats. Come and join us, Bernie people. Democrats and the Clinton machine are going to screw you. They are going to screw your leader, who has called for a revolution.

What better way to stick it to the Dems and the Clinton machine than to vote for Donald Trump?

I don’t want to alienate Bernie supporters, but what happened in Nevada with Roberta Lange, Nevada’s Democratic chairwoman, was not done by Trump supporters. It’s obvious that all the disturbances at Trump rallies were not caused by Trump people. They were Bernie people. People who want a revolution.

There were Bernie Sanders supporters calling Roberta Lange disgusting and saying she should die. She should be “hung in public execution.” You can’t have a revolution without anarchy and people dying, can you?

When Donald Trump said the system was rigged, everybody laughed and called him a baby. A big billionaire baby. Bernie Sanders calls the system rigged and people get death threats. At the Democratic state convention in Las Vegas, rule changes were implemented where over 60 of Bernie’s delegates were deemed ineligible. His supporters lost their minds. They started screaming and yelling and throwing chairs. It was like a pro wrestling event.


The disturbances at the Trump rallies were caused by these people. Democrats are not the peace-loving flower children the media makes them out to be. When you see someone run up and grab a Trump sign out of somebody’s hand and rip it up and they’re wearing a Bernie Sanders shirt, you know something’s going on. It’s someone wanting to start a revolution and revolutions call for disruptions and violence. Plain and simple.

Now you have Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Barbara Boxer, Harry Reid and other Democrats criticizing Bernie Sanders because he didn’t come out and disavow what was done. He rejected accusations of violence. Bernie’s defiant. He’s not towing the line. Wassermann Schultz and the Dems are losing their minds because this messes up their narrative of racist xenophobic Trump rallies being hotbeds of violence.

Plus, Democrats need every single vote to beat Trump. Turnout is lower than it was in 2008 or 2012. They need that turnout. They need enthusiasm, and the only enthusiasm is for Bernie Sanders. Have you seen Hillary Clinton speaking at a stadium filled with thousands of people? I haven’t. Democrats are going to need every single person to vote for Hillary in this election in order for her to win, and they know it. When you have people this upset, there’s no way they are going to be able to turn off that anger and then vote for Hillary.

All of this is happening in Nevada, a state Democrats desperately want to win. The narrative playing out on the local media is that Hillary Clinton and the Democrats are disenfranchising Bernie supporters. In order for Hillary to win Nevada, she needs those supporters. How does she get them?


On the Republican side, you never had violence at Cruz rallies by Trump supporters. You didn’t have Cruz supporters making death threats against Trump people. All of the discord amongst Republicans wasn’t with the voters, it was with the GOP establishment. The voters weren’t lining up against Trump. If that were the case, there would have been a lot more protest votes for Ted Cruz and John Kasich in the recent primaries where they were still on the ballot. But there wasn’t. Republican voters are lining up behind their nominee. There wasn’t trouble between the voters. The unrest was amongst the expert pollsters and pundits and former politicians like S.E. Cupp, Katie Parker, Stuart Stevens, Tim Miller and Mitt Romney. They created the illusion of this big fight. But these people are nobodies. They’re losers. Not just as human beings, they are part of campaigns that lost, that got hammered.

The Democratic unrest is different. There are Bernie Sanders voters saying that if Bernie doesn’t get the nomination, they are voting for Trump. Thirty percent of Democrats in West Virginia say they won’t vote for Hillary, they will vote for Trump. This can’t be a fluke. That’s got to be the vibe in Florida and Pennsylvania and Ohio. It’s not just West Virginia. There has to be a little of that vibe in other states.

I’m telling you, Democrats know they are in trouble. They know they got lucky in 2008 and 2012. You don’t lose governorships and Senate and House seats and have the will of the people. They got lucky with the White House. They know it. Hillary Clinton is not going to outperform Obama. She won’t even come close. If Bernie Sanders had never entered the race, Hillary was not going to get more votes than Obama did. She wasn’t going to get 98% of the black vote. She wasn’t going to match or beat Obama. Now when you throw in Bernie Sanders, it’s impossible. It’s not going to happen.


What happened in Nevada shows you the trouble that Dems are in. Bernie’s not backing down. If he can keep cutting into Hillary’s vote total and closes the gap, he deserves to have a shot at the nomination. The more Barbara Boxer and Harry Reid call on Bernie to drop out, the more they push his voters to Trump’s side. Pundits like Rachel Maddow try to downplay this, saying Bernie voters aren’t racist xenophobes, so why would they vote Trump? What she and the other experts don’t realize is that Bernie voters who feel disenfranchised will vote for Trump out of spite. They will vote Trump just to deny Hillary the White House. They don’t have to agree with Donald Trump to vote for him.

When someone feels disgusted and outraged enough to scream and throw chairs and make death threats, it’s hard for that person to switch gears and say, “OK. I’ll vote for Hillary now.” He is angry, and what is a better way to voice that anger than to make sure Hillary doesn’t win? He feels his candidate got screwed, so he’s going to vote for Trump.

This is a real problem. Don’t let Democrats or the expert pundits tell you different. The more they belittle Bernie and his supporters, the more they push them to Donald Trump’s side. Bernie supporters don’t have to agree with Trump, they just have to be pissed off.

Bernie supporters, we don’t have to like each other. We just have to unite against our common enemy. Her name is Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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