Bernie Got Done Dirty

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The Dems are playing dirty with Bernie.

I am by no means a Bernie Sanders fan, but what they did to him Monday night and Tuesday was pretty rough.

Everybody knows Bernie needed to win California. If he didn’t win California, it would be over. Any chance of flipping super delegates hinged on having a huge victory in California. Hillary knew that if she lost the state, people would be talking about it for days and days. Plus, if she lost, there would be an argument that super delegates should flip. Even though Hillary had a majority of super delegates pledged before the first primary vote was cast, those super delegates could have left Hillary, even though they gave her support in the beginning.

Having all of those pledged super delegates in the beginning of the race showed people in the Democratic Party that their votes didn’t matter. The primaries were all a formality. Right out of the gate, Hillary was getting 4-500 super delegates. She had a half mile head start. Even if Bernie racked up wins and had pulled ahead in the popular vote, Hillary held an advantage.

Hillary and the media knew that if Bernie won big in California, there would have been calls for those super delegates to flip. They knew the only way to prevent this from happening was to suppress voter turnout. The only way Bernie wins is if millions of people show up at the polls to vote for him.

Everybody knows that Hillary and the media are in cahoots. At about 5 o’clock on Monday, the Associated Press took it upon themselves to declare Hillary the presumptive nominee, having reached the required 2,383 delegates. The rest of the media picked it up and ran with it. If you are a Bernie supporter, you said “Well, there’s no use in voting now. There’s no sense in taking time off my busy day and going to vote. Hillary’s got it locked up. It’s over. She won.”


The only shot Bernie had was winning California, so when the AP put out the word that Hillary Clinton was the presumptive nominee on the eve of the primaries, that shot was gone. According to the AP and the rest of the media, it didn’t matter whether or not Hillary won California, she was the presumptive nominee. So all of the Bernie supporters who campaigned and donated were told their votes didn’t matter. Hillary won.

Bernie was done dirty by Hillary and the media so she would win big on Tuesday. His voters were told to stay home. Don’t vote. You’re wasting your time. Hillary is the presumptive nominee, so don’t bother showing up. Bernie is toast.

If you are a Bernie Sanders supporter, how can you vote for Hillary Clinton in the general election? How can you vote for somebody who did your candidate so dirty? How can you go against your principles and vote for someone who is so corrupt? How can you vote for a candidate that was in cahoots with the media to call the election a day before the most important primaries?

Why would you vote for someone who rigged the election in her favor before the first vote was cast? You may not like Donald Trump, but he didn’t do you dirty. Hillary Clinton did. What Hillary and her media surrogates did on Monday virtually guaranteed a low voter turnout for Bernie.

If you are an ardent Bernie Sanders supporter and you abandon your principles and vote for Hillary in the general election, you are a loser. Hillary doesn’t support a 15 dollar an hour minimum wage. She doesn’t believe in free college or healthcare. She isn’t going to take on big banks and Wall Street, she’s funded by them.

Bernie Sanders Holds Campaign Rally In Minnesota On SC Primary Night

Remember, we Trump supporters made a pact that if our candidate was denied the nomination because of GOP dirty tricks, we would not support the nominee. In fact, we would campaign against him. Some said they would vote for the Democrat, others said they would stay home. We pledged that we would never vote for the candidate who stole the nomination.

Let me ask you this, Bernie supporters. Are we Trump supporters more principled than you? Where is your self respect? Your candidate was done dirty, from day one to Monday night when the AP called the election. They did that because if Hillary had lost California, she would not have been able to declare herself the nominee. She needed super delegates in order to win, and Bernie could have flipped them if he won California.

Do you have self respect, Bernie voters? Your’e strong enough to go to Trump rallies and assault Trump supporters, are you strong enough to push back on Hillary Clinton? Are you strong enough to push back on the people who did Bernie dirty? Are you strong and principled enough not to sell out? Can you look in the mirror and not see a loser?

Me? I would rather be a winner.

Trump 2016


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