Behind The Scenes With Trump In Detroit: How The Donald Has Become ‘The Hope Candidate’

DETROIT, Michigan — Donald Trump, the 2016 GOP presidential nominee, delivered a positive and uplifting message filled with hope and opportunity here at the Great Faith Ministries International church.

In addition to Dr. Ben Carson and Omarosa, Breitbart News accompanied Trump on the trip to Detroit to provide an original and behind-the-scenes look into how he is offering an uplifting message to all Americans—including the black community.

“Our nation is too divided. We talk past each other, not to each other and those who seek office do not do enough to step into the community and learn what is going on,” Trump told the church-goers from the podium, where he briefly spoke about why he was there. “They don’t know. They have no clue. I’m here today to learn. So that we can together remedy injustice, in any form. And so that we can also remedy economics so that the African-American community can benefit economically through jobs and income and so many other different ways.”

Trump’s speech on the podium came after he taped an interview with Bishop Wayne Jackson, who along with his wife Dr. Beverly Jackson, serve as the senior pastors for the inner city Detroit church. The interview will air next week.

After the interview, before Trump’s speech, he sat in the front row of the church’s pews for the opening of the Saturday service—and even danced along a little bit with the black leaders as the service opened up with a few upbeat songs. Later in the day, with Carson as his guide, Trump visited Carson’s boyhood home in Detroit–walking down Carson’s street talking to the people there, many of whom seemed supportive of what Trump is doing.

In the speech in the church, Trump laid out how the permanent political class has failed everyone in the United States including America’s black communities.

“Our political system has failed the people and works only to enrich itself,” Trump said. “I want to reform that system so that it works for you, everyone in this room. I believe true reform can only come from outside the system. I really mean that. Being a businessman is much different than being a politician because I understand what is happening. And we are going outside the establishment.”

Trump has already successfully defined himself as a candidate of change, while his opponent Hillary Clinton represents the status quo. In this Detroit event, however, aides to Trump note he took a different tact: His new aim, in addition to representing change, is to begin representing “hope”—and a positive outlook for the United States with an uplifting policy agenda designed to fix problems for everyone in the country.

“What we’re seeing is a fundamental shift in the campaign,” Jason Miller, Trump’s senior communications adviser, told Breitbart News. “Mr. Trump was already the change candidate, but this week his message of inclusion and optimism made him the hope candidate as well. With Hillary having abandoned the campaign trail in order to dodge questions about her continual ethics issues, I’m not sure how she ever gets that back.”

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