Behind The Plot To Kill Trump

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An illegal alien tried to assassinate Donald Trump last week.

You may not have heard about it. The media ignored it. In essence, they condoned it. In fact, an NBCUniversal associate producer tweeted praises for the illegal who tried to kill Trump.

Michael Sanford is from the UK. He overstayed his visa. Sanford went to a Trump rally in Las Vegas and tries to grab a cop’s gun to shoot Trump. He was arrested after he tried the pull the gun from the officer’s holster. Sanford told investigators that his intent was to kill Donald Trump. How was Michael Sanford still in this country?

Nobody is talking about it. An illegal tried to kill someone who could possibly be the next President of the United States. This person said, “If you let me out I am going to try to kill him again. My mission is to kill Donald Trump.” When asked why, he said, “Someone has to stand up for America.” 

Matthew Mowrer, an associate producer for NBCUniversal, Inc. tweeted:

“It could be argued that the dude who was hoping to assassinate Donald Trump is a good guy with a gun.”



Since Democrats control the media, it’s not surprising that the narrative has always been that Republicans are the ones who are angry and violent. They are the evil monsters who will gang rape an autistic paraplegic woman with one arm. Democrats say Republicans are uncivilized brutes, but it’s really liberals who are the savages.

Matthew Mowrer isn’t the first high profile media figure who has condoned violence. An editor at Vox was suspended for encouraging riots at Trump rallies. It was after one of those rallies where the Chupacabras were lighting things on fire and throwing rocks at police. Former Vox editor Emmett Rensin tweeted that riots were necessary to stand up to fascism. Another liberal comparing Trump to Hitler. Rensin is saying that Hitler must be stopped, so if that means burning cars, throwing rocks and destroying property, that’s what you gotta do.

Those are two examples of the media condoning violence. An executive at NBC says the person who tried to kill Trump is a good guy. Liberals are the violent ones. It’s not Trump supporters who are out there throwing rocks at cops. Nobody ever says anything about that. Trump supporters aren’t burning cars. These are Democrats. These are liberals. They are the thugs.


The media says Trump incites violence at his rallies when he says he’ll pay the legal bills for the person who punched an anti-Trump protester. They say Trump has responsibility for what he says, but the media should have responsibility when they are telling everybody that Donald Trump is Hitler.

The media is telling people like Michael Sanford that the person who could very well be President of the United States is the same as the person who exterminated over six million Jews. Don’t you think that might be inciting Sanford to kill Donald Trump? Are you surprised when someone takes it upon themselves to try to kill baby Hitler? Remember, the question was asked that if you had the opportunity to take out Hitler as a baby and thus prevent World War II and the Holocaust, would you do it? Everybody from Jeb Bush on down said yes, absolutely. They would all whack baby Adolf.

Why is anyone shocked that a man would drive over a thousand miles to stop someone who the media says is Hitler? Don’t you think the media bears some responsibility for Michael Sanford trying to murder Donald Trump? If the media says Trump is responsible when a 75-year-old man throws a swing at a disruptive anti-Trump protester, don’t you think the media is responsible for someone trying to kill Trump when they say he’s Hitler?


I think they are, and that’s why the media’s not talking about the Trump assassination attempt. They’re not covering what happened because they don’t want this debated. If they are telling the world that the guy who has a 50-50 chance to be president is the same as the guy who killed over six million Jews, who skinned them alive to make lampshades and used 7-year-olds as target practice, don’t you think they should be held accountable when an illegal tries to take a police officer’s gun and kill him?

Exactly. The media is plotting to assassinate Donald Trump. Don’t let them get away with it.

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