Beheaded Moms And Dog Rape: Two ISIS Stories Nobody’s Talking About

There are a couple of new ISIS stories that nobody’s talking about. I find that strange. But not as strange as these stories.

You would think with ISIS being such a hot topic these days that politicians and pundits would be all over it. These incidents have all the calling cards of ISIS on them. One of the people involved even stated that he was doing it for ISIS. But we haven’t really heard about it.

Here is the first story.

A man by the name of Derek Ward killed his mom. Derek Ward is an American sounding name, much like Zale Thompson, who was the hatchet wielding NYC madman who went crazy on some cops before being shot dead. Police were quick to label Thompson a terrorist, even though he had no affiliation with any known Islamic group. They say he was “homegrown” which to me means he was just a wack job. Another nut that we have running around the United States on a daily basis.

So Derek Ward killed his mom. And he cut her head off. Right there, he did what ISIS is known for. He used the ISIS calling card of death, the dreaded beheading. In the United States of America, whenever someone cuts another’s head off, that means they’re ISIS, that means they’re terrorists and that means we should all be frightened and send thousands of troops right away to the Middle East to battle the evildoers.

Derek’s mom was a 66-year-old college professor. Derek and mom lived in Long Island. Her name was Patricia Ward. For some reason, we don’t know why, Derek got really upset and stabbed her a coupla times in the chest, then proceeded to cut her head off. He used a hunting knife.

He dragged her body down the steps, out the door and laid it on the curb. He then took her head and used it as a soccer ball. He stood in the street and kicked it back and forth. There was actually a cab driver who thought it was a somewhat creepy Halloween festivity. He didn’t think it was real and that it was an actual human head. After all, it is close to Halloween and you would never see anything like this unless it was associated with ISIS and he hadn’t yet heard of an ISIS invasion in Long Island.

After Derek got tired of playing soccer with his mom’s cabeza, he then got in his car and drove a coupla miles to the local train station, where he threw himself in front of a train and died. Splat. Just like that.

This happened yesterday and I haven’t seen it reported on any of my news channels. I haven’t seen anyone talking about this as an ISIS lone wolf copycat tragedy. I didn’t see this on TV at all, I found it on the interwebs. I simply don’t understand.

You all remember a month or so ago when a crazy guy went to his former place of employment and cut off a lady’s head. I’m sure you all remember that because it was all over the news and people instantly made the ISIS connection. Cut off head = ISIS. It was instantly reported as a terrorist attack with ties to ISIS. The man’s name was Alton Nolen and his Facebook was meticulously searched and they found a picture of a Koran. Bingo! The ISIS connection was made.

This lasted a day or two until authorities investigated further and found that Alton Nolen was simply a pissed off dude who was having a bad day and decided to take it out on a co-worker. The disappointed media didn’t really talk about it again and the story died down.

There was no Facebook search for Muslim/ISIS ties of Derek Ward. The story was that he cut his mom’s head off and jumped in front of a train. That was it.

Now, there was another story that came out a coupla days prior to this incident and this DID have a connection to ISIS. How do we know this? Because the guy said so, that’s how.

The media didn’t report on this either, because there is a comedic element here that doesn’t fit the agenda of people like Lindsey Graham who want to use ISIS as a fear tactic to get people to give up their rights and want to go to war. But we’re gonna talk about it because I think it’s something you should all know about and you should all take precautions from having an event like this occur in your hometown of the USA with the Grand Old Flag and stuff.

A 22-year-old man in Waterbury, Connecticut named Lorenzo Monzillo was charged with sexual assault and animal cruelty. Do you know why? I’ll tell you why.

A woman had a pit bull that she rescued named Layla chained in her back yard. A naked Lorenzo came up to the dog (from behind, I assume) and began having sexual intercourse with the animal. I would have to call this a case of canine rape. There’s no other way to describe it. I doubt the pit bull was wearing anything alluring to entice Lorenzo. Layla was not “asking for it.” She was not being a sexy bitch who got what was coming to her.

When the woman came out and confronted Lorenzo, do you know what he said? He said that ISIS sent him. ISIS sent him to rape her pit bull. There’s your smoking gun, Lindsey Graham.

Here is somebody who is legitimately committing an act of terrorism and invoking the name of the terrorist boogeymen ISIS. He is raping a pit bull and says unequivocally that ISIS sent him to rape the dog. How much more proof do you need?

The guy in New York with the hatchet didn’t say he was doing it for ISIS, yet he was labeled a terrorist. A lone wolf homegrown son of ISIS terrorist. We’ll never know for sure because he was shot dead. But Lorenzo Monzillo is not dead. He is a dog raping terrorist. He said so himself.

The shooters in Canada? Terrorists, ISIS. Alton Nolen? Terrorist. These people are ISIS terrorists, even though none of them mentioned the word ISIS. Not one of them said they were affiliated with al-Qaeda, ISIS, none of them mentioned being as follower of the late not-so-great Osama bin Laden. Yet, they were all slapped with the label of being ISIS terrorists.

I can’t believe nobody’s talking about Lorenzo the dog raping ISIS terrorist. Wolf Blitzer’s not talking about it, Anderson Cooper’s not talking about it. Neither are Bill O’Reilly or Sean Hannity. Nothing from Lawrence O’Donnell or Andrea Mitchell or Rachel Maddow. I can’t believe nobody’s talking about it, especially with animal cruelty such a huge topic and those sad commercials with the Sarah McLachlan music playing in the background being so popular. I cry every time they come on.

Michael Vick went to prison for dogfighting. Here you have a guy who raped a dog in the name of ISIS. Where’s the outrage?

Lindsey Graham said that ISIS is coming to kill us all. That may or may not be true, but one thing is certain. They are raping our dogs.

Our first terrorist attack on American soil since 9/11 has occurred. You’re not gonna hear about this on any of these “news” programs. But you’re gonna hear about it here.

It happened in Waterbury, Connecticut. The terrorist’s name is Lorenzo Monzillo. He raped a pit bull and he did it for ISIS.

Never forget.