Anti-Trump Republicans Rush To Express Outrage Over Trump Video With George H.W. Bush’s Nephew

As WikiLeaks prepared its dump of devastating emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta, video and audio of Donald J. Trump—the Republican nominee for president—making off-color comments about women while with George H.W. Bush’s nephew, Billy Bush, were leaked.
George H.W. Bush, the former president, is voting for Hillary Clinton for president, Politico reported a few weeks ago. One of his sons, former President George W. Bush, has told people to vote in November but did not tell them who to vote for. And now his nephew is at the center of a disparaging tape on which Trump made lewd remarks about women. Both Trump and Billy Bush have apologized for the comments they made on the video.

But anti-Trump forces in the media, at the Washington Post which broke the story, and other outlets, have engineered it into a major scandal. And the Bushes and anti-Trump Republicans appear at the center of every turn in it.

Almost instantly, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush—a bitter Trump rival who has broken his pledge to support the eventual GOP nominee for president—denounced Trump, as did failed 2012 Republican nominee and fellow anti-Trump activist Mitt Romney.

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