Anti-Trump Criminals of California

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I just got back from a long weekend trip to Florida. While I was gone, anti-Trump protestors were causing all kinds of mayhem back in California. One demonstration took place in Burlingame at the California Republican convention and the other in Costa Mesa.

To call these thugs protesters is an insult to protesters. To me, they are no more than common criminals. When you’re jumping on police cars, punching police and Trump supporters, damaging public property and trying to break into a building to create havoc, you’re not a protester, you’re a hooligan. A gangster. A punk.

Because these animals were “protesting” Donald Trump, the left gave them their seal of approval. If the roles were reversed, there would be overwhelming outrage. Imagine how liberals would react if there were hundreds of Trump supporters storming a Hillary Clinton event. Bashing car windows and holding up pinatas of Hillary, lighting the American flag on fire. Van Jones and Sally Kohn would be crying and calling for the National Guard to intervene.


According to the liberal media, Donald Trump’s words caused all of this violence and destruction. Whenever there is a demonstration, whether it’s over a police shooting, a verdict or whatever people are told to be outraged over, it is a call for professional agitators to create havoc. None of it is organic. The groups that organize them are paid.

When you see these delinquents jumping on cop cars and bashing out the windows, it’s something they’ve always wanted to do, and these professionally orchestrated disturbances afford them the opportunity under the guise of “protesting.” And the media cheers them on. Pundits on CNN and MSNBC say they’re just exercising their First Amendment rights.

You can’t just walk up to a police car that’s parked in front of Ralph’s and start bashing it with a baseball bat. The cops will come out and arrest you, and if you don’t drop the bat quickly enough, they might shoot you. But go to a anti-Trump demonstration and you can bash to your heart’s content, all the while being cheered by fellow rioters.


These riots aren’t organic, nor are they American. What’s American about waving a Mexican flag? What’s American about holding up signs that say, “Make America Mexico Again?” These hooligans were blocking the entrances to the Republican convention and busted through the police barricades and started banging on the doors trying to break in.

These punks are all lucky the police didn’t break out their batons and start beating the crap out of them. A legitimate protest is supposed to take place off of private property. That’s the law. As soon as you go on private property, that’s trespassing. You are now breaking the law. If you’re banging on a window, you’re breaking and entering. You’re committing vandalism.

These Burlingame and Costa Mesa gangsters all could have been arrested, billy clubbed, pepper sprayed. The police could have loaded paddy wagon after paddy wagon and shipped them all to jail. The minute you bust through a barricade and enter private property, you’re breaking the law. The First Amendment no longer applies.

Protesters push over a barricade as they demonstrate against Trump outside the Hyatt hotel where Trump was speaking at the California GOP convention in Burlingame, California

But you don’t hear that from the liberal pundits. All you hear from Van Jones and Sally Kohn is praise to the rioters for exercising their right to free speech. Nobody mentions the eggs being thrown at cops and Trump supporters. They cut away when an American flag is burnt or trampled on.

These rioters went from one door to the next, like zombies, trying to figure out a way to bust in. A lot of them were illegals, so they’re not too educated. They figured they would stand in front of the convention center and when Trump drove up and got out, they would scream at him. Nobody tells these dummies that Donald Trump and his entourage might be just a little bit smarter than them and not use the front entrance.

Trump’s team stops on a freeway behind the convention center and Trump hops out of the car surrounded by security and jumps a fence and goes though a parking lot to a back entrance. While the egg-throwing, American flag burning zombies are banging on the front door trying to get in, Donald Trump slipped in through the back. They outsmarted the protesters. Trump got in and held his rally and uttered a classic line. He said he felt like he was crossing the border.


So that’s what happened while I was basking in the Florida sun. Evil, nasty hooligans doing bad things. When you’re busting up police cars, assaulting people, throwing eggs and burning the flag, you’re not an American exercising your rights, you’re a criminal. When you go through barricades and onto private property, you’re trespassing. There’s nothing American about what these gangsters did, yet the left excuses it because they say Donald Trump’s words incite them.

What are those words? If you are here illegally, you’re going back. You can come here, but you have to do it legally. Some of the people who come here are criminals and rapists. Some of them are bringing drugs. These are the things that the left says justifies breaking windows out of police cars, invading private property and burning the American flag.

It’s a strange world we live in. If Hillary Clinton becomes president, it’s just going to get more bizarre.

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