Ann Coulter: I Might Have Been Killed At The Bataclan If Trump Didn’t Run

Ann Coulter, in a major interview with Vanity Fair about her book In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome!, suggests that she might have been at the Bataclan theater during the massive terrorist attack last November — if Donald Trump had not run for president.
From Vanity Fair:

Did you support any other candidates in the field?

I hated them all.

All of them?

I hated them all. And in fact, I think Trump saved my life, because looking at that field of candidates, I mean, I was hoping that Mitt Romney was going to get in. He was the best on immigration and, you know, a respectable person. He was good on China and their currency manipulation, and he was the best that we have ever had until Trump. But without him in the race, I just thought, “I can’t do this. I can’t defend any of these guys. I am not going to go on TV and pretend that any of them are going to be better than any Democrat.” And you know, I have always wanted to learn French, so I figured that I would just go to France for 2016 and skip the election year, hang out, learn French. And I happen to love Eagles of Death Metal, so I totally would have been at that concert, except Trump ran so I couldn’t leave.

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